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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Pigeon responding in fixed-interval and response-initiated fixed-interval schedulesFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
22017Hypersexuality: A Critical Review and Introduction to the 'Sexhavior Cycle'Walton, Michael T; Cantor, James M; Bhullar, Navjot ; Lykins, Amy 10-Jan-2018
32015Timing in response-initiated fixed intervalsFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
42014Choice and timing in pigeons under differing levels of food deprivationFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 10-Jan-2018
52017Ambivalent attitudes about teaching children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Anderson, Donnah L; Watt, Susan E ; Shanley, Dianne19-Dec-2017
62016Depression, anxiety, and stress in partners of Australian combat veterans and military personnel: A comparison with Australian population normsMacDonell, Gail ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B 31-Aug-2016
72010Consciousness as recursive, spatiotemporal self-locationPeters, Frederic 16-Dec-2013
82013Theories of Consciousness as ReflexivityPeters, Frederic 16-Dec-2013
92017Taking care of teenagers, taking care of me: Profiling parental caregiving burden and activity restriction in a sample of Australian parentsBhullar, Navjot ; Rickwood, Debra; Carter, Tegan; Haridas, Serena27-Nov-2017
102015Dispositional gratitude mediates the relationship between a past-positive temporal frame and well-beingBhullar, Navjot ; Surman, Glenn; Schutte, Nicola 21-Jan-2015
112010Wolf Creek, rurality and the Australian GothicScott, John ; Biron, Dean7-Apr-2010
122012The Etiology of Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition in Australian School Students: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Levisen, Christina; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P; Ellis, Nick C4-Sep-2012
132015Paranormal Attributions for Anomalous Pictures: A Validation of the 'Survey of Anomalous Experiences'Irwin, Harvey J19-Feb-2015
142015Preference for consistency and value dissimilarities in dehumanization and prejudice toward asylum seekers in AustraliaGreenhalgh, Elizabeth ; Watt, Susan E 23-Feb-2015
152017Psychological Treatment of Co-occurring Anxiety Disorders in Clinical Practice: A Vignette StudyClark, Gavin ; Hanstock, Tanya; Clark, Laura 16-Jan-2018
162017Response to Commentaries: Recognizing Hypersexuality as a Psychosexual Behavioral Problem and Advancing the Sexhavior Cycle of HypersexualityWalton, Michael T; Cantor, James M ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Lykins, Amy 18-Jan-2018
172003The Mozart Effect and primary school childrenIvanov, Vesna; Geake, John 17-Aug-2011
182007Visibility and anonymity effects on attraction and group cohesivenessLea, Martin; Spears, Russell; Watt, Susan Ellen 9-Nov-2009
192018Self-compassion moderates the predictive effects of implicit cognitions on subjective well-beingPhillips, Wendy J ; Hine, Don W ; Marks, Anthony 20-Mar-2018
202014An Investigation of the 'I Ching' Using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: II. The Effect of Reactance on PsiStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
212018A Theoretical Approach to Resolving the Psychometric Problems Associated With the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryWorrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; McKay, Michael T; Zivkovic, Urska; Perry, John L; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jonathan C22-Mar-2018
222008The case of the missing generalizationsCrain, Stephen; Thornton, Rosalind; Khlentzos, Drew M 26-May-2010
231997Global people or still the folk? Ways of viewing contemporary introductions to sociologyRyan, John S 17-Oct-2012
242014Discarnate Readings By Claimant Mediums: Assessing Phenomenology And Accuracy Under Beyond Double-Blind ConditionsRock, Adam John ; Beischel, Julie; Boccuzzi, Mark; Biuso, Michael30-Apr-2015
252014What Can We Learn From Shamans' Dreaming? A Cross-Cultural ExplorationLaughlin, Charles D; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
262011Dynamic and Static Assessment of Phonological Awareness in Preschool: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; Olson, Richard K; Corley, Robin; Samuelsson, Stefan19-Oct-2011
272014An Investigation of the 'I Ching' Using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: I. Four Possible Psi PredictorsStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
282010Rapid Acquisition of Choice and Timing and the Provenance of the Terminal-Link EffectKyonka, Elizabeth ; Grace, Randolph C16-Feb-2018
292002Review of 'Parapsychology: The Science of Unusual Experience', Edited by Ron Roberts and David Groome, 2001. London: Arnold. ISBN: 0 340 76168 7. Paperback £12.99Irwin, Harvey J21-Sep-2012
302016Dispositional Scepticism, Attitudes to Science, and Belief in the ParanormalIrwin, Harvey J; Dagnall, Neil; Drinkwater, Kenneth4-Jan-2017
312016Effects of Signaling on Temporal Control of Behavior in Response-Initiated Fixed IntervalsFox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2017
322006Effects of Self-Instructions on Sport PerformanceMalouff, John Michael ; Murphy, Colleen Eliza20-Nov-2009
332015Commentary "A Crisis in Comparative Psychology: Where have all the Undergraduates Gone?" Collaborating with Behavior Analysts Could Avert a Crisis in Comparative PsychologyKyonka, Elizabeth ; Subramaniam, Shrinidhi; Bell-Garrison, Daniel; Eckard, Matthew L17-Feb-2017
342017Categorical Discrimination of Sequential Stimuli: All SΔ Are Not Created EqualKyonka, Elizabeth ; Rice, Nathaniel; Ward, Alexander A17-Feb-2017
352015Biasing Temporal Judgments in Rats, Pigeons, and HumansDaniels, Carter W; Fox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth ; Sanabria, Federico17-Feb-2017
362016What is timed in a fixed-interval temporal bisection procedure?Fox, Adam E; Prue, Katelyn E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2017
372011A Comparison of Internet-Based Participant Recruitment Methods: Engaging the Hidden Population of Cannabis Users in ResearchTemple, Elizabeth ; Brown, Rhonda F24-Mar-2017
382014Imagery Cultivation and Extra-Sensory PerceptionStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 25-May-2015
392014In Search of Psi: Destination Unknown or Destination Nowhere?Rock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015
401996A Sociology of Sex and SexualityHawkes, Gail 27-Jul-2010
412015Less is not always more: The case of the 36-item short form of the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryMcKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; Perry, John L; Cole, Jon C; Mello, Zena R24-Mar-2017
422014A critical examination of the reliability and validity of the SZTPI-15 in British, American and Australian samplesMcKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; Perry, John; Cole, Jon C24-Mar-2017
432005Differing Roles Of Imagination And Hypnosis In Self-Regulation Of Eating BehaviourHutchinson-Phillips, Susan; Jamieson, Graham ; Gow, Kathryn3-Dec-2009
442018Tit for tat: burnout as a mediator between workplace incivility and instigated workplace incivilityLoh, Jennifer; Loi, Natasha 30-May-2018
452014Walking the Fine Line Between Fieldwork Success and Failure: Advice for New EthnographersGill, Peter Richard; Temple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
462015Assessing stability of body weight in the brushtail possum ('Trichosurus vulpecula')Cameron, Kristie E; Bizo, Lewis ; Starkey, Nicola J25-May-2015
472015Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums Under Blinded Conditions II: Replication and ExtensionBeischel, Julie; Boccuzzi, Mark; Biuso, Michael; Rock, Adam John 2-Jun-2015
482014In Search of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis, and SurvivalRock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015
492007A Conceptual Framework for Human Decision Making within Agent Based ModelsMiron, David John 11-Jan-2012
502013Food Preferences of the Brushtail Possum ('Trichosurus vulpecula')Cameron, Kristie E; Bizo, Lewis ; Starkey, Nicola J4-Apr-2017
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