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12016Those who walk awayWayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy ; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Jun-2016
22001Tinnitus self-assessment scales: Domains of coverage and psychometric propertiesNoble, William Glass 31-Jul-2012
32011Self and Other: Toward An Expanded View of the Immune System in Health & DiseaseJones, Graham L 30-Jul-2012
42006Capitalism and the Spirit of Critique: Activism and Professional Fate in a Contemporary Social Movement/NGOPasqualoni, Pier-Paolo; Scott, Alan 19-Jul-2011
52008Report on the International Conference on Origins and Migrations among Tibeto-Burman Speakers of the Extended Eastern Himalaya: Humboldt University, 23 - 25 May, 2008Post, Mark 8-Jul-2016
62005Stating mechanisms and refining criteria for ecologically successful river restoration: a comment on Palmer et al. (2005)Jansson, R; Backx, H; Boulton, Andrew ; Dixon, M; Dudgeon, D; Hughes, FMR; Nakamura, K; Stanley, EH; Tockner, K25-Jul-2011
72003Body Growth, Visceral Organ Weight and Intestinal Digestive Enzyme of Chickens on Diets Varying in Energy and Protein ContentsSwatson, H K; Iji, Paul ; Gous, R M6-Apr-2010
82011Vegetative reproduction facilitates early expansion of 'Phyla canescens' in a semi-arid floodplainPrice, Jodi N ; MacDonald, Matthew J; Gross, Caroline L ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Simpson, Ian 26-Jul-2011
92011The grassy knoll ... and an elephantTemple, Elizabeth ; Brown, Rhonda ; Hine, Donald W 26-Jul-2011
102014"Come, let us live with our children!": The Kindergarten's arrival in JapanNishida, Yukiyo 20-Feb-2015
111976In an English Country Churchyard: Eversley, Hampshire, May 1975Ryan, John S 12-Sep-2012
121976English Genealogical Congress, 1975Ryan, John S 12-Sep-2012
132008The SMS Queen of BaliPastor, Helena4-Nov-2016
142008Site-Specific Prolapse Surgery. II: Vaginal Paravaginal Repair Augmented with either Synthetic Mesh or Remodelling XenograftReid, Richard Ian; Lou, Kehui22-Sep-2011
152008Site Specific Prolapse Surgery. I: Reliability and Durability of Native Tissue Paravaginal RepairReid, Richard Ian; Lou, Kehui; Lou, Hui22-Sep-2011
162008Broken GlassPastor, Helena4-Nov-2016
172011Performance of polyvoltine silkworm 'Bombyx mori' L. on different mulberry plant varietiesBahar, Md Habibullah; Al Parvez, Mahmud; Rahman, Saidur; Islam, Rejaul2-Aug-2011
182015Prosecuting the case of pedagogies for a plurilingual AustraliaMorgan, Anne-Marie 16-Aug-2016
192003The Management of TinnitusPreece, John P; Tyler, Richard S; Noble, William Glass 30-Apr-2010
201991Rolf Boldrewood and his Australian Model for Closer Colonization of North AfricaRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
212012Resource Rents, Taxation, and Political Economy in Australia: States, Public Policy, and the New Squatters in Historical PerspectiveLloyd, Christopher 13-Feb-2014
221983Furphies Odorous and Otherwise - and Cultural IntimationsRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
231997Washington v Glucksberg; Vacco v QuillEburn, Michael E10-May-2010
241963Some Place Names in New England. Part II: The European ElementRyan, John S 12-Sep-2012
252007Winter AfternoonFisher, Jeremy 12-May-2010
262013Does A Rising Tide Lift All Boats?: The Case of Vertical Strategic Alliances Involving Housewives Groups in Northern ThailandVillano, Renato ; Khrueathai, Phanin; Fleming, Euan 6-Feb-2014
271987The Theatre of Justin Fleming: Neo-Edwardian or Universal?Ryan, John S 10-Sep-2012
282005Visiting at rural nursing homesParmenter, Glenda 10-May-2010
291963Some Place Names in New England. Part I: Aboriginal NamesRyan, John S 12-Sep-2012
302016The Sermon on the Mount or Cultural Religion: Ministry Practice and Theological Education in Papua New GuineaCharlesworth, Scott 4-Nov-2016
312008The Cycle of Violence in PakistanAhmed, Zahid12-Sep-2011
322005Rewriting Australia's Racist Past: How Historians (Mis)Interpret the 'White Australia' PolicyJordan, Matthew Brian1-May-2009
332016Iran and the Bronze Age Metals Trade in the Persian GulfWeeks, Lloyd 14-Oct-2016
342005Bird Brain? It May Be A Compliment!Rogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 15-Sep-2011
352004Cuddling the Wrong Characters: Reading, writing and gay self-identityFisher, Jeremy 28-Apr-2010
362008SAARC and Interstate Conflicts in South Asia: Prospects and Challenges for RegionalismAhmed, Zahid; Bhatnagar, S12-Sep-2011
372005Beyond mysticism?Davidson, Iain 1-May-2009
382014Eikokushiki Kyoiku To Shoubatsu SeidoNishida, Yukiyo 23-Feb-2015
391989The Authentic Early Depiction of Donahs and Larrikins by Edward G. DysonRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
401976The Shaper of New England - Some Account of the Middle Years of John James Galloway: Part IIRyan, John S 12-Sep-2012
412008Identification of a non-purple tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase: an evolutionary link to Ser/Thr protein phosphatases?Hadler, KS; Huber, T; Cassady, Alan ; Weber, JE; Robinson, J; Burrows, A; Guddat, LW; Hume, D; Schenk, G; Flanagan, J28-Jul-2011
422011Conference Report: Biomass for a clean-energy futureGeorge, Brendan ; Sims, Ralph28-Jul-2011
432011Dynamics of forest cover conversion in and around Bwindi impenetrable forest, South-western UgandaTwongyirwe, Ronald; Majaliwa, J G M; Ebanyat, P; Tenywa, M M; Sheil, D; van Heist, M; Oluka, M; Kumar, Lalit 29-Jul-2011
442013Diary of William Henry MutlowReed, Michael16-Dec-2013
4520052005 Eldershaw Memorial Lecture: Tasmania and the Multiplicity of NationsAtkinson, AT 2-May-2008
462012How Finnish, not East Asian Education Became a Global ReferenceTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
472012National Testing in Japan and Australia: To Publish or Not to Publish Scores?Takayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
482011OECD's PISA, Media Sensationalism, and Education Reform in JapanTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
492013Deep Pockets, Packets, and HarborsMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 23-Dec-2013
502011True to the power of one? Cognition, argument and reasoningKhlentzos, Drew M ; Stevenson, Bruce 26-Jul-2011
Results 1-50 of 439 (Search time: 0.039 seconds).