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11998Persistent Errors in Indices: A Cognitive PerspectiveAnderson, Colin; Pegg, John ; Vine, Ken
22006Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: The SiMERR National Survey - Abridged Report of FindingsLyons, Terry ; Cooksey, Ray Wagner ; Panizzon, Debra Lee ; Parnell, Anne ; Pegg, John Edward 
32003Assessment in Mathematics: A Development ApproachPegg, JE 
42003An analysis of long-term effects of an intervention program designed to enhance basic numeracy skills for low-achieving middle-school studentsPegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine ; Bellert, Anne M
52014QuickSmart Annual Numeracy Program Report 2013Pegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine ; Horarik, Stefan ; Billings, June 
62003QuickSmart: Improving students' response time and strategy use in the retrieval of number factsGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E ; Bellert, Anne M
72014QuickSmart Annual Literacy Program Report 2013Pegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine ; Horarik, Stefan ; Billings, June 
82003Effective Intervention for Students with Learning Difficulties in the Middle School Grades: A QuickSmart ApproachBellert, Anne M; Graham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
92007Radical existentialism meets cognitive science: a review of converging qualitative and quantitative perspectives in research into tertiary students' learningQuinn, Frances ; Pegg, John Edward ; Stein, Sarah
102013Exploring Cultural Horizons: Connecting with Asia via VideoconferencingReading, Christine E ; Auh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E ; Cybula, Peter
112012The Effects of Improved Automaticity in Basic Academic Skills on the Test Performance: A Study of Learning Difficulties in the Middle-School YearsBellert, Anne Maree; Graham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John 
122008Feedback About Professional Growth for Teachers of Mathematics: A Developmental PerspectiveMcPhan, Greg ; Pegg, John Edward ; Horarik, Stefan 
132012QuickSmart Annual Numeracy Program Report 2009Horarik, Stefan ; Billings, June ; Pegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine ; Thomas, Jennifer ; Raymond, Noelene ; Cooke, Shirley
142013A Three-Level Intervention Pedagogy to Enhance the Academic Achievement of Indigenous Students: Evidence from QuickSmartPegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine 
152013Enhancing the Academic Achievement of Indigenous Students in Rural AustraliaGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
162011Improving the Numeracy Performance of Middle-School Students through Enhancing Basic Academic Skills: Evidence From the use of QuickSmart with Indigenous StudentsGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
172006ESSA: Developing and scoping a test to explore scientific literacy and achievement in NSWPanizzon, Debra Lee ; Arthur, Dagmar; Pegg, John Edward 
181997Investigation into the characteristics of children with motor difficulties: An holistic approachHammond, John; Pegg, John ; Vine, Ken
191997An investigation into students' understanding of statisticsReading, Christine Elizabeth; Pegg, John ; Fitzgerald, Don; Vine, Ken
202007Quicksmart: A Basic Academic Skills Intervention for Middle School Students with Learning DifficultiesGraham, Lorraine ; Bellert, Anne Maree; Thomas, Jennifer ; Pegg, John Edward 
212009First-year Biology Students' Understandings of Meiosis: An investigation using a structural theoretical frameworkQuinn, Frances ; Pegg, John E ; Panizzon, Debra L 
222010Aligning Assessment in Higher Education: Using a cognitive structural model to gain insight into student understanding of ecological practiceBurns, Adrienne ; Pegg, John ; Panizzon, Debra
232006Applying Item Response Modelling to Confirm the Underlying Construct of a New Process Instrument in GymnasticsHaynes, JE ; Miller, JA ; Callingham, RA ; Pegg, JE 
241999Adult learners' understandings of fraction questionsHayman, Kerryn Anne; Pegg, John 
252011Evaluating the QuickSmart Numeracy Program: An Effective Australian Intervention that Improves Student Achievement, Responds to Special Educational Needs, and Fosters Teacher CollaborationGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
262010Hard data to support the effectiveness of 'QuickSmart' NumeracyGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
272011QuickSmart Numeracy Program for Middle School Students User GuideGraham, Lorraine ; Thomas, Jennifer ; Pegg, John E 
282010A second chance for successPegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine 
292011QuickSmart Numeracy Example Student FolderGraham, Lorraine ; Thomas, Jennifer ; Pegg, John E 
302007Exceptional Outcomes in Science Education: Findings from ÆSOPPanizzon, Debra Lee ; Barnes, Geoffrey; Pegg, John Edward 
312007Exceptional Outcomes in Mathematics Education: Findings from ÆSOPPegg, John Edward ; Lynch, Trevor; Panizzon, Debra Lee 
322009Improving Professional Learning in Rural Areas: Implications for Teacher Education Practice from Australia and KoreaAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John 
332006Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: The SiMERR National Survey - A research report prepared for the Department of Education, Science and TrainingLyons, T ; Cooksey, RW ; Panizzon, DL ; Parnell, A ; Pegg, JE 
342007Addressing the needs of low-achieving mathematics students: Helping students "trust their heads"Pegg, John Edward ; Graham, Lorraine 
352008"I sound just like the good kids": enhancing the reading achievement of middle-years students with learning difficultiesGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John Edward 
362010An Investigation Into Students' Recognition of Two-Dimensional Shapes in Different OrientationsMacGregor, Leonie Jane; Callingham, Rosemary; Serow, Penelope ; Pegg, John ; Wright, Terry; Falle, Judith
371995A Longitudinal Investigation into Children's Understanding of Number Patterns and the Consequent Emergence of Algebraic ConceptsRedden, Edward; Pegg, John ; Vine, Kenneth 
382004Addressing Changing Assessment Agendas: Experiences of Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Rural NSWPegg, John Edward ; Panizzon, Debra Lee 
392009The Option of Selecting Higher-level Mathematics Courses: Transitional TensionsMcPhan, Gregory ; Pegg, John 
402008Addressing the needs of low-achieving mathematics students: helping students 'trust their heads'Graham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John Edward 
412008Studies on Regional and National Reform Initiatives as a Means to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning at ScalePegg, John Edward ; Krainer, Konrad
422005The Effect of Improved Automaticity and Retrieval of Basic Number Skills on Persistently Low-Achieving StudentsPegg, JE ; Graham, Lorraine ; Bellert, A M
432007Learning approaches and outcomes in a first-year biology topic: A relational study involving distance and on-campus studentsQuinn, Frances Catherine; Pegg, John ; Redden, Ted ; Stein, Sarah
442007Enhancing Student Achievement in Mathematics: Identifying the Needs of Rural and Regional Teachers in AustraliaPanizzon, Debra Lee ; Pegg, John Edward 
452009Linguistic Pointers to Students' Understanding in Introductory Algebra: A Cognitive ApproachFalle, Judith Louise; Pegg, John ; Afamasaga-Fuata'i, K
462007Identifying and Analysing Processes in NSW Public Schooling Producing Outstanding Educational Outcomes in MathematicsPegg, John Edward ; Panizzon, Debra Lee ; Lynch, Trevor 
472011Student Welfare in Australia and KoreaAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E ; Im, Youn Kee
482007Chasms In Student Achievement: Exploring The Rural-Metropolitan DividePanizzon, Debra Lee ; Pegg, John Edward 
492011Evaluating the QuickSmart Numeracy Program: an Effective Australian Intervention that Improves Student Achievement, Responds to Special Education Needs, and Fosters Teacher CollaborationGraham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
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