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Martin, PaulSchool of Law
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Managing the risks of ecosystem services marketMartin, Paul 
22009Designing Regulation for Conservation and BiosecurityBurgman, Mark A; Walshe, Terry V; Godden, Lee; Martin, Paul 
32018Using behavioural science to improve Australia's environmental regulationMartin, Paul ; Hine, Donald W 
42016Evaluation of a natural resource management program: an Australian case studyVerbeek, Miriam ; Martin, Paul ; Fortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted ; Bridger, Jeffrey; Radhakrishna, Rama
52010Using Ecosystem Services as a Means to Diffuse Political Land Use Decisions in Peri-Urban RegionsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher D 
62013The Risks of Using REDD+ to Manage Rich Socio-Ecological SystemsMartin, Paul 
72014Productive, biodiverse farming landscapes: Why is governance innovation essential?Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 
82011The business judgement rule and voluntary reportingStone, Christopher D ; Martin, Paul 
92011Renegotiating farmers' social licenceMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 
102018Evaluating the Governance Potential of Voluntary Stewardship Programs for FarmersLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul 
112011Preface to 'Defending the Social Licence of Farming: Issues, Challenges and New Directions for Agriculture'Williams, Jacqueline ; Martin, Paul 
122011What is meant by the social licence?Martin, Paul ; Shepheard, Mark 
132011The state of social impact indicators: measurement without meaning?Shepheard, Mark ; Martin, Paul 
142008Cross pollination or cross-contamination?: Directions for informing the management of invasives with market-economy conceptsMartin, Paul 
152006Weeds: new strategies for an old problemMartin, Paul 
162016The evaluation frameworkMartin, Paul ; Boer, Ben; Greiber, Thomas; Slobodian, Lydia; Bryner, Nick
172016Analysis: Achieving systematic improvement in environmental lawMartin, Paul ; Boer, Ben
182015Introduction: a jurisprudence of environmental governance?Martin, Paul ; Kennedy, Amanda L 
192011Submission to the Inquiry on the Management of the Murray Darling BasinMartin, Paul 
202011Property: Legal Link between People and the SoilMartin, Paul ; Page, John 
212016Framework for Assessing and Improving Law for Sustainability: A Legal Component of a Natural Resource Governance FrameworkMartin, Paul ; Boer, Ben; Slobodian, Lydia
222016Preface to 'Framework for Assessing and Improving Law for Sustainability: A Legal Component for a Natural Resource Governance Framework'Martin, Paul ; Slobodian, Lydia; Greiber, Thomas
232017Effective Law for Rural Environmental Governance: Meta-Governance Reform and Farm StewardshipMartin, Paul ; Kennedy, Amanda ; Williams, Jacqueline 
242016Improving the effectiveness of legal arrangements to protect biodiversity: Australia and BrazilMartin, Paul ; Dieguez Leuzinger, Marcia; Teles da Silva, Solange
252011Professional Services and Rural Services PovertyMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 
262013The second industrial transformation of Australian landscapesBryan, Brett A; Meyer, Wayne S; Summers, David M; Thackway, Richard; Wells, Sam; Young, Mike; Campbell, C Andrew; Harris, Graham P; Lefroy, Ted; Lyle, Greg; Martin, Paul ; McLean, Josie; Montagu, Kelvin; Rickards, Lauren A
272008Social Licence to Irrigate: The Boundary ProblemShepheard, Mark ; Martin, Paul 
282010Rural sustainability, laws and institutions: My message in a bottleMartin, Paul 
292011Recent Developments in Australian Environmental Law and PolicyKennedy, Amanda L ; Martin, Paul 
302011A Tale of Two Systems: Conflict, Law and the Development of Water Allocation in Two Common Law JurisdictionsMartin, Paul ; Becker, John
312015Implementing Environmental LawMartin, Paul ; Kennedy, Amanda L 
322011Submission on future regulatory reform, with a focus on the rural sectorMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Bartel, Robyn 
332010Concepts for Industry Co-Regulation of Bio-fuel WeedsMartin, Paul ; Le Gal, Elodie
342016IntroductionMartin, Paul ; Boer, Ben; Slobodian, Lydia
352017Engagement: Australia's weak link in biodiversity protectionMartin, Paul ; Le Gal, Elodie; Verbeek, Miriam 
362011Harmonising Australia's Environmental Laws: Scoping of Harmonisation of Environmental Regulation and Regulatory Practice across Jurisdictions in AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher D ; White, Rob; Hackenberg, Diane
372010Rural Communities: Resilient and Resurgent?Martin, Paul 
382010Learnings from System Harmonisation: The WISER experienceMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Stone, Christopher D ; Alter, Ted
392010Policy risk assessment of peri-urban water strategies: a case study of Western SydneyMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 
402009Risk-focused bio-fuel law: the weeds case studyMartin, Paul ; Le Gal, Elodie
412009Creating next generation rural landscape governanceMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 
422014Improving Invasive Animal Institutions: A citizen-focused approach. A citizen-focused review of institutional arrangements for Invasive Animal managementMartin, Paul ; Le Gal, Elodie; Low Choy, Darryl ; Marshall, Graham R; Dickson, Katrina 
432013Lessons, Learning From Down UnderMartin, Paul 
442013Water governance: a policy risk perspectiveMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 
452009Discussion paper: An industry plan for the Victorian environment?Martin, Paul ; Werren, Kip 
462011Leading reform of natural resource management law: Core principlesMartin, Paul ; Gunningham, Neil
472010Evaluation of the Risks and Benefits of Granting Rights in LandMartin, Paul ; Binney, Jim; Kennedy, Amanda L; Williams, Jacqueline ; Page, John 
482010Review of GHG and Water in the Red Meat Industry - Report 1Wiedemann, SG; Davis, RJ; Zadow, EN; McGahan, EJ; Watts, PJ; Nielsen, WM; Cottle, David ; Martin, Paul 
492010Policy Risk AssessmentMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 
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