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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Argentina, Educación Física y la producción de conocimiento: el caso de EFDeportesVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
22010'Había una vez...' La influencia de la literatura infantil en la construcción social del cuerpoVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
32007Equation Instruction: A Comparison of Balance and Inverse MethodsNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
42012The benefits and challenges of scaling up dengue surveillance in Saudi Arabia from a GIS perspectiveKhormi, Hassan; Elzahrany, Ramze; Kumar, Lalit 20-Feb-2013
52009La utilización de técnicas no convencionales para el estudio de representaciones del cuerpo: el caso de las estrategias proyectivasVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
62009Repensando la identidad de la Educación Física a partir de la (in)definición de WikipediaVarea, Valeria ; Ducart, Marcelo9-May-2014
72011Australia's first pandemic influenza mass vaccination clinic exercise: Hunter New England Area Health Service, NSW, AustraliaCarr, C; Durrheim, D N; Eastwood, K; Massey, Peter D ; Jaggers, D; Caeli, M; Nichol, S; Winn, L9-May-2017
82009Teaching Primary Science in Rural and Regional Australia: Some Challenges Facing Practicing and Pre-service TeachersLaidlaw, Kristy; Taylor, Neil ; Fletcher, Peter 6-Aug-2010
92001This One Was DifferentJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
101998Pleading GuiltyJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
111998The Purse In Her HandJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
122012The Australian Constitution and Expressive ReformGhosh, Eric 20-Feb-2013
132011Videoconferencing between Australian and Korean schools for Intercultural ExchangesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Reading, Christine E 2-Feb-2012
142006Review of 'Advising PhD Candidates', Peggy Nightingale: 2005 Milperra, NSW, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)Maxwell, Thomas William 11-Dec-2009
152009Finding Another Link in the Chain: International Treaties and Devolution to Local Law Enforcement in the Case of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered SpeciesLiljeblad, Jonathan12-May-2014
162012Learning to Solve Percentages: A Comparative Study of the Equation, Unitary, and Pictorial ApproachesNgu, Bing ; Tobias, Stephen 28-Feb-2013
172010Analogical Approach to Facilitate Learning of Trigonometry ProblemsNgu, Bing 28-Feb-2013
182009Gendering the Ethiopian Knowledge Diasporas: Addressing Gender Inequality and Inequity in Public Higher EducationAmazan, Rose 2-May-2014
192005Estimating tropical pasture quality at canopy level using band depth analysis with continuum removal in the visible domainMutanga, O; Skidmore, A; Kumar, Lalit ; Ferwerda, J3-Dec-2009
202014Conserving the Environment through Memory Research: A Case Study of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 11-May-2017
212012La influencia de los superhéroes infantiles en la construcción social del cuerpo: Posibles implicancias para la Educación FísicaVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
222003Revisiting Tradition: Labor and SocialismMaddox, W Graham22-May-2009
231996The named nurse in the coronary care settingIngham-Broomfield, Becky 2-Jun-2014
24Dec-2004Differential Determinants of Breastfeeding in Birth Spacing: The Socio-demographic and Economic CorrelationHossain, Khondoker Mokaddem; Islam, MD Shahidul 27-Mar-2019
25Nov-2018Submitting works for publication: Helping authors learn good practiceEdwards, Jane ; Payne, Helen3-Apr-2019
262011Collaboration through virtual worlds in Australia and New Zealand higher education institutionsGregory, Sue 24-Feb-2012
272006Putting Community in PlaceWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 18-Dec-2009
282002Select Bibliography of the Work of Alan MarshallRyan, John Sprott 21-May-2009
292007From the Individual to the Institution to the Individual: A Tribute to Julia Watkin's Contribution to Kierkegaard's Philosophical Reception in AustraliaMcDonald, William 24-Jun-2014
302016Community-Investor Environmental Conflicts: Should and Could They Be Arbitrated?Radavoi, Ciprian N 15-Mar-2019
312005Australian residential aged care: Skills mix and funding post 1997 reformsChandler, Michele; Madison, Jeanne ; Han, Gil-Soo21-Dec-2009
322000Rumen Microbial Yield from Sheep Genetically Different for Fleece WeightKahn, Lewis ; Leng, Ronald; Piper, L22-Dec-2009
332004A Price on Everything?: Ethics and the Widespread Application of the Money-MetricWalsh, Adrian John 10-Jul-2009
342006Assessing Australian Attitudes to Japan in the Early Twentieth Century: A New ApproachMcInnes, Brendan Neil14-Jul-2009
352009Supercolony mosaics: two different invasions by the yellow crazy ant, 'Antoplolepis gracilipes', on Christmas Island, Indian OceanThomas, Melissa L; Becker, Katrin; Abbott, Kirsti ; Feldhaar, Heike17-Sep-2014
362009Health Reform: deconstruct, reconstruct or reformBriggs, David 1-Feb-2010
372004Caveat Emptor: European governments should resist the Howard government's efforts to sell the 'Pacific Solution'Metcalfe, Susan10-Jul-2009
382002Waste Not, Want Not - Present and Future Solid Waste Management in Northern NSWGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Fowler, Mark; Rhook, Kate3-Jul-2013
3920103D multimodal authoring in the Middle Years: a research projectO'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chandler, Paul2-May-2011
402003Towards A Link Between Theory And Practice In Chemical EducationColl, RK; Taylor, Neil 31-May-2012
412015Placenames and Ecolinguistics: Some Considerations for ToponymistsNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
422014Teaching Statistics with GeoGebraProdromou, Theodosia 3-Nov-2014
432003试论商务英语的发展模式Zhang, Zuocheng 29-Feb-2016
442014Neoliberalism: The Corruption of Human NatureThompson, Lester J; Coghlan, Jo 29-Jun-2017
452010Proposed breeding structure for cattle development in countries in the South Asia Pacific regionJeyaruban, Mariathasan G ; Rahman, MH28-Apr-2011
462016Beyond 'the West as method': Repositioning the Japanese Education Research Communities in/against the Global Structure of Academic KnowledgeTakayama, Keita 6-May-2016
472006Can't Catch, Can't Throw!: Assessment of Primary School-aged Children's Fundamental Motor Skills and Coordination LevelsMiller, JA 13-May-2008
482017International and Transnational Regulation of Private Security Services: Effective Complementarity?Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
492003Science with a Passion: Incidental Careers and Planned ExperimentsKaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 22-May-2012
502007The Role of the African Languages Research Institute in Addressing Language of Instruction Dilemmas in ZimbabweMasuku, Jesta; Ndhlovu, Finex 22-Jul-2013
Results 1-50 of 443 (Search time: 0.037 seconds).


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