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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Governance at UNEMagner, Eilis3-Feb-2015
22016Percepciones sobre la grasa corporal en estudiantes de postgrado de Educacion FisicaVarea, Valeria 7-Sep-2016
32012Narrative Theory Versus Truth: A Poststructuralist Reading in Environmental EducationHardy, Joy 7-Aug-2012
42010El cuerpo en el juego: posibles diferencias entre el juego espontáneo y el juego de la clase de Educación FísicaVarea, Valeria 21-Jan-2015
52013Beyond bounds? The terrorist teachers of Lev VygotskyMcQueen, Kelvin 9-Dec-2013
62017Multimodal Representations in Senior Biology Assessments: A Case Study of NSW AustraliaVan Rooy, Wilhelmina Sabina; Chan, Eveline 28-Nov-2017
72014New challenges for literature study in primary school English: building teacher knowledge and know-how through systemic functional theoryMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Unsworth, Len 22-Jan-2015
82009Communities of Practice, Supporting Research Administration in Australia using web 2.0 technologiesLewis, Rod K; Pearson, Grahame B4-Nov-2009
92009Comparative and International Education Research in Australia and New ZealandDenman, Brian 21-Apr-2010
102015Conceptual frameworks in the doctoral research process: a pedagogical modelBerman, Jeanette ; Smyth, Robyn12-Jan-2018
112017Feasibility and efficacy of the Great Leaders Active StudentS (GLASS) program on children's physical activity and object control skill competency: A non-randomised trialNathan, Nicole; Sutherland, Rachel; Beauchamp, Mark R; Cohen, Kristen ; Hulteen, Ryan M; Babic, Mark; Wolfenden, Luke; Lubans, David R16-Jan-2018
122016The best lesson I ever taughtPage, James S 6-Oct-2016
132005Neural correlates of intelligence as revealed by fMRI of fluid analogiesGeake, John ; Hansen, Peter C19-Apr-2010
142016'Come, let us Live with our Children': Undōkai, the Children's Play Festival at a Froebelian Kindergarten in Japan, 1889 - 2015Nishida, Yukiyo ; Abe, Fusa13-Jan-2017
152016Developing a measure to understand young children's Internet cognition and cyber-safety awareness: a pilot testEdwards, Susan; Nolan, Andrea; Henderson, Michael; Skouteris, Helen; Mantilla, Ana; Lambert, Pamela; Bird, Jo 13-Jan-2017
162017Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear: Modal Hybridity and the Co-constructed BlogAdlington, Rachael 31-Mar-2018
172017Enhancement-Lesson-Reflection: A resource manual for science and mathematics learning and teachingWoolcott, Geoff; Scott, Amanda; Norton, Marion; Whannell, Robert ; Galligan, Linda; Marshman, Margaret; Pfeiffer, Linda; Wines, Chris20-Mar-2018
182011Evolving disciplinary knowledge and curriculum literacies: Translating new knowledge into the 'languages' of the biology classroomChan, Eveline 23-Oct-2012
192011Positioning Higher Education in the Imagined Histories, Geographies and Futures of a European Cross-Border RegionPasqualoni, Pier Paolo; Scott, Alan 13-Sep-2011
202017Special Issue: Current Research and Practice in Teaching Disciplinary LiteraciesZhang, Zuocheng ; Chan, Eveline 26-Feb-2018
212017Editorial: Current Research and Practice in Teaching Disciplinary LiteraciesZhang, Zuocheng ; Chan, Eveline 26-Feb-2018
222015Saving the World with Organic Agriculture: Grassroots Permaculture Education in Myanmar (Burma)Garnett, Johanna 17-Feb-2017
232010Transformations and transductions across modes of representation and communication in the new life sciencesChan, Eveline 23-Oct-2012
242018Australian enrolment trends in technology and engineering: putting the T and E back into school STEMKennedy, JohnPaul ; Quinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terry24-May-2018
252013Exploring the Origins and Consequences of Health and Physical Education Undergraduates' Body DispositionsVarea, Valeria 22-Mar-2017
262015Early Childhood Education in Australia: Maybanke's legacy in the 21st centuryFeez, Susan ; Sims, Margaret 2-Jun-2015
272011Evaluating the effects of team-skills training on subjective workloadPrichard, Jane S; Bizo, Lewis ; Stratford, R J4-Apr-2017
282017我在澳洲高中当老师Li, Shi 13-Jun-2018
292018Relational Aggression and the "Mean Boy": Re-gendering Concepts of Aggressive and Dangerous BehaviourPage, Angela ; Jones, Marguerite A; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 17-May-2018
302014Literacy education: "About being in the world"Freebody, Peter; Barton, Georgina; Chan, Eveline 7-Apr-2014
312018Responding to a Changing Higher Education Section: The Role of Professional and Support StaffBrown, Natalie; Bossu, Carina; Denman, Brian 8-Jun-2018
322018Using visual methodologies to understand pre-service Health and Physical Education teachers' subjectivities of bodiesVarea, Valeria ; Pang, Bonnie10-Jun-2018
332018Mixed messages: pre-service Health and Physical Education teachers' understandings of health and the body and the expectations of the Australian curriculumVarea, Valeria 10-Jun-2018
342018On becoming a science teacherWhannell, Robert ; Hobbs, Linda15-Jun-2018
352017Teaching Secondary Science: Theory and PracticeWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert 15-Jun-2018
362016Tracking the Origins of Physical Education in Argentina and AustraliaScharagrodsky, Pablo Ariel; Varea, Valeria 11-Feb-2017
372017Theory and practice in science educationWhannell, Robert ; Yeigh, Tony18-Apr-2018
382017Application of theory in science education classroomsYeigh, Tony; Whannell, Robert 19-Apr-2018
392018Open-ended science inquiry in lower secondary school: Are students' learning needs being met?Whannell, Robert ; Quinn, Frances ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Harris, Katherine; Cornish, Scott; Sharma, Manjula19-Apr-2018
402017Assessing science teaching and learning in the classroomTaylor, Neil ; Whannell, Robert 18-Apr-2018
412017Building identity and commitment to the teaching of scienceHobbs, Linda; Whannell, Robert 18-Apr-2018
422017Assessing science teaching and learningWhannell, Robert ; Taylor, Neil 18-Apr-2018
432012Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication to Promote Creative Engagement and Response amongst School StudentsAlter, Frances 7-Nov-2012
442007I Remember: An Exploration of how Memory is Portrayed in a Selection of Contemporary PicturebooksCroker, Beverley May 11-Jun-2010
452017World-Class or World-Ranked Universities? Performativity and Nobel Laureates in Peace and LiteratureDenman, Brian 10-May-2018
462015A nurses' guide to Qualitative ResearchIngham-Broomfield, Becky 14-May-2015
472017We can deliver pizzas, but, can and should VET 'deliver' education?Kigotho, Mutuota 11-Apr-2018
482012The dynamics of Chinese learning journeys: a longitudinal study of adult learners of Mandarin in AustraliaTasker, Isabel ; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Smyth, Robyn 10-Oct-2012
492009Responding to Change in the Teaching of Literacies: Creating a 'Design for the Future'Croker, Beverley May 10-Jun-2010
502010Responding to Change in the Teaching of School English: Creating a Design for the FutureCroker, Beverley May 10-Jun-2010
Results 1-50 of 104 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).


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