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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Yours, Mine or Ours: What Counts as Innovation?Cooksey, Ray W 2-Aug-2011
22011Complex and Contradictory: The Doing of Gender on Regional Development BoardsSheridan, Alison J ; McKenzie, Fiona; Still, Leonie29-Jul-2011
32017Loyal Employees in Difficult Settings: The Compounding Effects of Inter-professional Dysfunction and Employee Loyalty on Job TensionRice, Bridget; Knox, Kathy; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Fieger, Peter ; Fitzgerald, Anneke21-Dec-2017
42011Gender and Managerial Level Differences in Perceptions of Effective LeadershipMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W ; Di Milia, Lee V; Walumbwa, Fred O3-Aug-2011
52009MOKKA: 20 Years of TraditionValenzuela, Fredy ; Nocetti, Victor6-Apr-2010
62017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin Craig; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison ; Conway, Mary-Louise 29-Nov-2017
72011New England Australia: What follows from regional status? A comparative, political economy approachGrant, Bligh ; Dollery, Brian E ; Hearfield, Colin 27-Jul-2011
82008The characteristics of financially distressed SMEs in Thailand and changes as a result of restructuring processTerdpaopong, Kanitorn7-Apr-2010
92006AgeingMinichiello, Victor ; Jamieson, Maggie8-Apr-2010
102016How to Outperform Emerging Market Indexes Using Passive IndexationAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 4-Oct-2016
112012Institutional Influences on Changing Gender Ratios on Corporate Boards: An Australian Case StudySheridan, Alison J ; Ross-Smith, Anne; Lord, Linley29-Aug-2012
122008Incorporating Heterogeneity into an Understanding of the Financial Structure of Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian 29-Aug-2012
132003Small Firms' Forecast RationalityGibson, Brian ; Cassar, Gavin29-Aug-2012
142007Making Investment Decisions in a Family-Oriented Business: Who is Right the Parents or the Children?Llanos, Orlando; Valenzuela, Fredy 29-Aug-2012
152005Using Metaphors in Career Theory: A Road Map for Career DevelopmentSmith-Ruig, Theresa 29-Aug-2012
162016Components of teamwork that influence the successful implementation of a total quality management program in a Saudi Arabian healthcare settingAlmagheeb, Ali Hayf H; Paliadelis, Penelope; Piper, Donella ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy 26-Oct-2016
172017Feedforward or Feedback – reframing positive performance managementRice, Bridget16-Jan-2018
182009Family Business Succession: Emphasis on the Family Not the BusinessVozikis, George S; Weaver, K Mark; Gibson, Brian 16-Apr-2010
192012Disclosure Quality, Corporate Governance and Earnings ManagementKatmon, Nooraisah; Farooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
202012Ownership, Governance and Agency Costs in New Zealand Listed CompaniesFarooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
212017The impact of employees' values on role engagementRice, Bridget; Fieger, Peter ; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Knox, Kathy19-Jan-2018
222005Explaining Gender Differences in Performance Among Small Business Owners in GhanaBoohene, Rosemond Aboagyewa; Kotey, Bernice Adei ; Folker, C22-Aug-2012
232011From the shadows into the light: Let's get real about outsourcingHunter, James D ; Hall, Allastair N 17-Aug-2011
242008Making sense of careers through the lens of a path metaphorSmith-Ruig, Theresa 29-Apr-2010
252007Are Serial Entrepreneurs Different?: An Examination of Australian MicrofirmsSchaper, Michael; Mankelow, Gary; Gibson, Brian 28-Apr-2010
262002Planning Behaviour Variables in Small FirmsGibson, Brian ; Cassar, Gavin28-Apr-2010
272004From What We Know to How We Use It: Five Principles for Turning Entrepreneurship Research into Practitioner Action GuidelinesHindle, Kevin; Anderson, Robert B; Gibson, Brian 29-Apr-2010
282007Forecast Rationality in Small FirmsGibson, Brian ; Cassar, Gavin26-May-2010
292008Fundamental Determinants, Opportunistic Behaviour and Signaling Mechanism: An Integration of Earnings Management PerspectivesSun, Lan ; Rath, Subhrendu25-May-2010
302008The Development of Earnings Management ResearchRath, Subhrendu; Sun, Lan 25-May-2010
312013The Endogeneity of Executive Compensation and its Impact on Management Discretionary Behavior over Financial ReportingSun, Lan ; Hovey, Martin 6-Mar-2014
322009Bank Fees and Small Firms: An Exploratory EvaluationGibson, Brian 14-May-2010
332002Clusters of Financial Structure in Australian Small FirmsGibson, Brian 2-Jun-2010
342012Ownership structure, corporate governance and firm performance: Evidence from an African emerging marketMollah, Sabur; Farooque, Omar ; Karim, Wares16-Oct-2012
352012Transformational and social processes of leadership as predictors of organisational outcomesMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W ; Walumbwa, Fred O16-Oct-2012
362014Exploring Environmental Disclosure in Selected Australian Multinationals under the GRI GuidelinesFarooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A ; Ahulu, Helena K30-Apr-2015
372012Older but no wiserWood, Fiona 13-Mar-2014
382004Quasi-debt and Quasi-equity in the Financial Statements of Small FirmsGibson, Brian ; McClellend, Phillip; Phillip, Gregory2-Jun-2010
392003Indigenous Economic Development: A Tale of Two WineriesAnderson, Robert B; Wingham, Dianne W; Giberson, Robert J; Gibson, Brian 2-Jun-2010
402012Financial distress, restructuring and turnaround: evidence from Thai SMEsTerdpaopong, Kanitsorn; Farooque, Omar 21-Jan-2013
412014Stakeholder perceptions of the "right" pathway for women to corporate board membershipLord, Linley; Ross-Smith, Anne; Marinelli, Melissa; Sheridan, Alison J 15-Mar-2017
422018One board for mission, another board for margin: Exploring two-tiered boards and links to not-for-profit organizational performanceLaverty, Martin; Sheridan, Alison J; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Hovey, Martin 25-May-2018
432005Corporate governance in Bangladesh: Evidence on the link between board ownership and financial performanceFarooque, Omar 4-Aug-2010
442007Legitimation and group conversational practices: implications for managing changeO'Neill, Alan; Jabri, Muayyad 4-Dec-2009
452011The Use and Disclosure of Intuition(s) by Leaders in Australian Organisations: A Grounded TheoryRobson, Martin John; Cooksey, Ray; Jabri, Muayyad ; Higgs, Joy16-Jan-2013
462005Goals, management practices, and performance of family SMEsKotey, Bernice Adei 1-Dec-2009
472006Non-monotonic Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Performance in Bangladesh under Mono-directional PerspectiveFarooque, Omar ; van Zijl, Tony; Dunstan, Keitha; Karim, AKM Waresul30-Jul-2010
482009Decision Maker Orientation, Environmental Uncertainty and the Governance Alliances of Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian ; Weaver, K Mark; Dickson, Pat H; Vozikis, George1-Jul-2010
492009The Capital Structure of Small and Medium Sized Firms in the Former East Germany (GDR) and West Germany (FDR)Yusuf, Aziz; Hutchinson, Patrick; Cooksey, Ray6-Jul-2010
502008Reconsidering the role of conversations in change communication: A contribution based on BakhtinJabri, Muayyad ; Adrian, Allyson; Boje, David8-Dec-2009
Results 1-50 of 158 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).


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