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12012Environmental Governance and SustainabilityMartin, Paul ; Zhiping, Li; Tianbao, Qin; Du Plessis, Anel; Le Bouthillier, Yves; Williams, Angela10-Jul-2012
22005Teaching in the Sciences: Learner-Centered ApproachesMcLoughlin, Catherine; Taji, Acram16-Jul-2012
32016Teacher Quality in Upper Secondary Science Education: International PerspectivesVlaardingerbroek, Barend; Taylor, Neil 1-Apr-2016
42013Questions of Gender in Byzantine SocietyNeil, Bronwen; Garland, Lynda26-Aug-2013
52017Darling Mother, Darling Son: The letters of Leslie Walford and Dora Byrne, 1929-1972Ziegler, Edith 19-Jul-2017
62014Came To New EnglandRyan, John S ; Newman, Warren5-Dec-2014
72009Hihanteki Kyōikugaku To Kōkyōiku No Saisei: Kakusa o Hirogeru Shin Jiyū Shugi Kaikaku o ToinaosuApple, Michael; Whitty, Geoff; Nagao, Akio; Takayama, Keita 16-Apr-2010
82017Inclusive Leadership: Negotiating Gendered SpacesAdapa, Sujana ; Sheridan, Alison 4-Sep-2017
92013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
102015The Search for Environmental JusticeMartin, Paul ; Bigdeli, Sadeq Z; Daya-Winterbottom, Trevor; du Plessis, Willemien; Kennedy, Amanda L 31-May-2016
112016Vegetation of Australian Riverine Landscapes: Biology, Ecology and ManagementCapon, Samantha; James, Cassandra; Reid, Michael 26-May-2016
122009Interrogating Common Sense: Teaching for Social JusticeSoliman, Izabel E9-Nov-2009
132013The Routledge Queer Studies ReaderHall, Donald E; Jagose, Annamarie; Bebell, Andrea; Potter, Susan 6-Mar-2014
142010The Japanese-Australian Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities: JARCS IIIFukui, Toshizumi; Harris, Adam ; Isaev, Alexander; Koike, Satoshi; Paunescu, Laurentiu14-Nov-2011
152005Internationale Gemeinschaft und Menschenrechte: Festschrift für Georg Ress sum 70. Geburtstag am 21. Januar 2005Brohmer, Jurgen ; Langenfeld, Christine; Bieber, Roland; Weber, Stefan; Calliess, Christian; Wolf, Joachim8-Jun-2010
162011Law, Policy and Dryland Ecosystems in the People's Republic of ChinaQun, Du; Hannam, Ian 18-Oct-2012
172012Advances in Minority Language Research in Nigeria: Volume 1Blench, Roger; McGill, Stuart30-Apr-2015
182012Copy Pronouns: Case Studies from African LanguagesStorch, Anne; Atindogbe, Gratien G; Blench, Roger30-Apr-2015
192002Der Grundrechtsschutz in Europa: Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium aus Anlass des 65. Geburtstages von Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Georg RessBrohmer, Jurgen 8-Nov-2012
202014Maurice Gee: A Literary Companion: The Fiction for Young ReadersHale, Elizabeth 29-Apr-2015
212008Διδακτικές εφαρμογές για την ένταξη ατόμων με αυτισμό στο γενικό σχολείο και σε χώρους εργασίαςMavropoulou, Sofia25-Jun-2015
222004Αναλυτικά Προγράμματα για Μαθητές με ΑυτισμόMavropoulou, Sofia25-Jun-2015
232013Student Learning: Improving PracticeBoyle, Chris 29-Apr-2014
242008Driving Innovations through Business, Education and Social EntrepreneurshipWood, Fiona ; Tieberghian, Y25-Jan-2010
252004Το Πάζλ του ΑυτισμούNotas, Stergios; Mavropoulou, Sofia25-Jun-2015
262013Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations: A Global Perspective on Continuities and Discontinuities from the 19th to the 21st CenturiesHoerder, Dirk; Kaur, Amarjit 15-Mar-2017
272015Communicating Quality and Safety in Health CareIedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manidis, Marie17-Mar-2017
282015Kierkegaards Concepts - Tome V: Objectivity to SacrificeEmmanuel, Steven M; McDonald, William ; Stewart, Jon8-Jul-2015
292013Kierkegaards Concepts - Tome I: Absolute to ChurchEmmanuel, Steven M; McDonald, William ; Stewart, Jon29-Apr-2014
302014Kierkegaards Concepts - Tome II: Classicism to EnthusiasmEmmanuel, Steven M; McDonald, William ; Stewart, Jon29-Apr-2014
312009Cross-Cultural Studies in Management, Technology and FinanceSarkar, Siddhartha; Banerjea, Sudipti; Smith, Larry 29-Feb-2012
321997A Guide to Improved Lambing Percentage for Farmers and Advisors: 200 by 2000Geenty, Kennett 6-Mar-2012
332015Virtual Worlds for Online Learning: Cases and ApplicationsGregory, Sue ; Lee, Mark J W; Dalgarno, Barney; Tynan, Belinda8-Jul-2015
342005Legitimation and the StateYoung, GG; Maddox, WG22-Jul-2008
351984The Communicative-Learner: Reflections on Lecturing in a UniversityBlack, Herman; Ryan, John S 26-Mar-2013
362013Evil and the State: Interdisciplinary PerspectivesSarma, Kiran; Livings, Ben18-Dec-2015
372015Mental Condition Defences and the Criminal Justice System: Perspectives from Law and MedicineLivings, Ben; Reed, Alan; Wake, Nicola18-Dec-2015
382008Cross-Linguistic SemanticsGoddard, Cliff 11-Aug-2009
392010International Sheep and Wool HandbookCottle, David 17-May-2011
401999An Editorial Transnotation of the Manuscript Capella Sistina 51 [1]: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Città del Vaticano: Liber MissarumEakins, Rex 3-Jul-2013
412010Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human CognitionNowell, April; Davidson, Iain 17-May-2011
422008New Literacies and the English Curriculum: Multimodal PerspectivesUnsworth, Len 13-Aug-2009
432008Nick Enright: An Actor's PlaywrightPender, Anne ; Lever, S13-Aug-2009
442003Gwen Harwood: Collected Poems 1943-1995Hoddinott, Alison M; Kratzmann, G23-May-2012
452006Higher Education, Research, and Knowledge in the Asia-Pacific RegionMeek, Vincent Lynn ; Suwanwela, C23-May-2012
462009Drawing the Line: Using Cartoons as Historical EvidenceScully, Richard ; Quartly, Marian1-Feb-2010
472009Environmental Education in Context: An International Perspective on the Development of Environmental EducationTaylor, Neil ; Littledyke, Michael ; Eames, Chris; Coll, Richard K1-Feb-2010
482018Theatre complet: Tome IIIGossip, Christopher29-May-2018
492006The Practice of CounsellingPelling, N; Bowers, R; Armstrong, P30-Jul-2008
502017The Language of Plants: Science, Philosophy, LiteratureGagliano, Monica; Ryan, John C ; Vieira, Patricia4-Apr-2017
Results 101-150 of 304 (Search time: 0.035 seconds).