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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Review of 'The Theory and Practice of Promoting Emotional Literacy in Your School', Gillian Shotton, 2003, Ainsdale: Positive Behaviour Management £7.99 + £0.66 postage, 29 pp.Boyle, Chris 
22011Teaching Higher Education Students with Diverse Learning Outcomes in the Virtual World of Second Life®Gregory, Sue 
32014The Continuing Decline of Science and Mathematics Enrolments in Australian High SchoolsKennedy, John; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 
42009Navigational metalanguages for new territory in English: The potential of grammaticsMacken-Horarik, Mary 
52014Our Absent GrandchildrenNoone, Genevieve ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Sims, Margaret ; Cafarella, Lucas
62008Leadership in Australian Rural Schools: Bush Track, Fast TrackGraham, Lorraine ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Paterson, David Leonard 
72007Review of 'Breaking the cycle of educational alienation: A multi-professional approach', Richard Williams and Colin Pritchard, Maidenhead: Open University Press £18.99 (pbk), 217 pp. ISBN 0-335-21917-9Boyle, Chris 
82013Identities in Needs Analysis for Business English StudentsZhang, Zuocheng 
92015Cultural ecology or isomorphism? Possibilities and challenges for educational planning in Inner MongoliaDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 
102014Appraising AppraisalMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Isaac, Anne
112002Indonesian Language Education and the Limits of ToleranceTamatea, LM 
122017Investigating the potential of nature play with childrenElliott, Sue ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Rizk, Nadya ; Kennelly, Julie; Mckenzie, Matt
132011Digital Interaction: Learning and Social Communication in the Information AgeBoyle, Christopher ; Wurf, Gerald
142018Expanding Horizons in Open and Distance LearningRoberts, Jennifer; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Stagg, Adrian
152005The Meaning of Music in the Lives of Older People: A Qualitative StudyHays, TN; Minichiello, V 
162017An RCT to Facilitate Implementation of School Practices Known to Increase Physical ActivitySutherland, Rachel; Nathan, Nicole; Wolfenden, Luke; Lubans, David R; Cohen, Kristen ; Davies, Lynda; Desmet, Clare; Cohen, Joshua; McCarthy, Nicole; Butler, Peter; Wiggers, John
172006The Macquarie Word Genius Reference LibraryKupczyk-Romanczuk, G
182006'Not just another face in the crowd': Report from SiMERR New South WalesAfamasaga-Fuata'i, K ; Lyons, T ; Merrotsy, P; Paterson, DL ; Smith, HJ
192008Scientists and Scientific Thinking: Understanding Scientific Thinking Through an Investigation of Scientists Views About Superstitions and Religious BeliefsColl, RK; Lay, MC; Taylor, Neil 
202015Regionalising higher education in the Asia-Pacific and a network capital paradigm for teaching and research in comparative educationDenman, Brian 
212008Quality care and education through neurobiological researchSims, Margaret 
222006Student perceptions of school-based professional experienceBoyd, J; Jenkins, KA 
232003Drawing to LearnBrooks, M 
242005Boys' accounts of schooling: masculinities discourse and engagement with schoolGilbert, RJ; Harrington, I 
252006Migrating to the Classroom - Online Support for the 2005 Beginning Teacher Alumni of UNE: Final Report for the Higher Education Innovation Program of the Education Alumni Support Project (EdASP)Maxwell, TW ; Smith, HJ; Baxter, DJ ; Boyd, J; Harrington, I ; Hopwood, L; Jenkins, KA ; Sargeant, JG; Tamatea, LM 
262012Using pictures to analyse and construct knowledgeReader, Paul 
272015Believing You Can is the First Step to Achieving: A CBT and Attribution Retaining Programme to Improve Self-Belief in Students aged 8-12Chodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 
281995Language Learning Resources on the InternetGarton, James; Heimans, Stephen 
292015History and Context of Our ResearchCornish, Linley 
302015Educating for Sustainability in Primary Schools: Teaching for the FutureTaylor, Neil ; Quinn, Frances ; Eames, Chris
312008Learning in the Social Context: Youth as critical thinkers or functionaries in the knowledge economyGamage, Sirisena 
322001Evaluating the language of different types of explanations in junior high school science textsUnsworth, L 
332014Education policy enactment research: disrupting continuitiesHeimans, Stephen 
342015Listening to Teachers in the 'Bush'Jenkins, Kathryn A ; Taylor, Neil ; Reitano, Paul
352015Teaching Principals: The 'I's Have It!Cornish, Linley ; Jenkins, Kathryn A 
362006What is multi-grade teaching?Cornish, L 
372015From little things big things grow: enhancing literacy learning for secondary students in rural and regional AustraliaClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan; Garvey, Amanda; Partridge, Rebecca
382001Teaching Multiliteracies Across the Curriculum: Changing Contexts of Text and Image in Classroom PracticeUnsworth, L 
392006Multimodality and the Picturebook: A New Way of ReadingBuckland, CA; Croker, Beverley May 
402002Self-direction online through structured task activity: Is online moderation always needed?McLoughlin, C; Parkes, Mitchell 
412012Education for Sustainability and Pre-Service Teacher EducationKennelly A, Julie; Taylor, Neil ; Maxwell, Tom; Serow, Penelope A 
422015Issues and Dimensions of SustainabilityQuinn, Frances ; Littledyke, Michael ; Taylor, Neil 
432005The Contribution of Music to Quality of Life in Older People: An Australian Qualitative StudyHays, T N; Minichiello, V 
442001Popular Education, Capacity-Building and Action Research: Increasing Aboriginal Community Control of Education and Health ResearchBoughton, RG 
452010Speaking Plainly: Student Led Reporting in Relation to the New Zealand Curriculum StandardsCharteris, Jennifer ; Trafford, Rebecca
462017Application of theory in science education classroomsYeigh, Tony; Whannell, Robert 
472001The Communist party of Australia's involvement in the struggle for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's rights, 1920-1970Boughton, RG 
482012Ageing with an intellectual disability in rural areasWark, Stuart ; Hussain, Rafat ; Edwards, Helen 
492015Bringing People Together While Learning Apart: Creating Online Learning Environments to Support the Needs of Rural and Remote StudentsParkes, Mitchell ; Gregory, Sue ; Fletcher, Peter ; Adlington, Rachael ; Gromik, Nicolas 
502018Programme for Business English MajorsZhang, Zuocheng 
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