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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Adjusting age at first breeding of albatrosses and petrels for emigration and study durationDillingham, Peter ; Elliott, Graeme P; Walker, Kath J; Fletcher, David24-Dec-2013
22014Memories of the Botany Department, or Botanical Memories, 1978 to 1995Sheather, Warren3-Feb-2015
32015Genomic variation across landscapes: insights and applicationsBragg, Jason G; Supple, Megan A; Andrew, Rose ; Borevitz, Justin O19-Aug-2016
41997Residual effects of tillage and crop rotation on soil properties, soil invertebrate numbers and nutrient uptake in an irrigated Vertisol sown to cottonHulugalle, N R; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Entwistle, P6-Dec-2017
52013Point-diversity, a critical tool for assessing dynamics of guilds of scavenging ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): an example from a eucalypt woodlandHeatwole, Harold ; Tremont, Steve; Broese, Elizabeth10-Feb-2014
62011The Commodification of the Public Service of Water: A Normative PerspectiveWalsh, Adrian J 12-Feb-2014
72010The 'Jorani Project': Incorporating Principles of Sustainable Rural Development into the Education System of CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Matthews, Wendy; Bognar, Stephan D; Ourm, Narap; Keo, Kynal20-Oct-2011
82017Data on the fungal species consumed by mammal species in AustraliaNuske, S J; Vernes, Karl A ; May, T W; Claridge, A W; Congdon, B C; Krockenberger, A; Abell, S E20-Mar-2018
92013Spreading Profile and Nonlinear Stefan ProblemsDu, Yihong 30-Apr-2015
102009Imaging spectroscopy (hyperspectral remote sensing) in southern Africa: an overviewMutanga, O; van Aardt, J; Kumar, Lalit 25-May-2010
112009Palaeoclimate studies relevant to natural resource management in the Murray-Darling BasinGell, P; Gergis, J; Treble, P; Barr, C; Brookhouse, M; Drysdale, R; Haberle, S; Karoly, D; McDonald, J; Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin ; Tibby, J; Mills, K; Baker, P; De Deckker, P; Finlayson, M; Hesse, P; Jones, R; Kershaw, P; Pearson, S20-Oct-2011
122005Cellular automata and ecologyRohde, Klaus15-Sep-2011
132012Temporal activity patterns of the swamp rat ('Rattus lutreolus') and other rodents in north-eastern New South Wales, AustraliaMeek, Paul; Zewe, Frances; Falzon, Gregory 25-Sep-2012
142013Inferring biological evolution from fracture patterns in teethLawn, Brian R; Bush, Mark B; Barani, Amir; Constantino, Paul J; Wroe, Stephen 28-Mar-2014
152014Wildlife camera trapping in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan with recommendations for the futureSangay, Tiger; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl A 1-May-2015
162006NIR and SWIR Reflectance Characteristics of Dry Plant Materials of some 'Eucalyptus' speciesKumar, Lalit ; Skidmore, Andrew K26-May-2010
172015Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices - A Study of Construct Development and Scale CreationAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 25-May-2015
182017The importance of cancer cells for animal evolutionary ecologyThomas, Frederic; Jacqueline, Camille; Beckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A; Hamede, Rodrigo K; Ujvari, Beata; Tissot, Tazzio; Henard, Morgane; Blanchet, Simon; Loot, Geraldine; Dawson, Erika; Mery, Frederic; Renaud, Francois; Montagne, Jacques22-May-2018
192011Fish Assemblage Patterns Across a Gradient of Flow Regulation in an Australian Dryland River SystemBalcombe, S R; Arthington, A H; Thoms, Martin ; Wilson, G G24-Mar-2017
202018The Scientist's Guide to Writing: Stephen B. Heard. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2016. ix + 306 pp. Price AU$44.99 (paperback, also in hardback and as an Ebook). ISBN 978-0-691-17022-0Saunders, Manu 22-May-2018
212016Changes in the trophic status of fish feeding guilds in response to flow modificationDelong, M D; Thoms, Martin 14-Mar-2017
222017Asymptotic Profile of the Solution to a Free Boundary Problem Arising in a Shifting Climate ModelLei, Chengxia; Du, Yihong 21-Mar-2017
232013Geomorphology within the interdisciplinary science of environmental flowsMeitzen, Kimberly M; Doyle, Martin W; Thoms, Martin ; Burns, Catherine E31-Mar-2017
