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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical GuideHine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; McLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron
22016A case of place: Solastalgia comes before the courtKennedy, Amanda L 
32017Thoughts on the UN 2017 Population Prospects: Procreation-Related Internationally Wrongful Acts, and Overpopulation as Global RiskRadavoi, Ciprian 
42007Equitable Practice of Online PharmacyMarimuthu, Sharllene 
52016Submission to Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory (Commonwealth Royal Commission into Incidents at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory)Carne, Greg 
62005Andrew Bent and the Birth of the Free Press in the Australian ColoniesCollins, C
72016SextingSimpson, Brian H 
82014Taking a de-binarised envirosocial approach to reconciling the environment vs economy debate: lessons from climate change litigation for planning in NSW, AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; McFarland, Paul ; Hearfield, Colin 
92015Building Next Generation Regulatory Performance: The Regulatory Capability Development Programme in 'Special Report on Next Generation Compliance'Marshall, Matthew; Elliott, Leanne; Horne, Dylan; Pink, Grant 
102017Managing the risks of ecosystem services marketMartin, Paul 
112003Family Law Rules 2004Buckley, JN; Barblett, A; Mayes, L; Colbran, S
122009Competing for the City: Child Friendly Cities, Children's Rights and TourismSimpson, Brian H 
132006Statutory Interpretation in AustraliaPearce, DC; Geddes, RS
142009ServiceColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly
152011New pricing principles proposed for declared fixed-line servicesLee, Karen 
162017Common practice, breach of duty and jury trials: the history of Mercer v Commissioner of road Transport and Tramways (1936)Lunney, Mark 
172009AffidavitsColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly
182012Telecommunications: Telstra's structural separation undertaking: A third best solution?Lee, Karen 
192009Appeal and New TrialColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly
202012The rule of law and industry rulemakingLee, Karen 
212009Designing Regulation for Conservation and BiosecurityBurgman, Mark A; Walshe, Terry V; Godden, Lee; Martin, Paul 
222012The regulation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Is there anything the United Kingdom can learn from the Australian experience?de Souza, Michelle 
232005Personal responsibility and the 'new' volentiLunney, M 
242013Rural Masculinities and the Internalisation of Violence in Agricultural CommunitiesCarrington, Kerry; McIntosh, Alison F; Hogg, Russell G ; Scott, John 
252002Criminology beyond the nation state: Global conflicts, human rights and the 'new world disorder'Hogg, RG 
262005Children and TelevisionSimpson, BH 
272016Fixed at Birth: Medical and Legal Erasures of Intersex VariationsKennedy, Aileen 
282016E-Professionalism: The Global Reach of the Lawyer's Duty to Use Social Media EthicallyBurns, Kylie; Corbin, Lillian 
292012Legal Framework for Improving Carbon Management in Grasslands in the People's Republic of ChinaHannam, Ian 
302003Violence, Spatiality and 'Other' RuralsHogg, RG ; Carrington, K 
312005Emergency Law: Rights, liabilities and duties of emergency workers and volunteersEburn, ME
322008Response to M.-J. Johnstone "Clinical risk management and the ethics of open disclosure. Part 1. Benefits and risks to patient safety" [Aust. Emerg. Nurs. J. 11 (2008) 88-94]Tuckett, Anthony; Iedema, Rick; Mallock, Nadine; Sorensen, Ros; Manias, Elizabeth; Williams, Allison; Piper, Donella 
332012Big Society and Australia: How the UK Government is dismantling the state and what it means for AustraliaWhelan, James; Stone, Christopher D ; Lyons, Miriam; Wright, Natalie-Niamh; Long, Anna; Ryall, John; Whyte, Greta; Harding-Smith, Rob
342007International Disaster Response Law and International Humanitarian LawEburn, Michael Ernest
352007The Responsibility to Protect Populations from Natural Disasters: an Extension of International Humanitarian LawEburn, Michael Ernest
362012Employers' Liability and Workers' Compensation: AustraliaLunney, Mark 
372007IDRL - International Disaster Response LawEburn, Michael Ernest
382006Should paternity be linked to sexual intercourse?: Presented at this conference under the title: There's more to being a father than sexEburn, Michael Ernest
392012Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products by Online Pharmacies: Need for Specific Legal GovernanceMarimuthu, Sharllene ; Jayabalan, Sheela
402007Assisting on the Return Journey: International Law and the Role of the International CommunityEburn, Michael Ernest
412010Goldman v Hargrave (1967)Lunney, Mark 
422003Protecting volunteers: a review of recent legislative developmentsEburn, Michael Ernest
432003Reflections on online teaching and learningEburn, Michael Ernest
442010Tort Law: Text and MaterialsLunney, Mark ; Oliphant, Ken
452018Using behavioural science to improve Australia's environmental regulationMartin, Paul ; Hine, Donald W 
462008Militaries as Wielders of Executive Power: The Australasian and Melanesian Militaries and their Formal Relationship with GovernmentMoore, Cameron 
472003Occupiers and Obvious RisksLunney, Mark 
482012The Law of Torts in AustraliaBarker, Kit; Cane, Peter; Lunney, Mark ; Trindade, Francis
492010Constructing childhood sexuality in teacher-student sexual relationshipsSimpson, Brian H 
502016Sharpening the Learning Curve: Lessons from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Joint Committee of Intelligence and Security Review Experience of Five Important Aspects of Terrorism LawsCarne, Greg 
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