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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Keep the Presses Running: the Australian printing industry in the twentieth centuryThorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
22013Researching Chinese Market Gardening: Insights from Archaeology and Material CultureBoileau, Joanna13-Mar-2014
3Jun-2021Crime, Penal Transportation, and Digital MethodologiesGodfrey, Barry; Homer, Caroline; Inwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Reed, Rebecca; Tuffin, Richard 24-Aug-2021
42020The Short and the Tall: Comparing Stature and Socio-Economic Status for Male Prison and Military PopulationsInwood, Kris; Kippen, Rebecca; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Steckel, Richard24-Jun-2021
51-Jul-2020Integrating Historical Records through Digital Data Linking: Convicts Prosecuted for Collective Action in Van Diemen's LandTuffin, Richard ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael6-Aug-2021
62019"I leave everything": Encountering Grief with an Hazara RefugeePhillips, Denise 22-Sep-2021
72013Diary of William Henry MutlowReed, Michael16-Dec-2013
82014The luck of the Irish: How a shipload of convicts survived the wreck of the Hive to make a new life in AustraliaSmith, Babette 5-Jun-2015
92012'Dig, dig, dig, until you are safe': constructing the Australian trenches on GallipoliWise, Nathan 4-May-2012
102015Early Childhood Education in Australia: Maybanke's legacy in the 21st centuryFeez, Susan ; Sims, Margaret 2-Jun-2015
1113-Dec-2022Landscapes of a Juvenile Institution: A Multiscalar Historical Archaeological Study of Point Puer 1834-1849D'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Tuffin, Richard 10-Aug-2023
122017The Great War in 'The Armidale Express'Thorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
132014Denis Wright (1947-2013)Brasted, Howard ; Kent, David ; James, Tracey6-Jul-2017
142013The 1890-1910 Crisis of Australian Capitalism and the Social Democratic Response: Was the Australian model a pioneering regime of Social Democratic Welfare Capitalist regulation?Lloyd, Christopher 17-Mar-2014
152013The History of the Australian Satirical PressScully, Richard 17-Dec-2013
162013Misconceptions, Myths, and Maps: a fresh look at Armidale's 'Galloway Grid'Reed, Michael19-Dec-2013
17Nov-2019Buffalo SurveyKightly, James; Leahy, Daniel J 24-Aug-2021
182017Darling Mother, Darling Son: The letters of Leslie Walford and Dora Byrne, 1929-1972Ziegler, Edith 19-Jul-2017
192013'Mrs Thunderbolt': Setting the record straight on the life and times of Mary Ann BuggRoberts, David ; Baxter, Carol 26-Mar-2014
20Sep-2019Early Port Arthur: Convict Colonization and the Formation of a Penal Station in Van Diemen's Land 1830-35Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 12-Aug-2019
212022Settlement and DispossessionFord, Lisa; Roberts, David Andrew 11-May-2023
22May-2018Convicts of the "Proper Description": The Appropriation and Management of Skilled Convict LabourTuffin, Richard 12-Aug-2019
2330-May-2019Forum: Industrial sites and immigrant architectures. A case study approachPieris, Anoma; Lozanovska, Mirjana; Dellios, Alexandra; Miller-Yeaman, Renee; Eklund, Erik; Beynon, David; Tuffin, Richard 13-Aug-2019
2414-Mar-2023The Inculcative Power of Australian Cadet Corps Uniforms in the 1900s and 1910sWise, Nathan ; Hackett, Lisa J 21-Jul-2023
252019Uren v John Fairfax & Sons Pty Ltd (1966)Lunney, Mark 4-Dec-2019
262012The Church Act: The expansion of Christianity or the imposition of moral enlightenment?Stoneman, David; Roberts, David ; Scully, Richard ; Ihde, Erin ; Clark, Jennifer R 23-Jul-2012
272015Deciding to Stay: Dunera's 'Alien Doctors' in AustraliaBunyan, Carol; Weisz, George M 30-Nov-2015
282013Oral history and object biography as companion methodologies in researching the Cheer-Up Society of First World War South AustraliaSchoepf, Christeen A3-Apr-2014
29Jul-2022Review of Melissa Harper and Richard White (eds), Symbols of Australia: Imagining a Nation,Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, 2021, pbk, ISBN: 9781742237121, 496 + pp, $39.99Lyons, Simone 12-Apr-2023
30Jun-2018Criminal nation?: An archaeological view of the Australian convict systemGibbs, Martin 9-Dec-2021
312022Civil WrongsLunney, Mark 16-May-2023
322022A Topography of Dots: New Perspectives on the History and Legend of the Forty ThievesShaw, Kim; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Harman, Kristyn10-Aug-2023
3330-May-2022A Panoptic Eye: The punishment and reform of female convicts in Van Diemen’s LandFrost, Lucy; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 30-May-2023
34Oct-2019Repopulating Landscapes: Using Offence Data to Recreate Landscapes of Incarceration and Labour at the Port Arthur Penal Station, 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 13-Mar-2020
3524-Oct-2022Adapting Fingerprints Within the NSW Police Force: An Historical Examination of the Geographical Barriers and Implications for Rural and Regional PolicingWise, Jenny ; Wise, Nathan 28-Jun-2023
362017The 'illegal sentences which magistrates were daily passing': The Backstory to Governor Richard Bourke's 1832 Punishment and Summary Jurisdiction Act in Convict New South WalesRoberts, David Andrew 29-Apr-2022
372021The Convict Peace: The Imperial Context of the 1833 Convict Revolt at Castle ForbesFord, Lisa; Roberts, David Andrew 4-Jan-2022
382017Colonial gulag: the populating of the Port Macquarie penal settlement, 1821–1832Roberts, David Andrew 28-Apr-2022
3915-Nov-2019Convict labour landscapes, Port Arthur 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard L ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Godfrey, Barry2-Dec-2019
40Jun-2018Transforming the Colony: The Archaeology of Convictism in Western AustraliaGibbs, Martin 29-Nov-2021
412022Criminal Law and the Administration of Justice in Early New South Wales and Van Diemen's LandRoberts, David Andrew 16-May-2023
422019Britain in the Melbourne PunchScully, Richard 25-Nov-2019
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