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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Argentina, Educación Física y la producción de conocimiento: el caso de EFDeportesVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
22015All kinds of leadersMcCrea, Nadine L 9-Dec-2015
32019Recent Trends in East and West University Governance: Two Kinds of HollownessDonleavy, Gabriel ; Chen, Kuan-Cheng11-Oct-2019
42015Divestment as a powerful tacticBranagan, Marty 8-Dec-2015
52011How Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Participate in Higher Education with TechnologyPerkins, Ren Alexander; Willems, Julie 6-Mar-2012
62017Observing and assessing young children's digital play in the early years: Using the Digital Play FrameworkEdwards, Susan; Bird, Jo 21-Jun-2017
72016Cultural ecology and isomorphism applied to educational planning in China's Inner Mongolia: A new rubricDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 22-Feb-2016
82016Understanding Chinese Families' Cultural Identities and Their Children's Mathematics Learning through a Narrative ApproachMok, Angel 3-Jul-2017
92016Body fat, pre-service Health and Physical Education teachers and moral connotationsVarea, Valeria 7-Apr-2016
102016Composing Informative Multimodal TextsChan, Eveline 27-Apr-2016
112007The Role of the African Languages Research Institute in Addressing Language of Instruction Dilemmas in ZimbabweMasuku, Jesta; Ndhlovu, Finex 22-Jul-2013
122010Bridging the Gap between Ideas and Doing Research: Proceedings of the 4th Annual Postgraduate Research ConferenceHays, Terrence N16-Aug-2013
132011Social Inclusion and the Early Years Learning Framework: A way of workingSims, Margaret 8-Jun-2012
142019Cognitive Load on Learning One-Step Equations: A Cross-Cultural Study Between Australia and MalaysiaNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P ; Sigauke, Aaron T ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Usop, Hasbee17-Jan-2020
152009Bridging the Gap between Ideas and Doing Research: Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Postgraduate Research ConferenceHays, Terrence N; Hussain, Rafat 19-Aug-2013
162010Lessons from international development for Aboriginal Australian poverty reductionGallagher, Ellen ; Spence, Rebecca ; Boughton, Robert G10-Jan-2011
172016Preservice Generalist Teachers Enlightened Approach to Teaching Physical Education Through Teacher BiographyHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A ; Varea, Valeria 7-Apr-2016
182017Reconceptualising Relational Aggression as Strategic Communication: Girls, Goals, and Their Peer GroupsPage, Angela ; Charteris, Jennifer 26-Sep-2017
192016Helping students interpret large-scale data tablesProdromou, Theodosia 4-Jul-2016
2018-Sep-2013Using the TPACK framework to unite disciplines in online learningAnderson, Alan ; Barham, Nicholas; Northcote, Maria16-Apr-2020
212013Fundamental Movement Skill Interventions in Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisMorgan, Philip J; Barnett, Lisa M; Cliff, Dylan P; Okely, Anthony D; Scott, Hayley A; Cohen, Kristen ; Lubans, David R19-Sep-2017
222014Fundamental movement skills and physical activity among children living in low-income communities: a cross-sectional studyCohen, Kristen ; Morgan, Philip J; Plotnikoff, Ronald C; Callister, Robin; Lubans, David R25-Sep-2017
232010Review of 'Shaping sexual knowledge: a cultural history of sex education in twentieth century Europe', edited by Lutz D. H. Sauerteig and Roger Davidson, London and New York, Routledge, 2009, 276 pp., £80.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-415-41114-1Jones, Tiffany 25-Jun-2012
242016Rationale and study protocol for the 'eCoFit' randomized controlled trial: Integrating smartphone technology, social support and the outdoor physical environment to improve health-related fitness among adults at risk of, or diagnosed with, Type 2 DiabetesWilczynska, Magdalena; Lubans, David R; Cohen, Kristen ; Smith, Jordan J; Robards, Sara L; Plotnikoff, Ronald C28-Sep-2017
252017Psychological, social and physical environmental mediators of the SCORES intervention on physical activity among children living in low-income communitiesCohen, Kristen ; Morgan, Philip J; Plotnikoff, Ronald C; Hulteen, Ryan M; Lubans, David R28-Sep-2017
