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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
16-Sep-2017Books open up a whole exciting worldSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
212-Apr-2017Keys to children's behaviourSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
36-Dec-2017Lasting sting in a smackSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
420-Dec-2017Dealing with those festive meltdownsSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
515-Feb-2017Study offers vision of hope for the futureSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
65-Jul-2017Active encouragement: Why kids need to keep movingSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
721-Jun-2017Climate hot topic for childrenSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
81-Mar-2017Take care with social mediaSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
915-Mar-2017Top start makes a differenceSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1029-Mar-2017Parenting without perfectionSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
1127-Oct-2022The cost of what the Budget doesn’t address will cost us all in the long runRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura14-Nov-2022
122019What makes good even better? Excellent EC leadershipSims, Margaret ; Waniganayake, Manjula; Hadley, Fay7-Jun-2019
132015Australian National ECEC reforms, with a focus on the National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standard: Expert report for the German Youth InstituteSims, Margaret ; Mulhearn, Gerry; Grieshaber, Sue; Sumsion, Jennifer10-Jul-2015
1424-Sep-2022Neoliberalism and government responses to Covid-19: Ramifications for early childhood education and careSims, Margaret ; Calder, Pamela; Moloney, Mary; Rothe, Antje; Rogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura; Kakana, Domna; Georgiadou, Sofia14-Nov-2022
1527-Jul-2022Empathy and Narrative: A Discussion of Contemporary Stories from Childcare and HealthcareBurgess, Simon ; Rogers, Marg ; Jeffries, Diana5-Sep-2022
162019Inter-married families: hybridising teaching-for-two languages and parenting in regional AustraliaSims, Margaret ; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Knox, Vicki 24-Feb-2021
172015Conceptions of early childhood leadership: driving new professionalism?Sims, Margaret ; Forrest, Rhonda ; Semann, Anthony; Slattery, Colin1-Jun-2015
182015The Role of Staff in Quality Improvement in Early ChildhoodSims, Margaret ; Waniganayake, Manjula11-Aug-2015
192-Mar-2021Problematising Sustainability in Nature Play Programs: Pedagogical Transformations and Ambitious AlignmentsHughes, Jean Fran ; Elliott, Sue ; Noone, Genevieve 1-Nov-2022
2031-May-2019Terrorism and Early Childhood: Our Role on the Slippery Slope of RacismSims, Margaret 14-Oct-2019
212019Posthumanist ethical practice: agential cuts in the pedagogic assemblageJones, Marguerite; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 6-Jun-2019
222013RelationshipsSims, Margaret 26-Mar-2014
232017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 22-May-2017
242017Family Matters editorial 2017Sims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
252013Play in nature: Bush Kinder in AustraliaElliott, Sue 31-Mar-2014
2624-Apr-2021Contextualised, not Neoliberalised Professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care: Effects of Prescribed Notions of Quality on Educator Confidence in AustraliaRogers, Marg 2-Jun-2021
2725-Oct-2017Good start a simple game of numbersSims, Margaret 14-Jun-2019
287-Jun-2017Preschool childcare gets an early startSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
2924-May-2017The comfort of family routineSims, Margaret 17-Jun-2019
302015Work Demands and Resources, Stress Regulation and Quality of Pedagogical Work Among Professionals in Finnish Early Childhood Education SettingsNislin, Mari A; Sajaniemi, Nina; Suhonen, Eira; Sims, Margaret ; Hotulainen, Risto; Hyttinen, Sirpa; Hirvonen, Ari9-Oct-2015
312020Leading practice in early childhood educationBird, Jo ; Mok, Angel 6-May-2022
322019Working as early childhood centre directors and deputies - perspectives from Australia, Finland and NorwayHalttunen, Leena; Sims, Margaret ; Waniganayake, Manjula; Hadley, Fay; Boe, Marit; Hognestad, Karin; Heikka, Johanna25-Nov-2019
332015Social Justice, Children's Needs and Rights: An Approach to PlanningSims, Margaret 20-Nov-2015
342017Observing and assessing young children's digital play in the early years: Using the Digital Play FrameworkEdwards, Susan; Bird, Jo 21-Jun-2017
35Aug-2019Effective partnerships with families who have a parent who works awayRogers, Marg 27-Sep-2019
362017Qualitatsregulierung im australischen System fur fruhkindliche Bildung und BetreuungSims, Margaret ; Sumsion, Jennifer; Mulhearn, Gerry; Grieshaber, Sue26-Jun-2017
372015The transformative power of Early Childhood Development (ECD) for equitable developmentSims, Margaret 6-Nov-2015
382016Foundation of early educationSims, Margaret 24-Jul-2017
392016Screen time has an impactSims, Margaret 24-Jul-2017
402016Learning in baby stepsSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
412016Tackling toilet trainingSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
422016Coaching empathySims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
432016Children's rightsSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
442016How digital advances can impact learningSims, Margaret 25-Jul-2017
452016Names hurt more than sticks and stonesSims, Margaret 21-Jul-2017
462016Time to keep a close eye on cyber spaceSims, Margaret 24-Jul-2017
472016Focus on child welfareSims, Margaret 21-Jul-2017
482014Our Absent GrandchildrenNoone, Genevieve ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Sims, Margaret ; Cafarella, Lucas23-Dec-2015
492016Good hygiene: a theory of ill consequencesSims, Margaret 21-Jul-2017
50Mar-2019Resisting Neoliberalism: Professionalisation of Early Childhood Education and CareMoloney, Mary; Sims, Margaret ; Rothe, Antje; Buettner, Cynthia; Sonter, Lisa ; Waniganayake, Manjula; Opazo, Maria-Jose; Calder, Pamela; Girlich, Sarah27-Feb-2020
Results 151-200 of 290 (Search time: 0.033 seconds).


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