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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014The Biological Implications of the Transition to Agriculture in Ukraine: A Study of Enamel HypoplasiasKarsten, Jordan K; Ledogar, Sarah ; Madden, Gwyn D; Sokhatskyi, Mykhailo P9-May-2017
22015Dental Health and the Transition to Agriculture in Prehistoric Ukraine: A Study of Dental CariesKarsten, Jordan K; Ledogar, Sarah ; Madden, Gwyn D; Sokhatskyi, Mykhailo P9-May-2017
32015Antifragility, Stable Adaptation and Future-Proofing: Redefining the Spirit and Purpose of Regional Development Strategy in Australia's Peripheral RegionsSorensen, Anthony 6-Nov-2015
42011Etnometodologia sotto le cancellatureLivingston, Eric 7-Feb-2012
52015Australasian Rural Geographies: At the Core, in the Antipodes?Argent, Neil 6-Nov-2015
611-Feb-2019Greening the Wharfies: organisational learning for sustainability at Sydney Theatre CompanyDalton, Valerie Anne; Cooksey, Ray W ; Hunter, James 10-Oct-2019
72008Contemporary Indicators of Political (Dis)engagement in AustraliaBattin, Timothy 2-Dec-2009
82009Australian Rural Development: multiple problems, bespoke solutions, the abdication of central governments and the ghost of Friedrich NietzscheSorensen, Anthony 27-Jul-2010
92005Professionals becoming researchers: Collective engagement and difficulties of transformationBird, Lise; Duncan, Duane ; Cornforth, Sue; Roberson, Shirley3-Nov-2015
102014The incidence and position of melanocytic nevi for the purposes of forensic image comparisonBlack, Sue; MacDonald-McMillan, Briony; Mallett, Xanthe ; Rynn, C; Jackson, G14-May-2014
112014The incidence of scarring on the dorsum of the handBlack, Sue; MacDonald-McMillan, Briony; Mallett, Xanthe 14-May-2014
122014Conflict, Combatants, and Cash: Economic Reintegration and Livelihoods of Ex-combatants in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 2-May-2014
132017Grounding the finacialization of farmland: perspectives on financial actors as new land owners in rural AustraliaSippel, Sarah Ruth; Larder, Nicolette ; Lawrence, Geoffery11-May-2017
142015Neoliberalism by Stealth: Exposing the flaw of neoliberal understandings of 'freedom'Thompson, Lester j; Coghlan, Jo 11-May-2017
151995Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue presented to William Fielding Fearn-Wannan (b. 1915) for his 80th yearRyan, John S 4-Mar-2013
162011Theorising Progressive Change Among MenBloodwood, David; Scott, John ; Thiele, Steven J; Carrington, Kerry 13-Jan-2012
172015The fall and rise of agricultural productivism? An Antipodean viewpointRoche, Michael; Argent, Neil 9-Oct-2015
182014The Last Seventeen Years: a personal perspective on the Commission's work and its achievementsSorensen, Anthony 4-Nov-2015
192015Landscapes of Research: Perceptions of Open Access (OA) Publishing in the Arts and HumanitiesGross, Julia; Ryan, John C 15-May-2017
202015Globalization, Neoliberal Reforms and Inequality: A Review of Conceptual Tools, Competing Discourses, Responses, and AlternativesGamage, Sirisena 17-Nov-2015
211994Review of Fraser, Hilary, 'The Victorians and Renaissance Italy', Oxford and Cambridge Mass., 1992: cloth; pp. xii, 308; 25 plates; R.R.P. AUS$69.95 [distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin].Ryan, John S 27-Nov-2015
222012Thinking Space: Ten Truths about Australia's Rush to Mine and the Mining WorkforceMcIntosh, Alison F9-Apr-2013
231996Review of Geary, Patrick J., 'Living with the dead in the Middle Ages', Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 1994: cloth and paper; pp. viii, 273; R.R.P. US$46.75 (cloth). $17.55 (paper)Ryan, John S 27-Nov-2015
242012Note from the Editors: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies - Volume 18, Number 3, 2012Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 9-Apr-2013
