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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Perception of emotion in vocal timbre: priming and likert scale datasetsSpreadborough, Kristal ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 20-Oct-2019
22015Markers of success: A study of twins' instructed second language acquisitionAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P2-Oct-2015
3Nov-2018Comparing medieval and modern musical listening habitsStoessel, Jason ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Spreadborough, Kristal 29-Mar-2019
42008The interplay of syntax and form in sentence production: A cross-linguistic study of form effects on agreementFranck, Julie; Vigliocco, Gabriella; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Colina, Simona; Frauenfelder, Ulrich H2-Feb-2010
52001Object Attraction in Subject-Verb Agreement ConstructionHartsuiker, Robert; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; van Zee, Marijke2-Feb-2010
62010Morphophonological and conceptual effects on Dutch subject-verb agreementAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Hartsuiker, Robert J11-May-2011
72012What tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) states say about homophone frequency inheritanceAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Schutze, Carson T; Champion, Mary K; Gollan, Tamar H9-May-2013
8May-2019It’s not what you sing, it’s how you sing it: How the emotional valence of vocal timbre influences listeners’ emotional perception of wordsSpreadborough, Kristal L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 18-Mar-2019
92003Agreement Errors and Object AttractionAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Hartsuiker, Robert J17-May-2010
102010Gender Bender: Gender Errors in L2 Pronoun ProductionAnton-Mendez, Ines 11-Mar-2010
112011Whose? L2 English speakers' possessive pronoun gender errorsAnton-Mendez, Ines 25-Jul-2011
122009The effect of case marking on subject-verb agreement errors in EnglishNicol, Janet; Anton-Mendez, Ines 11-May-2010
132017English possessive gender agreement in production and comprehension: Similarities and differences between young monolingual English learners and adult Mandarin–English second language learnersPozzan, Lucia; Anton-Mendez, Ines 7-May-2018
1420-Mar-2019Comparing habits of medieval and modern musical listeningStoessel, Jason ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Spreadborough, Kristal 10-May-2019
152002The Relation Between Gender and Number Agreement ProcessingAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Nicol, Janet L; Garrett, Merrill F14-Dec-2009
162015A preposition is something you can end a sentence with: Learning English stranded prepositions through structural primingConroy, Mark A ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 12-May-2015
172010Not just semantics: Strong frequency and weak cognate effects on semantic association in bilingualsAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Gollan, Tamar H11-May-2011
182016Salience Effects: L2 Sentence Production as a Window on L1 Speech PlanningAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Gerfen, Chip; Ramos, Miguel6-May-2016
192006Spoonish Spanerisms: A lexical bias effect in SpanishHartsuiker, Robert J; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Roelstraete, Bjorn; Costa, Albert10-Mar-2010
202012The Etiology of Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition in Australian School Students: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Levisen, Christina; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P; Ellis, Nick C4-Sep-2012
212017Graded expression of source memory revealed by analysis of gaze directionTalk, Andrew ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Pennefather, Bronte7-May-2018
222017Visual salience effects on speaker choices: Direct or indirect influences on linguistic processing?Anton-Mendez, Ines 10-May-2018
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