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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Politics of Externalization in Reflexive Times: Reinventing Japanese Education Reform Discourses through "Finnish Success"Takayama, Keita 14-Aug-2012
22011The theory-practice gap and skill acquisition: An issue for nursing educationScully, Natashia29-Jul-2011
32011Technical and vocational education and training in peace education: Solomon IslandsMaebuta, Jack 2-Aug-2011
42007Opening Address to the VIth IOSTE Symposium for Central and Eastern European CountriesLyons, Terry 16-Aug-2012
52014Governance at UNEMagner, Eilis3-Feb-2015
62014Residence on Campus - the Grand Plan: The report to the Vice-Chancellor's College CommitteeGrey, Dennis R29-Jan-2015
72014My UNE association and its influenceHopper, Max29-Jan-2015
82014Early UNE: an era of education for life by elationJohnstone, Ian M29-Jan-2015
92016Coming to know about the body in Human Movement Studies programmesVarea, Valeria ; Tinning, Richard29-Aug-2016
102011OECD's PISA, Media Sensationalism, and Education Reform in JapanTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
112014A collegiate university in New England: An overviewJohnston, Geoffrey29-Jan-2015
122017The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science EducationChan, Chin Han; Fellows, Chris ; Hess, Michael; Hiorns, Roger C; Hoven, Voravee P; Russell, Gregory T; dos Santos, Claudio G; Sturcova, Adriana; Theato, Patrick5-Jan-2018
132016Percepciones sobre la grasa corporal en estudiantes de postgrado de Educacion FisicaVarea, Valeria 7-Sep-2016
142014UNE Sports Union/SportUNEHobbs, Jack29-Jan-2015
152014Wright College 1982 - 1986: Vicissitudes and college spiritHurst, Phil29-Jan-2015
162016Young Chinese Australians' subjectivities of 'health' and '(un)healthy bodies'Pang, Bonnie; Alfrey, Laura; Varea, Valeria 18-Aug-2016
172006Implications and ways forward for multigrade teachingNinnes, Peter Martin; Pridmore, P; Maxwell, Thomas William ; Meyers, C27-Oct-2009
182014Pleasure in the first degreeBaker, Robert 27-Jan-2015
192012National Testing in Japan and Australia: To Publish or Not to Publish Scores?Takayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
202012How Finnish, not East Asian Education Became a Global ReferenceTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
212011A grammatics 'good enough' for school English in the 21st century: Four challenges in realising the potentialMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Love, Kristina; Unsworth, Leonard 26-Jul-2011
222010El cuerpo en el juego: posibles diferencias entre el juego espontáneo y el juego de la clase de Educación FísicaVarea, Valeria 21-Jan-2015
232014Landscape and reminiscence: towards an emotional geography of the University of New EnglandCotter, Maria27-Jan-2015
242016The school science attitude survey: a new instrument for measuring attitudes towards school scienceKennedy, JohnPaul ; Quinn, Frances ; Taylor, Neil 19-Aug-2016
252012Omani pre-service science teachers' views about global warming: Beliefs about actions and willingness to actAmbusaidi, Abdullah; Boyes, Edward; Stanisstreet, Martin; Taylor, Neil 13-Aug-2012
262014Peace EducationPage, James S 9-Feb-2015
272010The Quest for Love and Identity in Marcus Clarke's 'His Natural Life'Gibson, Suzanne 22-Aug-2011
282017A study into the influence of head-teacher leadership on pedagogical practices within TAFE teaching units: A Multiple Case StudyNair, Geethani Pradeepa Antonette; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Heimans, Stephen ; Boughton, Robert 31-Jan-2018
292014Eikokushiki Kyoiku To Shoubatsu SeidoNishida, Yukiyo 23-Feb-2015
302006An elaboration of the design construct of phenomenalisationPratt, Dave; Jones, Ian; Prodromou, Theodosia 24-Aug-2011
312013A particular vision: Froebel in JapanNishida, Yukiyo 19-Feb-2015
322014"Come, let us live with our children!": The Kindergarten's arrival in JapanNishida, Yukiyo 20-Feb-2015
332013Gattsukoga Dekirukoto? Inkuru-Shibu, Kyosei, Chiikiyodo Womezau Education VillageNishida, Yukiyo 23-Feb-2015
342010Functional neural correlates of fluid and crystallized analogizingGeake, John ; Hansen, Peter C21-Apr-2010
352003Aboriginal Families and the School SystemSims, Margaret ; O'Connor, Moira; Forrest, Michelle2-Nov-2009
362006Teaching and Place - a Mutual RelationNoone, Genevieve 6-Sep-2011
372014Asymmetries in L2 functional morphology: The Korean learner of EnglishAustin, Gavin Wallace Keith; Thorsteinsson, Einar ; Goad, Heather23-Mar-2015
382008Health promoting schools: integrated practices to develop critical thinking and healthy lifestyles through farming, growing and healthy eatingLakin, Liz; Littledyke, Michael 6-Nov-2009
392011A Vision for Integrated Early Childhood Service DeliverySims, Margaret 6-Sep-2011
402011Indian Secondary Students' Views About Global Warming: Beliefs About the Usefulness of Actions and Willingness to ActChhokar, Kiran; Dua, Shweta; Taylor, Neil ; Boyes, Edward; Stanisstreet, Martin6-Sep-2011
412010Synthesis: Comparability, Convergence and Congruence?Vlaardingerbroek, Barend; Taylor, Neil 8-Sep-2011
422016'Come, let us Live with our Children': Undōkai, the Children's Play Festival at a Froebelian Kindergarten in Japan, 1889 - 2015Nishida, Yukiyo ; Abe, Fusa13-Jan-2017
432003Mission possible: A day of Science, Fun and CollaborationPanizzon, Debra Lee ; McLennan, G20-Nov-2009
442016Editorial Note: Provocations for the "next big thing" in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability (ECEfS)Elliott, Sue 24-Jan-2017
452011OERs: new media on the learning landscapeBossu, Carina ; Tynan, Belinda18-Oct-2011
462005The neurological basis of intelligence: Implications for education – An abstractGeake, John 25-May-2010
472013Principals' Expectations of Teachers to Implement Inclusive Activities and Teachers' Understanding of Those ExpectationsKuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Paterson, David L 13-Mar-2014
482009Engaging Uncertainty in Environmental Education: Postmodern/Poststructural PossibilitiesHardy, Joy 20-Nov-2009
492011Journal Rankings: positioning the field of educational research and educational academicsHardy, Ian; Heimans, Stephen ; Lingard, Bob3-Mar-2014
502007A Case Study of Online Support for Beginning Teachers: Mentoring model and micro processesMaxwell, Thomas William ; Smith, Howard John27-Sep-2011
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