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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Trespass to landLunney, Mark 19-Dec-2017
22015Intentional interference with the personLunney, Mark 19-Dec-2017
32013Deep Pockets, Packets, and HarborsMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 23-Dec-2013
42016Harnessing exception: Mobilities, credibility, and the casinoZhang, Juan ; Yeoh, Brenda S A1-Sep-2016
52014Francis Palgrave and the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Racial Distribution in Britain: Nineteenth-Century Thought and (recent) DNA Evidence and it's SignificanceStuckey, Michael 4-Feb-2015
62011The best planning system in Australia or a system in need of review? An analysis of the New South Wales planning systemMcFarland, Paul 3-Aug-2011
72013The Tangled Web We Weave: Complexity in the Australian Consumer LawLunney, Mark 13-Dec-2013
82013Tort Law: Text and MaterialsLunney, Mark ; Oliphant, Ken12-Dec-2013
92013Case III: Bridge CollapseLunney, Mark 13-Dec-2013
102009Personal Injury Damages for Non-Pecuniary Loss in Australia: A Recipe with Too Many Ingredients?Lunney, Mark 12-Dec-2013
112013England's Obedient Servant? The hidden dynamism in the development of Australian tort law 1901-1945Lunney, Mark 13-Dec-2013
122013Representations of Science and Natural Theology in Palgrave's Legal and Institutional Historical ProjectsStuckey, Michael 13-Dec-2013
132012Early Modern English Humanism and Antiquarianism: The Prosopographical Method and Reflections on Historico-Legal TraditionStuckey, Michael 13-Dec-2013
142009The New Frontier: Country Brands and their Legal Status under Australian Trade Mark LawForrest, Heather7-Apr-2010
152016Organising a Specialist ConferenceLivings, Ben8-Sep-2016
162003The Art(s) of Non-violent ActivismBranagan, Marty 17-Aug-2011
172009Contingency and the Common Law: 'Hargrave v Goldman' at First InstanceLunney, Mark 18-Aug-2011
182011Piracy and the use of Force in AustraliaMoore, Cameron 1-Sep-2011
192008Bolton v Stone (1951)Lunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
202013On Dynamic & Subjective Trust for Privacy Policy Enforcement in Cloud ComputingRamachandran, Karthick; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Perry, Mark 30-Jan-2014
212010Online Trust: Definition and PrinciplesAljazzaf, Z M; Perry, Mark ; Capretz, M A M31-Jan-2014
222013Re-thinking the role of the law in intractable land use conflictKennedy, Amanda L 31-Jan-2014
232013Review of Terry Eagleton 2011, 'Why Marx Was Right', Yale University Press, New Haven and London, ISBN 978030018153-1Archer, Jeffrey R31-Jan-2014
242010Interpreting Network Discrimination in the CRTC and FCCPerry, Mark ; Margoni, Thomas31-Jan-2014
252014EditorialLivings, Ben; Wake, Nicola5-Oct-2016
262013Mainline Calvinists, Pamphlets and Democracy in Revolutionary Britain 1641-1646Maddox, W G; Moore, Tod11-Feb-2015
272012Ownership in Complex Authorship: A Comparative Study of Joint Works in Copyright LawMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 31-Jan-2014
282013Preparing law graduates for rural and regional practice: A new curriculum-based approachKennedy, Amanda L ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Coverdale, R; Hart, C; Mortensen, R; Macken, C; Mundy, T; Nielsen, J31-Jan-2014
292011Water Management in Rural Australia: The Human Rights DimensionMartin, Paul ; Kennedy, Amanda L 31-Jan-2014
302005[Abschnitt 1 - Personen]: Untertitel 3 - Juristische Personen des √∂ffentlichen Rechts: 89 Haftung fur Organe: InsolvenzBrohmer, Jurgen 5-Sep-2011
312010Using Community-Based Social Marketing Techniques to Enhance Environmental RegulationKennedy, Amanda L 29-Apr-2010
322006Advocate's Immunity: What Makes Lawyers So Special?Werren, Julia C ; Kennedy, Amanda L 5-Sep-2011
332007Agent Design of SmArt License Management System Using Gaia MethodologyZhao, Qian; Zhou, Yu; Perry, Mark 7-Feb-2018
342008Assignment of Business Goodwill without the Business Name: A Franchise in DisguiseForrest, Heather20-Oct-2011
352008Intellectual PropertyCollins, Craig; Forrest, Heather19-Nov-2009
362009Counting the Casualties of Telecom: The Adoption of Part 6 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth)Lee, Karen 19-Nov-2009
372014Why do mental health courts work? A confluence of treatment, support & adroit judicial supervisionEdgely, Michelle 29-Apr-2015
382014Discontents and Resistance of 'Unverified' Ex-combatants and Challenges to their Rehabilitation in NepalSubedi, Dambaru Ballav 30-Apr-2015
392012Maintaining a Civic Nation: Social Cohesion in Timor-LesteTobias, Paddy25-Jan-2017
402006New England Youth Speeding Project: A pilot study of young drivers and risky driving: effective strategies for preventing speeding amongst young Australians aged 16-25 years in the New England RegionCarrington, Kerry ; Periera, Margaret; Reavell, Margaret 19-Nov-2009
412009Mutilation and Beautification: Legal Responses to Genital SurgeriesKennedy, Aileen 20-Nov-2009
422008Where's the Beef? Why Burger King Is Hungry Jack's in Australia and Other Complications in Building a Global Franchise BrandTerry, Andrew; Forrest, Heather20-Nov-2009
432015Global Warning Art ExhibitionBranagan, Marty19-Jan-2017
442015Review of 'Free and Open Source Software, Policy, Law and Practice', by Noam Shemtov (ed.) and Ian Walden (ed.), (Oxford University Press, 2014), ¬£95, ISBN: 9780199680498.Perry, Mark 4-May-2015
452017'Is Captain Scarlet really Donald Trump?'Simpson, Brian H 3-Apr-2018
462002Feminist Research in Crimino-legal Studies: Reflections on 'Absolute Rubbish'Carrington, Kerry 12-May-2010
472008The Use of Taxation Incentives to Create New Eco-Service MarketsWerren, Kip ; Martin, Paul 6-Mar-2014
482010Corporate Accounting Principles and the Courts: Contested Premises in Dividend PolicyWerren, Kip 6-Mar-2014
492012Sex, Bodily Harm and Consent: A Dworkinian ApproachMarinac, Anthony Schuyler; Ghosh, Eric ; Hogg, Russell10-Oct-2012
502002Der Grundrechtsschutz in Europa: Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium aus Anlass des 65. Geburtstages von Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Georg RessBrohmer, Jurgen 8-Nov-2012
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