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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Growing up in a surveillance society: The changing spaces of childhood experienceRooney, Tonya; Lynch, Anthony ; Gray, Frances; McDonald, William ; Walsh, Adrian 17-Jan-2012
22006Aborigines and CitizensJordan, Matthew Brian4-May-2009
32007Religious identity and 'secular' employment: A case study of young Muslim women graduates in the Sydney workforceScott, Gai Christine; Franzmann, Majella Maria 6-May-2009
42007A Study of Sadaq in Daniel 8:14, Its Relation to the "Cleanse" Semantic Field, and its Importance for Seventh-Day Adventism's Concept of Investigative JudgementLivingston, Eric Murray; Franzmann, Majella M19-Nov-2018
52007Righting the Reader: Conflagration and Civil War in Lucan's De Bello CiviliRoche, Paul Andrew1-May-2009
68-Apr-2017Artefact Disturbance in the New England Tablelands: Elucidating the Factors Harming Archaeological SitesHoward, Paul; Beck, Wendy ; Ridges, Malcolm 4-Oct-2019
72006Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Repudiation of Protestant German War TheologyMoses, John4-May-2009
827-Oct-2018The Role of the Kenyan Constitution and Indigenous Communities in Natural Resource Management: The Case of Turkana Crude OilTwayigize, William; Ware, Helen ; Branagan, Martin 19-Aug-2019
92008Hebrew Prophecy and the Foundations of Political OppositionMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
102002All Work No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in WarOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012
112004The Middle of LucanTesoriero, Charles Anthony 4-May-2009
128-Apr-2017Evidence of Aboriginal Networking: non-destructive pXRF characterisation of ground-edge hatchets from south-east South AustraliaWalker, Jessie; Grave, Peter ; Attenbrow, Valerie3-Oct-2019
132002The Mobilisation of the intellectuals 1914-1915 and the Continuity of German Historical ConsciousnessMoses, John4-May-2009
142006Post-conflict peacebuilding: Who determines the peace?Spence, Rebecca6-May-2009
152004Post-development theory and comparative educationMakuwira, Jonathan; Ninnes, Peter Martin4-May-2009
162008Glen Thirsty: The History and Archaeology of a Desert WellSmith, MA; Ross, June 1-May-2009
172008Two Radical Legends: Russel Ward, Humphrey McQueen and the New Left Challenge in Australian HistoriographyBongiorno, Francis Robert1-May-2009
182006PoliticsBongiorno, Francis Robert6-May-2009
192006A tale of two independentsBongiorno, Francis Robert7-May-2009
202011Beveridge and voluntary action in Britain and the wider British worldOppenheimer, Melanie ; Deakin, Nicholas23-Jan-2012
212002Fire, The BJP and Moral SocietyMarsh, Julie; Brasted, Howard Vining 22-May-2009
222002From Queen of the Sciences to the Rebel Alliance: Religion in the UniversityFranzmann, Majella Maria 22-May-2009
232003Revisiting Tradition: Labor and SocialismMaddox, W Graham22-May-2009
242006New EnglandMessner, Andrew Charles ; Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
252006James Squire Farnell: (18.12.1877 - 20.12.1878)Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
262015Lost in Transition: A district perspective on rapid modernisation in Timor-LesteTobias, Paddy William Jack; Spence, Rebecca ; Walsh, Adrian ; Phan, Huy 17-Nov-2015
272011Review of Rasiel Suarez, 'The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins', 2nd Edition. Tumwater, WA: Dirty Old Books, 2010. Pp. xx, 1455. ISBN 9780976466413. $149.95.Schmitz, Michael 28-Feb-2012
282004James Bryce: Englishness and Federalism in America and AustraliaMaddox, W Graham22-May-2009
292004The Misbegotten Child of Deep EcologyAvery, Stephen22-May-2009
302002The struggle for Anzac Day 1916-1930 and the role of the Brisbane Anzac Day Commemoration CommitteeMoses, John22-May-2009
312004The Practical administration of justice: The adaptation of English law to colonial customs and circumstances, as reflected in Sir James Dowling's 'Select Cases' of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, 1828 to 1844.Castle, Timothy22-May-2009
322008Interstate Conflicts and Regionalism in South Asia: Prospects and ChallengesAhmed, Zahid; Bhatnagar, S19-Nov-2010
332004Post-Pleistocence diachronic change in East Asian facial skeletons: the size, shape and volume of the orbitsBrown, PJ; Maeda, T18-Jul-2008
342008Mar Elias, Arab Christians of Israel, and the Sign of the White DoveDenman, Brian ; Loller, Marie; Spence, Rebecca12-Feb-2010
352006Politics in the Pacific: the Cases of Vanuatu and AustraliaArcher, Jeffrey Robert16-Feb-2010
362008Labor Policy in ThailandBrown, Andrew John17-Feb-2010
372000A Treasury Minister in Hell: A Little-Known 'Dialogue of the Dead' of the Late Twelfth Century: Translated from Medieval Greek with an IntroductionGarland, Lynda25-Jan-2010
38Nov-2168Ancient Egyptian Astronomy: Ursa Major - Symbol of RejuvenationRelke, Joan Rosalind; Ernest, Allan8-Jul-2009
392012Shadows of the Great War: Group Soldier Settlement in Greater Sydney, 1917-1939Allison, Glenys Maree; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 18-Apr-2012
402008Climate, people and faunal succession on Java, Indonesia: evidence from Song GupuhMorwood, MJ ; Sutikna, T; Turney, C S M; Fifield, K; Allen, H; Soejono, R P; Saptomo, E W; Westaway, K E; Jatmiko,; Awe Due, R; Moore, Mark ; Yuniawati, Dwi Yani; Hadi, P; Zhao, J-x16-Jun-2017
412010The 'imperial' girl: Lady Helen Munro Ferguson, the imperial woman and her imperial childhoodOppenheimer, Melanie 8-Dec-2010
422003China in the International Human Rights RegimeYoung, GG; Yingjie, GUO20-Jun-2008
432013Corrigendum to "Mitochondrial DNA from 3000-year old chickens at the Teouma site, Vanuatu" [J. Archaeol. Sci. 37 (10) (2010) 2459-2468]Storey, Alice ; Spriggs, Matthew; Bedford, Stuart; Hawkins, Stuart C; Robins, Judith H; Huynen, Leon; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth19-Jul-2013
442001After the Kader fire: Labour organising for health and safety standards in ThailandBrown, AJ27-Jun-2008
452004RIP by the Roadside: A Comparative Study of Roadside Memorials in New South Wales, Australia, and Texas, United StatesClark, JR ; Cheshire, A18-Jul-2008
462005Legitimation and the StateYoung, GG; Maddox, WG22-Jul-2008
472005Fabian Socialism and British Australia, 1890-1972Bongiorno, FR24-Jul-2008
482010Lessons from international development for Aboriginal Australian poverty reductionGallagher, Ellen ; Spence, Rebecca ; Boughton, Robert G10-Jan-2011
492013Polynesian chickens in the New World: a detailed application of a commensal approachStorey, Alice ; Quiroz, Daniel; Beavan, Nancy; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth16-Jul-2013
502010'Not Openly Encouraged' - Nurse Soldier Settlers After World War OneWilliams, Selena; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wilton, Janis 23-Dec-2010
Results 1-50 of 410 (Search time: 0.043 seconds).


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