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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11996Soil Physical Effects of Stubble Retention on Early Crop GrowthRegar, Arthur Frans Cesar; Lockwood, Peter; MacLeod, D4-Dec-2014
21997The effect of temperature on responses of laying hens to choice feeding and feed and water restrictionHenuk, Yusuf Leonard; Thwaites, Christopher John; Hill, Merv K; Cumming, Rob B; Nolan, John2-Nov-2010
31997Social Competence: What young children know and learnHughes, Desma Ann; Knight, Bruce; Vine, Ken2-Nov-2010
41997Barley allelochemicals as self defence properties against vertebrate animalsIrawati,; Lovett, John V; Roberts, Juliet2-Nov-2010
51997Sustainability of the Armidale fuelwood industry on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales: resource yield, supply, demand and management optionsWall, Julian; Reid, Nicholas 13-Oct-2010
61997Influence of Odorants on the Behaviour of the Domestic ChickBurne, Thomas Henry Johnston; Rogers, Lesley ; Roberts, Juliet18-Oct-2010
71997Concepts and Categories: Their Representation, Structure, and ProcessBallini, Evangelina Evelyn; Stevenson, Bruce ; Olphert, Warwick; Speelman, Craig18-Oct-2010
81999Associations Between Koala Faecal Pellets and Trees at DorrigoRoberts, Paul Kingsley Hedley; Jarman, Peter 19-Jan-2016
91996Polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities from studies of the temperature dependence of the Kerr effect in gases and vapoursBlanch, Ewan William; Ritchie, Geoffrey; Spackman, Mark2-Nov-2010
101997Vermistabilisation of Agricultural WastesMitchell, Allan; MacLeod, Donald2-Nov-2010
111997A journey towards partnership: The participatory process for developing a training programHarrison, Nea; Somerville, Margaret J 2-Nov-2010
121996Testing for Structural Change in Australian Meat DemandHutasuhut, Maradoli; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald2-Feb-2016
131997The seasonal physiology of 'Antechinus stuartii': renal and gonadal correlatesMcAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Roberts, Juliet; O'Shea, T2-Nov-2010
141996Estimating the stochastic formulation of purchasing power parities: Allowing for spatial autocorrelationSoriano, Franklin Arcia; Prasada Rao, D S2-Nov-2010
151997The importance of quartz in stone artefact assemblages: A technological analysis of five Aboriginal sites of the Coonabarabran/Warrumbungle regionGaynor, Patrick John; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain ; Morwood, Michael12-Oct-2010
161997Mechanism of paclobutrazol regulation of shoot growth in Sturt's desert pea, 'Swainsona formosa' (G.Don) J. Thompson (syn. 'Clianthus formosus')Hamid, Mohammad Monjur; Williams, Richard R; Taji, Acram; Jessop, Robin ; Blair, Graeme ; Daniel, Heiko 12-Oct-2010
171999The Development and Evaluation of a Constructivist Framework for Designing Information Literacy Learning in the Context of the New Zealand CurriculumGawith, Gwen Rhonwen Muriel22-Jul-2014
181997Selection and mating strategies risks and rewardsKlieve, Helen Margaret; Kinghorn, Brian ; Barwick, Stephen 12-Oct-2010
191997Plutarch's Originality in the AmatoriusVaux, Julie; Stanton, Gregory 12-Oct-2010
201997Information Literacy: A PhenomenographyBruce, Christine Susan; Gerber, Rod; Candy, Phil18-Oct-2010
211997Resistance in sunflower to 'Sclerotinia minor'Goulter, Kenneth Clifford; Brown, JF18-Oct-2010
221997Heat tolerance and evaporative cooling in goats, cattle and buffalo under tropical conditions and during exerciseKasa, I Wayan; Thwaites, Christopher John; Hill, M K18-Oct-2010
231997The Characterisation and Utilisation of Genetic Resistance to Internal Parasites in Merino SheepEady, Sandra Joan; Woolaston, Rob; Kinghorn, Brian 18-Oct-2010
241997Adjustments to the National Income Accounts: A Theoretical Framework with Applications to Government Defensive Expenditure and LeisureAlminaza-Varua, Maria Estela; Sinden, John; Rambaldi, Alicia18-Oct-2010
251997Participatory research for agricultural extension in Sri LankaAbeyratne, Basnayake Mudiyanselage; Somerville, Margaret J 18-Oct-2010
