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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Production and environmental performance of sustainable farming systemsLacko-Bartošová, Magdalena; Kristiansen, Paul 19-Apr-2010
22011Interactions of corn stover incorporation and simulated tillage on emission of CO₂: a laboratory studyBajgai, Yadunath; Kristiansen, Paul ; Hulugalle, Nilantha; McHenry, Melinda27-Nov-2014
32011Preliminary findings - Effect of alternative cropping management on soil organic carbonBajgai, Yadunath; Kristiansen, Paul ; Hulugalle, Nilantha; McHenry, Melinda27-Nov-2014
42011Short-term effect of corn residue incorporation on soil organic carbon in conventional and organic soil management systemsBajgai, Yadunath; Kristiansen, Paul ; Hulugalle, Nilantha; McHenry, Melinda27-Nov-2014
52009Opportunities and barriers for the estimation and prediction of soil carbon at State and catchment scales in New South Wales, AustraliaWilson, Brian ; Ghosh, Subhadip; Kristiansen, Paul ; King, Dacre27-Jul-2010
62014A 'Fair Go' for Organic Agriculture in Australia?Bernzen, Amelie; Kristiansen, Paul 18-May-2015
72008Influence of carbohydrate source and concentration on the in vitro flowering of Sturt's Desert Pea ('Swainsona formosa')Tapingkae, Tanya; Kristiansen, Paul ; Taji, Acram17-Jun-2010
82007Allelopathic potential of 'Hyparrhenia hirta' (L.) Stapf. on native grassChejara, Vinod Kumar; Kristiansen, Paul ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Nadolny, Christopher; Sindel, Brian Mark 12-Oct-2012
92009Impact of land use variation on soil C change in different agricultural soils in NW New South Wales, AustraliaGhosh, Subhadip; Wilson, Brian ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Barnes, Phoebe ; King, Dacre7-Oct-2010