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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014DespairMcDonald, William 29-Apr-2014
22014Connections between emotional intelligence and workplace flourishingSchutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha 2-May-2014
32015Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement in the Endorsement of Asylum Seeker Policies in AustraliaGreenhalgh, Elizabeth ; Watt, Susan E ; Schutte, Nicola 4-Nov-2015
42018Perception of emotion in vocal timbre: priming and likert scale datasetsSpreadborough, Kristal ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 20-Oct-2019
5Nov-2018The "Msychology" of Hypersexuality: A 40-year-old Bisexual Man's Use of Online Chat, Pornography, Masturbation, and Extradyadic SexWalton, Michael T; Bhullar, Navjot 16-Jun-2019
61996A Sociology of Sex and SexualityHawkes, Gail 27-Jul-2010
72011Assessing Possums' Food Preferences and DemandCameron, Kristie E; Bizo, Lewis ; Starkey, Nicola J12-May-2017
82013Preface: SQAB 2012: TimingShahan, Timothy A; Bizo, Lewis 10-May-2017
92015Preface: Quantitative Analysis of BehaviorBizo, Lewis 10-May-2017
101-Mar-2019Personality profiles and persuasion: An exploratory study investigating the role of the Big-5, Type D personality and the Dark Triad on susceptibility to persuasionWall, Helen J; Campbell, Claire C; Kaye, Linda K; Levy, Andy; Bhullar, Navjot 24-Mar-2019
112015Personality, emotional intelligence and other-rated task performanceHui-Hua, Zhang; Schutte, Nicola 9-Oct-2015
122018The Depiction of Environment Through Art: The Role of Exhibited Environmental Art in Public Engagement with Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study of the Bimblebox Art-Science-Nature ExhibitionNicholson, Andrew; Bhullar, Navjot ; Curtis, David14-Dec-2018
132015One path or two: Could differential grammatical class processing reflect human language evolution?Cocks, Bernadine ; Jamieson, Graham ; Nandagopal, Nanda; Stevenson, Bruce 10-Nov-2015
142011Note from the Editors: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies - Volume 17, Number 3, 2011Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 5-Mar-2013
152017A Matter of Degree: Strength of Brain Asymmetry and BehaviourRogers, Lesley 16-May-2017
162019Schizophrenia literacy: the effects of an educational intervention on populations with and without prior health educationThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Williams, Elizabeth; Loi, Natasha M 13-May-2019
172005The Modified Tellegen Absorption Scale: A Clearer Window On The Structure And Meaning Of AbsorptionJamieson, Graham 14-Dec-2009
182014Pigeons Learn Signal-Food Intervals Independently in a Multiple Peak ProcedureRice, Nathaniel; Grace, Randolph C; Kyonka, Elizabeth 16-May-2017
19-Rational-Experiential InventoryPhillips, Wendy J 25-Jun-2019
20Feb-2018An examination of social and psychological influences on academic learning: a focus on self-esteem, social relationships, and personal interestPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 13-Dec-2018
212019Understanding the relationship between work intensification and burnout in secondary teachersLawrence, David F; Loi, Natasha M ; Gudex, Boyd W 19-Mar-2019
222011Note from the Editors: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies - Volume 17, Number 2, 2011Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 11-Apr-2013
232013Behavioural variabilityDoolan, Kathleen E; Bizo, Lewis ; McEwan, James S24-May-2017
242011States of Consciousness Redefined as Patterns of Phenomenal Properties: An Experimental ApplicationRock, Adam John ; Krippner, Stanley17-Jun-2013
252017Into the Woods or a Stroll in the Park: How Virtual Contact with Nature Impacts Positive and Negative AffectMcAllister, Elizabeth; Bhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola 17-Jul-2017
262008The interplay of syntax and form in sentence production: A cross-linguistic study of form effects on agreementFranck, Julie; Vigliocco, Gabriella; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Colina, Simona; Frauenfelder, Ulrich H2-Feb-2010
272017The influence of social category cues on the happy categorisation advantage depends on expression valenceCraig, Belinda M ; Koch, Severine; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
282016Cue-Reactive Altered State of Consciousness Mediates the Relationship Between Problem-Gambling Severity and Cue-Reactive Urge in Poker-Machine GamblersTricker, Christopher; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin 24-May-2016
29Dec-2012The Effect of Poser Race on the Happy Categorization Advantage Depends on Stimulus Type, Set Size, and Presentation DurationCraig, Belinda M ; Mallan, Kimberley M; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
302016Environmental dynamics modulate covariation of choice and timingSubramaniam, Shrinidhi; Kyonka, Elizabeth 28-Aug-2017
31Nov-2018The relationship between visual search and categorization of own- and other-age facesCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
32Sep-2018Temporal context cues in human fear conditioning: Unreinforced conditional stimuli can segment learning into distinct temporal contexts and drive fear respondingLuck, Camilla C; Bramwell, Shannon; Kerin, Jessica; Green, Luke J S; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V18-Jun-2019
33Feb-2017The Influence of Facial Sex Cues on Emotional Expression Categorization is not FixedCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V19-Jun-2019
342014A multi-dimensional model of the origins of attitude certainty: teachers' attitudes toward attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderAnderson, Donnah; Watt, Susan E ; Shanley, Dianne28-Oct-2014
352011Editorial - Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 39, Number 2, 2011Jamieson, Graham 19-Jun-2013
362012Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 40, Number 1, 2012Jamieson, Graham 19-Jun-2013
37Jul-2177Editorial - Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 38, Number 2 & 39, Number 1, 2010-2011Jamieson, Graham 20-Jun-2013
38Jul-2177Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 38, Number 2 & 39, Number 1, 2010-2011Jamieson, Graham 20-Jun-2013
392017Upward counterfactual thinking and depression: A meta-analysisBroomhall, Anne Gene; Phillips, Wendy J ; Hine, Don W ; Loi, Natasha 14-Jun-2017
402018Differences in perceptions of gender equality among Icelandic year 10 boys and girls: Population studies 1992, 2006, and 2014Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Hjalmsdottir, Andrea S; Loi, Natasha M ; Bjarnason, Thoroddur; Arnarsson, Arsaell30-May-2019
412011Review of McGilchrist, I. (2009). 'The master and his emissary: The divided brain and the making of the western world'. New Haven, CT: Yale University. Price: $38.00. 608 pp. ISBN: 978-0-300-14878-7Rogers, Lesley 20-Apr-2012
422008Quality care and education through neurobiological researchSims, Margaret 19-Nov-2010
432011"Turning the Light Around" in 'The Secret of the Golden Flower'Cott, Christopher; Rock, Adam John 20-Jun-2013
442011Demystifying Shamans and Their World: A Multidisciplinary StudyRock, Adam John ; Krippner, Stanley24-Jun-2013
452007Science, Nonscience and Rejected Knowledge: The Case of ParapsychologyIrwin, Harvey Jon2-Dec-2010
462009Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 37, Number 1, 2009Jamieson, Graham 19-Jun-2013
472016Thinking Styles and Decision Making: A Meta-AnalysisPhillips, Wendy J ; Fletcher, Jennifer; Marks, Anthony ; Hine, Don W 13-Jul-2017
482001Object Attraction in Subject-Verb Agreement ConstructionHartsuiker, Robert; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; van Zee, Marijke2-Feb-2010
492012Editorial - Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: Volume 40, Number 1, 2012Jamieson, Graham 19-Jun-2013
502016Emotional intelligence mediates the relationship between insecure attachment and subjective health outcomesMarks, Anthony ; Horrocks, Karen A; Schutte, Nicola 22-Apr-2016
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