262016Video-based assessment in computer science distance educationGromik, Nicolas ; Kwan, Paul H 7-Jul-2016
272015Physical Activity and Skills Intervention: SCORES Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialCohen, Kristen ; Morgan, Philip J; Plotnikoff, Ronald C; Callister, Robin; Lubans, David R3-Oct-2017
282015Improvements in fundamental movement skill competency mediate the effect of the SCORES intervention on physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in childrenCohen, Kristen ; Morgan, Philip J; Plotnikoff, Ronald C; Barnett, Lisa M; Lubans, David R3-Oct-2017
292016Effects of a 'school-based' physical activity intervention on adiposity in adolescents from economically disadvantaged communities: secondary outcomes of the 'Physical Activity 4 Everyone' RCTHollis, Jenna L; Sutherland, Rachel; Cohen, Kristen ; Oldmeadow, Christopher; Gillham, Karen; Wiggers, John; Campbell, Elizabeth; Morgan, Philip J; Lubans, David R; Nathan, Nicole; Wolfenden, Luke; Okely, Anthony D; Davies, Lynda; Williams, Amanda4-Oct-2017
302019The alphabetic principle: an orientationFeez, Susan 27-Mar-2019
312017Migration, Heritage Languages and Changing Demographics in AustraliaNdhlovu, Finex ; Wiloughby, Louisa29-May-2017
322019Reading: an essential activity in our societyCox, Robyn; Feez, Susan ; Beveridge, Lorraine27-Mar-2019
334-Oct-2017The importance of various indicators of active learning on the enhancement of motivation, engagement, and English performance: A mixed-methods, longitudinal study in the Saudi contextAlrashidi, Oqab; Phan, Huy; Ngu, Bing11-Sep-2018
341999Our Earlier Outreach - Adult Education and the Arts in New EnglandRyan, John S 30-Jun-2014
352012Rhizomatics and The Arts: Challenging conceptions of rural teachingNoone, Genevieve 1-May-2013
362019Solving the Wicked Problems of the Anthropocene: Karl Marx's Paradigm and Australian Educational ResearchMcQueen, Kelvin 10-Feb-2019
37Dec-2018Teaching "Energy Transformation" through open inquiry: The case of the Rolling CylindersRizk, Nadya ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Taylor, Neil ; Sharma, Manjula10-Feb-2019
3823-Jan-2019Why are professional and ethical standards so important for universities?Page, James 3-Apr-2019
392016Teaching Undergraduate Chemistry by Distance and Online: Lessons from the Front LineLye, Peter ; Smith, Erica 23-Apr-2017
405-Feb-2018Teacher perceptions of curriculum change in the bilingual reform programs in government schools in the United Arab Emirates: An interpretative phenomenological analysisEl Gamal, Glenda; Morgan, Anne-Marie; Nye, Adele21-Jun-2018
412018Review of 'The history of education in Japan (1600-2000)', edited by Masashi Tsujimoto and Yoko Yamasaki, London and New York, Routledge, 2017, xiii + 176 pp. £110.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-13-818191-5, £39.00 (ebook), ISBN 978-1-315-64668-8Nishida, Yukiyo 24-Jul-2018
422018Responding to a Changing Higher Education Section: The Role of Professional and Support StaffBrown, Natalie; Bossu, Carina; Denman, Brian 8-Jun-2018
432018Mixed messages: pre-service Health and Physical Education teachers' understandings of health and the body and the expectations of the Australian curriculumVarea, Valeria 10-Jun-2018
442018On becoming a science teacherWhannell, Robert ; Hobbs, Linda15-Jun-2018
452017Teaching Secondary Science: Theory and PracticeWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert 15-Jun-2018
462014Literacy education: "About being in the world"Freebody, Peter; Barton, Georgina; Chan, Eveline 7-Apr-2014
472018Origami and Froebel Stars: Froebel's pedagogy in Japanese kindergartensNishida, Yukiyo 6-Jul-2018
482009Responding to Change in the Teaching of Literacies: Creating a 'Design for the Future'Croker, Beverley May 10-Jun-2010
492015Curriculum innovation in undergraduate accounting degree programmes through "virtual internships"Bayerlein, Leopold 2-Sep-2015
502012Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication to Promote Creative Engagement and Response amongst School StudentsAlter, Frances 7-Nov-2012
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