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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Feature Extraction in Content-Based Image RetrievalFoley, Jacob; Kwan, Paul H 7-Jan-2015
22015Applying Graphics Processing Unit Technologies to Agent-Based SimulationWelch, Mitchell ; Kwan, Paul H 7-Jan-2015
32013'Christian' GreekHorsley, Gregory H 10-Feb-2015
42005[Abschnitt 1 - Personen]: Untertitel 3 - Juristische Personen des öffentlichen Rechts: 89 Haftung fur Organe: InsolvenzBrohmer, Jurgen 5-Sep-2011
52007plastic sexualityHawkes, Gail 11-May-2010
62008ReefsNunn, Patrick 7-Sep-2011
72006HERON rearrangement (Heteroatom Rearrangements on Nitrogen)Glover, Stephen 12-Nov-2009
82010Human Rights: Issues for Indo-Gulf RegionPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra20-Sep-2011
92013Thought Experiments in EthicsWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
102013CommodificationWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
112013Ethics of Competitive SportWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
122016ElisBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
132016Elis, War with Arcadia (360s)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
142006Interviewing and Examining Vulnerable WitnessesEades, Diana 29-Jul-2011
151993NamesRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
161993LegendsRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
171993BunyipRyan, John S 16-Aug-2016
182005Midgley, Mary Beatrice (née Scrutton: 1919- )Fox, Michael Allen 15-Apr-2010
192005Spalding, Kenneth Jay (1879-1962)Fox, Michael Allen 15-Apr-2010
202013Teaching Business EnglishZhang, Zuocheng 30-Jan-2014
212006Penal ColoniesScott, John 27-Aug-2012
222008GMOsLunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
232006Barnes, Kathleen Hope (1909-1981)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
242008Bolton v Stone (1951)Lunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
252006Goward, Raymond Spencer (1891-1979)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
262016StatutesTaylor, Tristan 2-Jan-2018
272007Corvisart des Marets, Jean-NicolasAlbury, William R 21-Aug-2012
282004Malthus, (Thomas) Robert (1766-1834)Pullen, John Michael 22-Apr-2010
292004Semantic Challenges to RealismKhlentzos, DM 8-Dec-2008
302006InstitutionalizationScott, John 27-Aug-2012
312014Hall, Edward Smith (1786-1860)Ihde, Erin 10-Feb-2015
322014Peace EducationPage, James S 9-Feb-2015
332007Broussais, François-Joseph-VictorAlbury, William R 21-Aug-2012
342006Bate, Thelma Florence (1904-1984)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
352008Animals, liability forLunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
362016Olympic Truce (Ekecheiria)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
372009Primary Industry, FisheriesMoore, Cameron 12-May-2010
382013Vegetarianism and VeganismFox, Michael A 6-Mar-2014
392008The Australian Magpie ('Gymnorhina tibicen'): An alternative model for the study of songbird neurobiologyKaplan, Gisela 13-May-2010
402009Celebration of Anniversary Day to 1900Coote, Anne 12-May-2010
412009Soccer (Amateur) WorldwideBiron, Dean Leonard12-May-2010
422016TriphyliaBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
432009Armstrong, JohnCoote, Anne 12-May-2010
442013Assessment in Asylum-Related Language AnalysisEades, Diana 7-Mar-2014
452010Migration ZoneMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
462010Two Hundred Mile ZoneMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
472010Territorial SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
482015Labour Movements, Trade Unions and Strikes (Australia)Wise, Nathan 25-May-2015
492010Law of the SeaMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
502010Naval LawMoore, Cameron 9-Aug-2010
Results 1-50 of 254 (Search time: 0.035 seconds).