252012Australasian Journal of Regional Studies: Volume 18, Number 2, 2012Glavac, Sonya ; Sorensen, Anthony 9-Apr-2013
262011Australasian Journal of Regional Studies: Volume 17, Number 3, 2011Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 9-Apr-2013
272016Review of 'How Propaganda Works' by Jason Stanley: Princeton University Press (Footprint), $56.95 hb, 373 pp, 9780691164427Walsh, Adrian J 16-May-2017
282019Stranger adaptations: public/private interfaces, adaptations, and ethnic diversity in Bankstown, SydneyAlian, Sanaz ; Wood, Stephen 2-May-2019
292002Improving doctors lettersTattersall, Martin; Butow, Phyllis; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Thompson, John17-Dec-2009
302012Rethinking shiftwork: mid-life nurses making it work!West, Sandra; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Ahern, Maureen; Rudge, Trudy8-Apr-2013
312012Australasian Journal of Regional Studies: Volume 18, Number 3, 2012Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 9-Apr-2013
322011Note from the Editors: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies - Volume 17, Number 2, 2011Sorensen, Anthony ; Glavac, Sonya 11-Apr-2013
332015The Thin Black Line: Living Apartheid on Groote EylandtBrasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
342011What's New about Rural Governance? Australian perspectives and introduction to the special issueArgent, Neil 23-Apr-2012
352012Development Theory and the Constitution of Market Society: A Polanyian ViewScott, Alan 3-May-2012
362010Order with and without the lawBarclay, Elaine ; Bartel, Robyn 18-Jun-2013
372004Caveat Emptor: European governments should resist the Howard government's efforts to sell the 'Pacific Solution'Metcalfe, Susan10-Jul-2009
382003The Origin of Modern Human Behavior: Critique of the Models and Their Test Implications by Christopher S. Henshilwood and Curtis W. MareanDavidson, Iain 14-Jul-2009
392010Influence of sensation-seeking and impulsivity on drug use among youths in IbadanAguiyi, Anastasia O; Taiwo, Kayode O; Osinowo, Helen O; Ineme, Mfon E; Iboro, F A Ottu; Akinlabi, Olugbenga M 18-Apr-2019
402004Stephanie Lawson, 'A Short Introduction to International Relations': (Cambridge: Polity, 2003), vi, 160pp., $US19.95, ISBN 0745629601Von Strokirch, Karin Helena 16-Jul-2009
412011Is this the face of Jack the Ripper?Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
422014The War and Its Aftermath: Social (Dis)integration, Traditional Justice and the Quest for Social Healing and Community Transformation in Northern LiberiaLahai, John Idriss 23-Jun-2017
432018Dull compulsion or perceived legitimacy? Assessing why people comply with the law in NigeriaAkinlabi, Oluwagbenga Michael ; Murphy, Kristina12-Apr-2019
442016Gay and bisexual men's interest in marriage: an Australian perspectivePhilpot, Steven P; Ellard, Jeanne; Duncan, Duane ; Dowsett, Gary W; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Down, Ian; Keen, Phillip; Hammoud, Mohamed A; Prestage, Garrett17-Aug-2017
452003The Domain-Specificity of ReasonLivingston, Eric 15-Feb-2010
462015Understanding Historical and Contemporary Labor Migration Patterns and Processes in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 25-May-2016
472010Female perceptions of health hazards associated with indoor air pollution in BangladeshBanik, Bijoy5-May-2011
482002Psychological impact of genetic testing in women from high-risk breast cancer familiesMeiser, B; Butow, P; Friedlander, M; Barrett, A; Schnieden, V; Watson, M; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Tucker, K12-Feb-2010
492016A decolonial critique of diaspora identity theories and the notion of superdiversityNdhlovu, Finex 24-May-2016
502009Putting social capital in context: A critical examination of social capital and the sustainability of Australian rural communitiesArgent, Neil 1-Jun-2012
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