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Sims, Margaret0000-0003-4686-4245School of Education
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Early Childhood Education in Australia: Maybanke's legacy in the 21st centuryFeez, Susan ; Sims, Margaret 
22002Junior pay, senior responsibilities: The experiences of junior child care workersSims, Margaret 
32011Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trialDavis, Elise; Williamson, Lara; McKinnon, Andrew; Cook, Kay; Waters, Elizabeth; Herrman, Helen; Sims, Margaret ; Mihalopoulos, Catherine; Harrison, Linda; Marshall, Bernard
42015The transformative power of Early Childhood Development (ECD) for equitable developmentSims, Margaret 
52003Value-based education for pre-service students in Children and Family StudiesSims, Margaret 
62013Interdisciplinary Conversations on Complexities of Food/In SecurityFoskey, Roslyn ; Avery, Alan J; Sims, Margaret ; Brunckhorst, David J 
72000Working in early childhood settings with children who have experienced refugee or war-related traumaSims, Margaret ; Hayden, Jackie; Palmer, Glen; Hutchins, Teresa
82006Children's cortisol levels and quality of child care provisionSims, Margaret ; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Parry, T S
92008Indigenous child care: leading the waySims, Margaret ; Saggers, Sherry; Hutchins, Teresa; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Targowska, Anna; Jachiewicz, Stephanie
102002Young Children who Have Experienced Refugee or War-related TraumaSims, Margaret ; Hayden, J; Palmer, G; Hutchins, T
112003Employment outcomes for children's services graduatesSims, Margaret 
122009Neurobiology and child development: Challenging current interpretation and policy implicationsSims, Margaret 
132003Beyond the obstacle course: Developing movement skills in young childrenSanders, Lesley; Sims, Margaret 
142004Making Values Matter: Training In Difference And DiversitySims, Margaret 
152011What is Neuroscience Telling Us about Supporting Families?Sims, Margaret 
162005What children's cortisol levels tell us about quality in childcare centresSims, Margaret ; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Parry, Trevor
172013The importance of early years educationSims, Margaret 
182010Cortisol Levels and Child Care Quality in Australian 3-5 Year Old Children: Cortisol Changes and the Quality of Child Care in Australian Preschool and Kindergarten ChildrenGuilfoyle, A; Sims, Margaret 
192011Children's Experiences of Social Exclusion - what is it like living in a slum in Kampala?Sims, Margaret ; Nagaddya, Teddy; Nakaggwa, Florence; Kivunja, Charles ; Ngungutse, David; Ayot, Evelyn
202009Interview with Janet: A story of resilience and teamworkSims, Margaret 
212012Mental health promotion in childcare centres: Childcare educators' understanding of child and parental mental healthSims, Margaret ; Davis, Elise; Davies, Belinda; Nicholson, Jan; Harrison, Linda; Herrman, Helen; Waters, Elizabeth; Marshall, Bernie; Cook, Kay; Priest, Naomi
222012Family day care educators: an exploration of their understanding and experiences promoting children's social and emotional wellbeingDavis, Elise; Priest, Naomi; Williamson, Lara; Davies, Belinda; Smyth, Lisa; Waters, Elizabeth; Herrman, Helen; Sims, Margaret ; Harrison, Linda; Cook, Kay; Marshall, Bernie
232009Who should care for our babies?Sims, Margaret 
242001Transition to child care for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgroundsSims, Margaret ; Hutchins, Teresa
252012Inclusive childcare services: Meeting the challenge for Indigenous childrenSims, Margaret ; Saggers, Sherry; Francis, Katie
262011EpigeneticsSims, Margaret 
272003SUPS workers' perspectives of child care qualitySims, Margaret 
282012Social injustices of exclusion: The meanings of childhood in Namuwongo slum - KampalaSims, Margaret ; Kivunja, Charles ; Ndunguste, David; Nagaddya, Teddy; Nakagwa, Florence; Ayot, Evelyn
292011A Vision for Integrated Early Childhood Service DeliverySims, Margaret 
302012The role of research in professionalising early childhoodSims, Margaret 
312006Early Childhood Education and CareSims, Margaret 
322009Nurturing a sense of fairness in childrenSims, Margaret 
332011The early childhood teacher of tomorrowSims, Margaret 
342006Child care for infants and toddlers: Where in the world are we going?Sims, Margaret ; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Parry, Trevor
352017Qualitatsregulierung im australischen System fur fruhkindliche Bildung und BetreuungSims, Margaret ; Sumsion, Jennifer; Mulhearn, Gerry; Grieshaber, Sue
362011Social Inclusion and the Early Years Learning Framework: A way of workingSims, Margaret 
372011Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers: In Search of RelationshipsSims, Margaret ; Hutchins, Theresa
382004Diversity: Beyond the nuclear familySaggers, Sherry; Sims, Margaret 
392003Aboriginal Families and the School SystemSims, Margaret ; O'Connor, Moira; Forrest, Michelle
402007Parental Stress and Child Rearing DecisionsGray, Colene; Sims, Margaret 
412008Sex Education and the Responsibility of SchoolsSims, Margaret 
422010Re-envisaging early childhood teachingSims, Margaret 
432008Children, Families and Community: embracing change, embracing familiesSims, Margaret 
442008The 'A good beginning report': Implications for AustraliaSims, Margaret 
452014Social determinants of health and wellbeingSims, Margaret 
462015Demystifying the Misperceptions and Realities about the Efficacy of Monograde and Multigrade Pedagogies: Africa's Response to Globalisation in EducationKivunja, Charles ; Sims, Margaret 
472012Numeracy in the early yearsSims, Margaret 
482008Children's Stress Levels: An Evaluation Tool to Determine Program QualityGuilfoyle, Andrew; Sims, Margaret ; Parry, T
492008Quality: the Key for Child SuccessSims, Margaret 
Results 1-50 of 79 (Search time: 0.586 seconds).