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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
121-Jun-2022Nesting Refuge Structures Are Ineffective at Protecting Bell's Turtle (Myuchelys bellii) Nests from Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) DepredationHughes, Geoffrey N ; Burns, Adrienne ; McDonald, Paul G 25-Jul-2022
25-Oct-2020Crocodile-like sensory scales in a Late Jurassic theropod dinosaurBell, Phil R ; Hendrickx, Christophe12-Apr-2021
3Jul-2020Context-dependent contributions to sentinel behaviour: audience, satiation and danger effectsArbon, Josh J; Kern, Julie M ; Morris-Drake, Amy; Radford, Andrew N7-Apr-2021
412-Dec-2018Cohesion, order and information flow in the collective motion of mixed-species shoalsWard, Ashley J W; Schaerf, T M ; Burns, A L J; Lizier, J T; Crosato, E; Prokopenko, M; Webster, M M28-Mar-2019
5Sep-2020Myuchelys bellii (Bell's turtle). Unexpected dietary contents.Hughes, Geoffrey N ; Curtsdotter, Alva ; Lagos, Paulo F; McDonald, Paul G 16-Sep-2021
62020Intrapopulation variation in the behavioral responses of dwarf mongooses to anthropogenic noiseEastcott, Emma; Kern, Julie M ; Morris-Drake, Amy; Radford, Andrew N7-Apr-2021
7May-2013Call of duty? Variation in use of the watchman's song by sentinel dwarf mongooses, Helogale parvulaKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
84-Dec-2017Reduced social-information provision by immigrants and use by residents following dispersalKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N28-Apr-2021
9Apr-2017Anthropogenic noise alters dwarf mongoose responses to heterospecific alarm callsMorris-Drake, Amy; Bracken, Anna M; Kern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N28-Apr-2021
10Nov-2016Anthropogenic noise disrupts use of vocal information about predation riskKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
112016Sentinel dominance status influences forager use of social informationKern, Julie M ; Sumner, Seirian; Radford, Andrew N.29-Apr-2021
1224-Oct-2016Cross-modal impacts of anthropogenic noise on information useMorris-Drake, Amy; Kern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N28-Apr-2021
1330-Nov-2016Social-bond strength influences vocally mediated recruitment to mobbingKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N21-Apr-2021
142012Stress and stress reduction in common marmosetsKaplan, Gisela ; Pines, Matthew; Rogers, Lesley 23-Apr-2012
151-Aug-2016Perch use by laying hens in a commercial aviaryCampbell, D L M ; Makagon, M M; Swanson, J C; Siegford, J M28-Apr-2022
16Sep-2017Towards a taxonomy of stereotypic behaviours in the American mink (Neovison vison), a model Carnivore: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?Polanco, Andrea; Campbell, Dana L M ; Díez-León, María; Mason, Georgia28-Apr-2022
172013As clear as mud: A critical review of evidence for the ecological roles of Australian dingoesAllen, Benjamin; Fleming, Peter ; Allen, Lee R; Engeman, Richard M; Ballard, Guy ; Leung, Luke K P12-Apr-2017
182016Concurrent progressive-ratio and fixed-ratio schedule performance under geometric and arithmetic progressions by brushtail possumsCameron, Kristie E; Clarke, Katrina H; Bizo, Lewis ; Starkey, Nicola J7-Apr-2016
19Jul-2020A novel protocol to measure startle magnitude in sheepSalvin, Hannah; Cafe, Linda ; Lees, Angela ; Morris, Stephen; Lee, Caroline 13-Jan-2022
202013Nest-site selection of Western Reef Heron ('Egretta gularis') in relation to mangrove ('Avicennia marina') structure in the Persian Gulf: Implication for managementEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; Barati, Ahmad 4-Apr-2014
211-Nov-2017Laying hens in aviaries with different litter substrates: Behavior across the flock cycle and feather lipid contentCampbell, Dana ; Ali, A B A; Karcher, D M; Siegford, J M27-Apr-2022
222017Does the removal of 'Lantana camara' influence eucalypt canopy health, soil nutrients and site occupancy of a despotic species?Lambert, Kathryn ; Reid, Nick ; McDonald, Paul 19-May-2017
232016Environmental dynamics modulate covariation of choice and timingSubramaniam, Shrinidhi; Kyonka, Elizabeth 28-Aug-2017
242014Quantifying transitions in response allocation with change point analysis in concurrent chainsKyonka, Elizabeth 28-Aug-2017
25Dec-2019Various bone parameters are positively correlated with hen body weight while range access has no beneficial effect on tibia health of free-range layersKolakshyapati, M ; Flavel, R J ; Sibanda, T Z; Schneider, D ; Welch, M C ; Ruhnke, I 30-Oct-2020