242016A Watershed Integrity Definition and Assessment Approach to Support Strategic Management of WatershedsFlotemersch, J E; Leibowitz, S G; Hill, R A; Stoddard, J L; Thoms, Martin ; Tharme, R E31-Mar-2017
252005Nonequilibrium EcologyRohde, Klaus12-Jan-2012
262016An introduction to river science: research and applicationsThoms, Martin ; Gilvear, David J; Greenwood, Malcolm T; Wood, Paul J4-Apr-2017
272017Impacts of human-related practices on 'Ommatissus lybicus' infestations of date palm in Omanal Kindi, Khalifa; Kwan, Paul H ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Welch, Mitchell 29-Mar-2017
282017Trophic cascades and dingoes in Australia: Does the Yellowstone wolf–elk–willow model apply?Morgan, Helen ; Hunter, John T ; Ballard, Guy ; Reid, Nick ; Fleming, Peter 1-Jun-2018
292016Measuring spatial patterns in floodplains: A step towards understanding the complexity of floodplain ecosystemsScown, Murray; Thoms, Martin ; De Jager, Nathan R4-Apr-2017
302015The modification of riverine landscapesDelong, Michael D; Hein, Thomas; Thoms, Martin 4-Apr-2017
312012Use of ionic liquids in converting lignocellulosic material to biofuelsVancov, Tony ; Alston, Amy-Sue; Brown, Trevor C ; McIntosh, Shane18-Feb-2013
322016Conclusion: The discipline of river scienceGilvear, David J; Greenwood, Malcolm T; Thoms, Martin ; Wood, Paul J11-Apr-2017
332013GeomorphologyNunn, Patrick 25-Mar-2014
343-Oct-2017Laying hens exposed to Ascaridia galli contaminated areas: impact on performance and egg qualitySharma, Nisha; Ruhnke, Isabelle 18-Apr-2018
352016Limitations of the ecosystem services versus disservices dichotomySaunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary W19-Apr-2018
362018Land Use Change Impacts on Soil Process: Tropical and Savannah Ecosystems Francis Q.Brearley and Andrew D.Thomas, eds. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK, 2015. xiv + 190 pp. Price AUD $75.00. ISBN 978 1 78064 210 9 (hardback)Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa 11-May-2018
371999Ants as bioindicators of soil function in rural environmentsLobry De Bruyn, Lisa 3-Apr-2018
382008How to measure ecological host specificityRohde, Klaus; Rohde, PP15-Sep-2011
392018Performance, egg quality and liver lipid reserves of free-range laying hens naturally infected with Ascaridia galliSharma, Nisha; Hunt, Peter; Hine, Brad C; Sharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Chung, Agnes; Swick, Robert A ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-May-2018
402013Automated riverine landscape characterization: GIS-based tools for watershed-scale research, assessment, and managementWilliams, Bradley S; D'Amico, Ellen; Kastens, Jude H; Thorp, James H; Flotemersch, Joseph E; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
412015Integrative learning for practicing adaptive resource managementMcLoughlin, Craig A; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
422016Characterising riverine landscapes; history, application and future challengesMilner, Victoria S; Gilvear, David J; Thoms, Martin 15-Apr-2017
432008Spot The Pineapple: Mapping Land Use Using an Object-Based Classification TechniqueGrounds, S F; Denham, R J; Kumar, Lalit 20-Sep-2010
442016An ecosystem framework for river science and managementDelong, Michael D; Thoms, Martin 18-Apr-2017
452013Effects of discharge regulation on slackwater characteristics at multiple scales in a lowland riverPrice, Amina E; Humphries, Paul; Gawne, Ben; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
462005Simulation of geographical trends in the Chowdhury ecosystem modelRohde, Klaus; Stauffer, D15-Sep-2011
472014Torpor and thermal energetics in Australian arid zone batsBondarenco, Artiom; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 24-Apr-2015
482005The Reductase of 'p'-Hydroxyphenylacetate 3-Hydroxylase from 'Acinetobacter baumannii' Requires 'p'-Hydroxyphenylacetate for Effective CatalysisSucharitakul, Jeerus; Chaiyen, Pimchai; Entsch, Barrie; Ballou, David P7-Mar-2014
492018The new ecological paradigm and responses to climate change in ChinaXue, Sherry ; Marks, Anthony ; Hine, Don W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Zhao, Shouying15-Mar-2018
501967Austral English and the Native Languages Problems Confronting the Modern ResearcherRyan, John S 13-Aug-2015
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