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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Review of 'Citation and Authority in Medieval and Renaissance Culture: Learning from the Learned': Edited by Suzannah Clark and Elizabeth Eva Leach, Boydell Press, 2005Stoessel, Jason 12-Apr-2010
22013Sincerely YoursWojak, Ana; Klein, Eve4-Feb-2015
32005Review of Leach, Elizabeth Eva, ed.,'Machaut's Music: New Interpretations': Series: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music, vol. 1 Woodbridge: Boydell, 2003 Pp. xviii, 296 $120.00 (hb) 1843830167Stoessel, Jason 8-Apr-2010
42016The Role Repertoire Choice Has in Shaping the Identity and Functionality of a Chamber Music EnsembleBlackburn, Alana 27-Nov-2017
52006Franz Liszt and the development of 19th-century pianism: a re-reading of the evidenceDavison, Alan 27-Jul-2011
62008Review of 'Sung Birds: Music, Poetry, and Nature in the Later Middle Ages' by Elizabeth Eva Leach: Ithaca: Cornel University Press, 2007. [xiii, 345 p. ISBN-10 0801444908; ISBN-13 9780801444913. $55.] Illustrations, music examples, bibliographical references, index, appendices.Stoessel, Jason 8-Apr-2010
72000Institutional Music Education: Northern AreaAlter, Andrew Burton27-Oct-2009
82011Only the Voice was Visible: Trio for Flute, Violin and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
92012The Changing Sea: for Piano SoloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
102009Ayoub wa Naasa (Job and Naasa): Suite for Clarinet in Bb, French Horn, Violin, Piano and PercussionGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
112008Fragmentary RagsGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
122009As Like the Moon: for Flute, Violin, Vibraphone and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
132009Blue Gazelles: for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet in B♭, Violin and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
142008White Butterflies with RainbowGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
15Jun-2005Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 19-Apr-2010
162011Birds on the Water: for solo clarinetGhandar, Ann 11-Feb-2015
172013Music, Modernity and Locality in Prewar Japan: Osaka and Beyondde Ferranti, Hugh ; Tokita, Alison18-Feb-2015
18May-2004Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
192006Arnold Schoenberg and the Intertextuality of Composing and PerformanceShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
202006The Republic of the Mind: Politics, the Arts and Ideas in Schoenberg's Post-War ProjectsShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
212003Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
222003Modernism, 'The Canon' and Schoenberg Reception in AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
232007Musical life in regional cities of the 1920s and '30s: a preliminary consideration of Kawagoede Ferranti, Hugh 4-Nov-2009
242011Flowing Water and Birds: for Violin, Cello and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
252013Coloured Lights with Cloud: for piano soloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
262003At the Crossroads: Schönberg's Wartime Compositions and His Crisis of Faith, 1914-1918Shaw, Jennifer 19-Apr-2010
271997Lore and Language Special Issue - Folklore Studies: Past, Present - and Future? Papers from the International Conference 'Folklore 150', celebrating 150 years of Folklore Studies, hosted by the Institute for Folklore Studies in Britain and Canada, Sheffield, July 24th-26th, 1996Ryan, John S 27-Aug-2012
282013Orchid Tree: for piano soloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
292011Reading the Past Through Colonial Piano Music of New South WalesWhiteley, Christina Jennifer; Alter, Andrew; Stoessel, Jason 5-Aug-2011
302016Review of 'Music and Riddle Culture in the Renaissance'. By Katelijne Schiltz: pp. xxx + 513. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, 2015. 84.99 ($135). ISBN 978-1-107-44284-9.Stoessel, Jason 5-Oct-2016
311977Ferdinand Ries: A Thematic CatalogueHill, Cecil15-Aug-2011
32-Ferdinand Ries: A Study and AddendaHill, Cecil15-Aug-2011
332013Approaching Musical Prints: The Aura Of Printed Portraits In The Age Of Mechanical ReproductionDavison, Alan 17-Feb-2014
342014Liszt among the Degenerates: On the Vagaries of being a Musical Genius, c. 1890- c. 1935Davison, Alan 6-Mar-2015
352006Belgische und niederländische Chormusik des 20. JahrhundertsKnijff, Jan-Piet16-Oct-2012
362014Arms, A Saint and 'Inperial sedendo fra più stelle': The Illuminator of Mod AStoessel, Jason 12-Mar-2014
372007Six motets religieux, C 58-63: pour 2 voix de femmes (choeur ou solo) et basso continueKnijff, Jan-Piet16-Oct-2012
382012Revisiting 'Aÿ, mare, amice mi care': insights into late medieval music notationStoessel, Jason 22-Jan-2013
392018Voice and song in early encounters between Latins, Mongols, and Persians, c1250--ca1350Stoessel, Jason 18-May-2018
402016De invloed van de dood op de muziek van de 14de eeuwStoessel, Jason 10-Mar-2017
412014Is classical music 'boring'?: A discussion of fidelity, virtuosity and performance in classical music recordingKlein, Eve25-May-2015
422012Portraits of Dussek from London and ParisDavison, Alan 1-Feb-2013
432015Performing Nostalgia On Record: How Virtual Orchestras And YouTube Ensembles Have Problematised Classical MusicKlein, Eve26-May-2015
442016Collecting Musical Prints in Late Eighteenth-Century England: Taste, Self-Improvement and John Bland's "Portrait Series"Davison, Alan 7-Apr-2017
452016Introduction: The Complete Extant Transmissions of the MassesStoessel, Jason 10-Apr-2017
462012Turing and the Innovative use of Reverb in the film score of 'Blade Runner'Game-Lopata, Jennifer 19-Feb-2013
472014Representing Music-MakingDavison, Alan 25-Mar-2014
482003Words Written in Water: The Language of Music CompositionGhandar, Anne 2-Jun-2010
492015Do Not Panic: Hawkwind, the Cold War and "the imagination of disaster"Ihde, Erin 14-May-2015
502005Do You Speak Music?Ghandar, Ann 13-May-2010
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