261997The Bioherbicidal Potential of the Seed-Borne Pathogen 'Pyrenophora semeniperda' for Control of Annual Grass Weeds in Cereal CropsCampbell, Mathew Alexander; Brown, John18-Oct-2010
271997The environmental physiology of the scorpion 'Urodacus manicatus' (Thorell) (Scorpionidae)Holden, Chris; Geiser, Fritz ; Cairns, Stuart 18-Oct-2010
281996An Information Processing Study of Individual Differences in Perception of Pitch Fluctuations in MusicGeake, John Gregory; Fitzgerald, Donald15-Jan-2016
291999The Effect of Water Regime on 'Juncus articulatus' L. and 'Glyceria australis' C. E. Hubb. in the New England LagoonsSmith, Robert Geoffrey Beaumont; Brock, Margaret A27-Nov-2015
301990Additive and Non-Additive Differences in the Postweaning Performance of Devon, Hereford and Reciprocal Cross Steers and HeifersJohnston, David ; Hammond, Keith; Thompson, John 9-Dec-2015
311999Sexual Harassment and Australian Registered NursesMadison, Jeanne ; Gates, Richard; Minichiello, Victor 20-Nov-2015
321999Paying for Growth: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Economics of Developer Charges (with particular application to New South Wales)McNeill, Judith ; Dollery, Brian E25-Nov-2015
331997Evaluating irrigators responses to declining groundwater supplies: a case studyHarris, Graham Alan; Cacho, Oscar 8-Nov-2010
341997Differences between Merino selection lines in microbial yield from the rumen and utilisation of protein for wool growthKahn, Lewis Philip; Leng, Ronald; Piper, Laurie8-Nov-2010
351997Chinese labour in the Malayan tin mining industry: an historical perspective, c.1800-1948Power, Leanne; Kaur, Amarjit ; Lloyd, Christopher 8-Nov-2010
361997The Isolation of the Lubricating Factor in the Synovial Joint: Implications for the Development of an Artificial Synovial FluidSchwarz, Ilse Megan; Hills, Brian8-Nov-2010
371997Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM): A High Resolution Geophysical Method for Simultaneously Mapping Electrical and Magnetic Properties of the EarthCattach, Malcolm K; Stanley, John 3-Nov-2010
381996Risk Attitude, Planting Conditions and the Value of Climate Forecasts to a Dryland Wheat GrowerMarshall, Graham Roy; Parton, Kevin; Griffith, Garry 4-Feb-2016
391996Anisotropic molecular polarizabilities from Rayleigh light scattering investigations of gases and vapoursKeir, Roland Ian; Ritchie, Geoffrey; Spackman, Mark3-Nov-2010
401997Constraints on the utilisation of market information in agricultural decision makingCampbell, David Keith; Wright, Victor 8-Nov-2010
411996The impact of certain contextual variables on the perceived effectiveness of a hospital's management control systemVaughan, Peter Colin; Warwick, David; Staunton, John5-Feb-2016
421997The Physiological, Psychological and Work Stress of Primary School PrincipalsThornton, Paul Joseph; Thomas, Ross; Vine, Ken2-Nov-2010
431997Economic Analysis of Thai Soybean PolicyTinprapha, Chatri; Parton, Kevin; Piggott, Ronald2-Nov-2010
441997Investigation into the characteristics of children with motor difficulties: An holistic approachHammond, John; Pegg, John ; Vine, Ken3-Nov-2010
451997Career Paths of Lay Catholic Primary Women Principals in a Rural Diocese: A Voice for Catholic WomenSmith, Margaret Concepta Eugenie; Harman, Kay 4-Nov-2010
461997Consolidation accounting disclosures: An empirical study of the association between national cultural values and accounting practices in ten countries of the Asian-Pacific regionEddie, Ian Alexander; Deegan, Craig; Staunton, Ben; Coelli, Tim8-Nov-2010
471997"Kip". Major General Sir Howard Kippenberger, KBE, CB, DSO and Bar, ED: A Study of CommandHarper, Glyn John; Bridge, Carl8-Nov-2010
481990The Manipulation of Body Fat in Broiler Chickens by Chemical Means and Their Effects on Energy MetabolismYang, Aijun; Farrell, D J; Sutherland, T M9-Nov-2012
491999Polymerase Chain Reaction Techniques for the Study of Rumen Bacterial Ecology and BiotechnologyAllen, Gillian Audrey; Gregg, Keith20-Oct-2011
501999An Evaluation of the Gerangamete Catchment Management Plan Using the Safe Minimum StandardAmirtharajah, Mark; Davidson, Brian; Sinden, John20-Oct-2011
Results 101-150 of 442 (Search time: 0.043 seconds).