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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11996A Sociology of Sex and SexualityHawkes, Gail 27-Jul-2010
22002All Work No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in WarOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012
32018Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureMiller, Judith ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan; Garrett, Robyne22-Jan-2019
41989Native and natural pastures on the Northern Slopes and Tablelands of New South Wales: A review and annotated bibliographyLodge, Gregory Mark; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Jan-2012
52015Please God Send Me a Wreck: Responses to Shipwreck in a 19th Century Australian CommunityDuncan, Brad; Gibbs, Martin 4-Nov-2015
62009The Owls of Australia: A field guide to Australian Night BirdsDebus, Stephen JS 31-Aug-2010
72010Deissmann the PhilologistGerber, Albrecht 31-Aug-2010
82013From a Distant Shore: Australian Writers in Britain 1820-2012Bennett, Bruce; Pender, Anne 27-Feb-2013
92016The Rich Tradition of RepublicanismMaddox, W G18-May-2017
102012Green Sense: The Aesthetics of Plants, Place and LanguageRyan, John C 16-May-2017
112013Re-Thinking Values in Africa: For Collective Well-beingKuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed29-May-2014
122016Knowledge, Creativity and Failure: A New Pedagogical Framework for Creative ArtsHay, Christopher16-May-2017
132017Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More-than-human encountersWright, Katherine 16-May-2017
142016Gender in Practice: Culture, Politics and Society in Sierra LeoneLahai, John Idriss 19-May-2017
1525-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
162013Aboriginal Ways of Using EnglishEades, Diana 24-Sep-2014
172010One Man Show: The Stages of Barry HumphriesPender, Anne 30-Nov-2010
182018Justinian und die Armee des fruhen ByzanzKoehn, Clemens 22-May-2019
192009Different Sights: Immigrants in New EnglandWilton, Janis 1-Feb-2010
202004Golden Threads: The Chinese in Regional New South Wales 1850-1950Wilton, Janis 30-Jun-2008
212013Insular Toponymies: Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua 13-Jun-2017
222010Ethics About Animals: An Examination of Three Philosophical Approaches to the Animal QuestionMcLean, Lesley 30-Nov-2010
232010Inclusion or Exclusion of the Urban Poor? The case of the UPHCP, Rajshahi, Bangladesh:Banik, Bijoy30-Nov-2010
242011Australian Documentary: History, Practices and GenresFitzSimons, Trish; Laughren, Patrick; Williamson, Dugald G 2-May-2012
252014Developing a clean market chain for poultry products in IndonesiaPatrick, Ian ; Smith, R Geoff B ; Hasnah,; Sarini, Ni Putu; Karim, Hasmida; Kurnianto, Bugie; Dharma, Dewa; Komaladara, Anak Agung Sagung Putri; Jubb, Tristan23-Sep-2014
262008The Betrothed - a Human Comedy: An essay on 'I promessi sposi' by Alessandro ManzoniWales, Brennan 24-Nov-2010
272011Demystifying Shamans and Their World: A Multidisciplinary StudyRock, Adam John ; Krippner, Stanley24-Jun-2013
28Oct-2007Krieg-Diplomatie-Ideologie. Zur Außenpolitik hellenistischer MittelstaatenKoehn, Clemens 30-May-2019
292019International 'Criminal' Responsibility: AntinomiesQuirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
302015International LawTully, Stephen; Lewis, Bridget; Quirico, Ottavio 29-May-2019
312004Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet TransformChau, FT; Liang, YZ; Gao, Junbin; Shao, XG23-May-2012
322011Semantic Analysis: A Practical IntroductionGoddard, Cliff 8-Jun-2012
332001Complex analysis in contemporary mathematicsSchmalz, Gerd ; Ezhov, V19-Feb-2010
342016The Bloomsbury Introduction to Adaptation Studies: Adapting the Canon in Film, TV, Novels and Popular CultureGriggs, Yvonne 10-Jun-2016
352010Theorizing the Sexual Child in ModernityEgan, R Danielle; Hawkes, Gail 12-May-2011
362011Clinical leadership: Innovation into actionStanley, David 14-Sep-2017
372010Rhetorical Patterns of Indonesian Research Articles: A Genre of Indonesian Academic WritingAdnan, Zifirdaus 12-May-2011
382010Sociolinguistics and the Legal ProcessEades, Diana 12-May-2011
392010The Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution: A critical historyPullen, John M 12-May-2011
402005商务英语话语Zhang, Zuocheng 5-Nov-2014
412011Social Inclusion and the Early Years Learning Framework: A way of workingSims, Margaret 8-Jun-2012
422010Postcolonial Ecocriticism: Literature, Animals, EnvironmentHuggan, Graham; Tiffin, Helen 13-May-2011
432010Institutional Capability Assessment: Institutional Capability Assessment of Local Organizations for Watershed Management in NepalAcharya, Keshav K13-May-2011
442010'Sea-Change' and Landscape Change: A spatial examination of trend and alternative landscape futures for the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, AustraliaMorley, Philip ; Brunckhorst, David J 16-Dec-2010
452010Boys in Schools: Early School Leaving and Masculinity: How do boys' understanding of masculinity influence their decisions to leave school early?Harrington, Ingrid 16-Dec-2010
462016Perspectivas socio-culturales para pensar el deporteVarea, Valeria 14-Apr-2016
472013Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active ResistanceBranagan, Marty 3-Jul-2013
482009Triangulation, Modelling and Controlling Dynamical Systems: Theory and ApplicationsKrakowski, Krzysztof16-Dec-2010
492013The Pangolin Diary: An Australian Male Midwife in AfricaStanley, David 18-Sep-2017
502003Gene Worship: Moving Beyond the Nature/Nurture Debate over Genes, Brain, and GenderKaplan, G ; Rogers, Lesley 29-Jul-2008
Results 1-50 of 505 (Search time: 0.054 seconds).


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