262014Choice and timing in pigeons under differing levels of food deprivationFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
272013A Web-based semantic tagging and activity recognition system for species' accelerometry dataGao, Lianli; Campbell, Hamish ; Bidder, Owen R; Hunter, Jane3-Dec-2014
281-Sep-2017Nest use and patterns of egg laying and damage by 4 strains of laying hens in an aviary systemVillanueva, S; Ali, A B A; Campbell, D L M ; Siegford, J M29-Apr-2022
29Sep-2016Physiological, ecological, and behavioural correlates of the size of the geographic ranges of sea kraits ('Laticauda'; Elapidae, Serpentes): A critiqueHeatwole, Harold ; Lillywhite, Harvey; Grech, Alana14-Feb-2017
30Sep-2017Indoor side fidelity and outdoor ranging in commercial free-range chickens in single- or double-sided shedsRault, Jean-Loup; Taylor, Peta S 1-Jul-2021
31Aug-2021Small nature preserves do not adequately support large-ranging snakes: Movement ecology and site fidelity in a fragmented rural landscapeNordberg, Eric ; Ashley, Jon; Hoekstra, Alyssa A; Kirkpatrick, Sarah; Cobb, Vincent A8-Sep-2021
32Dec-2014Sentinel dwarf mongooses, Helogale parvula, exhibit flexible decision making in relation to predation riskKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
332016Rival group scent induces changes in dwarf mongoose immediate behavior and subsequent movementChristensen, Charlotte; Kern, Julie M ; Bennitt, Emily; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
34May-2017Contextual variation in the alarm call responses of dwarf mongooses, Helogale parvulaKern, Julie M ; Laker, Phillippa R; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
35Sep-2016Avoiding the subject: the implications of avoidance behaviour for detecting predatorsFancourt, Bronwyn A 7-Apr-2021
362021Distribution of Cantor's Kukri snake Oligodon cyclurus (Cantor, 1839) (Squamata: colubridae) in BhutanPhuntsho, Tashi; Wangyal, Jigme Tshelthrim 28-Oct-2022
371-Jul-2018First description of Grey Heron Ardea cinerea migration recorded by GPS/GSM transmitterYe, Xueqin; Xu, Zhenggang; Aharon-Rotman, Yaara ; Yu, Hui; Cao, Lei15-Apr-2021
382017A Matter of Degree: Strength of Brain Asymmetry and BehaviourRogers, Lesley 16-May-2017
3913-May-2021Presumed Combat Behavior in Greater Black Kraits, Bungarus niger Wall 1908, in Trongsa, BhutanWangyal, Jigme Tshelthrim ; Rinchen, Kado; Sunwar, Damanti Kumari30-Oct-2022
402019Experimental field evidence that out-group threats influence within-group behaviorMorris-Drake, Amy; Christensen, Charlotte; Kern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N29-Apr-2021
412014Pigeons Learn Signal-Food Intervals Independently in a Multiple Peak ProcedureRice, Nathaniel; Grace, Randolph C; Kyonka, Elizabeth 16-May-2017
4212-Jun-2018Experimental evidence for delayed contingent cooperation among wild dwarf mongoosesKern, Julie M ; Radford, Andrew N28-Apr-2021
431-May-2021Predation by the wolfsnake Lycodon aulicus (Linnaeus, 1758) on the house gecko Hemidactylus frenatus Duméril & Bibron, 1836 in Tsirang District, Kingdom of BhutanWangyal, Jigme Tshelthrim ; Khandu, Pema; Gyeltshen, Gyeltshen30-Oct-2022
442017Fine sediments suppress detritivory on coral reefsTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R22-May-2017
452013Observations on Hunting and Breeding Behaviour of the Black Falcon ('Falco Subniger')Debus, Steve J S ; Zuccon, A E12-Mar-2014
462017Managing dingoes on Fraser Island: culling, conflict, and an alternativeO'Neill, Adam J; Cairns, Kylie M; Kaplan, Gisela ; Healy, Ernest29-May-2017
4730-Apr-2021Strongly bonded individuals prefer to forage together in cooperatively breeding dwarf mongoose groupsKern, Julie ; Radford, Andrew N26-May-2021
4830-Nov-2020The Influence of Predictability and Controllability on Stress Responses to the Aversive Component of a Virtual FenceKearton, Tellisa ; Marini, Danila ; Cowley, Frances ; Belson, Sue; Keshavarzi, Hamideh; Mayes, Bonnie; Lee, Caroline 18-May-2021
492017Audition and Hemispheric Specialization in Songbirds and New Evidence from Australian MagpiesKaplan, Gisela 29-Jun-2017
502011Deciding on the wing: in-flight decision making and search space sampling in the red dwarf honeybee 'Apis florea'Diwold, Konrad; Schaerf, Timothy ; Myerscough, Mary R; Middendorf, Martin; Beekman, Madeleine17-Dec-2015
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