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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Judicial understandings of Aboriginality and language useEades, Diana 31-Mar-2016
22017Vietnamese terms of address: Pragmatic connotations, translation and ESL/EFL pedagogyTon, Nu Linh Thoai; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Ellis, Elizabeth M 20-Feb-2018
312-Nov-2014Origin of the world's oldest languagesIyengar, Arvind 15-Dec-2021
42013Cross-border Languages in Southern African Economic and Political IntegrationNdhlovu, Finex 8-Apr-2013
52014Review of 'Challenging the Monolingual Mindset: Reconsidering Australia's 'language potential''Morgan, Anne-Marie 17-Apr-2015
62020Prospects for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity to Enhance African Political GovernanceNdhlovu, Finex 14-Jan-2021
72020Why Ecology of Knowledges and Multilingual Habitus Matter in Higher Degree Research Student TrainingNdhlovu, Finex ; Kelly, Stephen John21-Dec-2020
8-Australia's Operation Sovereign Borders: Racial Ideologies, Metaphors and Language of LegitimationNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
9Mar-2021Reading Robert Mugabe through the Third Chimurenga: Language, Discourse, ExclusionNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
10Oct-2021A diachronic analysis of Sindhi multiscriptalityIyengar, Arvind 2-Dec-2021
112014EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 17-Apr-2015
122012Norfolk Island: history, people, environment, languageMühlhäusler, Peter; Nash, Joshua 15-Jan-2018
132016Is Swedish more beautiful than Danish? - A matched-guise investigationGooskens, Charlotte ; Hilton, Nanna H; Schuppert, Anja6-Feb-2017
142013Identity lies more in language than in genesvan Driem, George28-Jan-2015
152013Beyond neo-liberal instructional models: Why multilingual instruction matters for South African skills developmentNdhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
162018English in Southern AfricaNdhlovu, Finex ; Siziba, Liqhwa29-Jun-2018
172018Introduction: Linguistic and Cultural Imperialism, AlasKamusella, Tomasz; Ndhlovu, Finex 11-Jul-2018
18Nov-2018Comparing medieval and modern musical listening habitsStoessel, Jason ; Spreadborough, Kristal ; Anton-Mendez, Maria 29-Mar-2019
192017Towards openly multilingual policies and practices: assessing minority language maintenance across Europe (Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights)Iyengar, Arvind 10-Mar-2021
20Jul-2013Other Tongue: Heritage Language Shift among Young Sindhis in PuneIyengar, Arvind 17-Mar-2021
21Jul-2020Scripting change: The orthographic impact of intergenerational phonological change in Indian SindhiIyengar, Arvind 10-Mar-2021
222018Alyawarr Children's Use of Two Closely Related LanguagesDixon, Sally 9-Mar-2021
232017Language, Migration, Diaspora: Challenging the Big Battalions of GroupismNdhlovu, Finex 9-May-2017
243-Dec-2018Communicating the Right to Silence to Aboriginal Suspects: Lessons from Western Australia v GibsonEades, Diana 20-Apr-2022
252018Mutual intelligibility between closely related language in EuropeGooskens, Charlotte ; van Heuven, Vincent J; Golubović, Jelena; Schüppert, Anja; Swarte, Femke; Voigt, Stefanie22-Feb-2021
262019Mutual intelligibility of Finnish and Estonian vocabularyHärmävaara, Hanna-Ilona; Gooskens, Charlotte 24-May-2022
272013The African National Language Question and the African National ProjectNdhlovu, Finex 21-Nov-2013
282014On Politic Behaviour: The Personal Pronoun as an Address Term in the Ndebele Language of ZimbabweNdhlovu, Finex 29-Apr-2015
29Nov-2018The influence of Edward Young's St Kitts Creole in Pitcairn Island and Norfolk Island toponymsNash, Joshua 1-Mar-2019
302019South Africa's social transformation policies: raciolinguistic ideologies and neoliberal rhetoricNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
312019Language and Citizenship Tests: Unsettling the habitus of trickster global colonialityNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
322018Language, Vernacular Discourse and Nationalisms: Uncovering the Myths of Transnational WorldsNdhlovu, Finex 3-Feb-2021
339-Dec-2020The lexical semantics of blaguer: French ways of bringing people together through persuasion, deception and laughterWaters, Sophia 4-Aug-2021
3411-Mar-2020Post-Colonial Language Education or Coloniality of Language by Stealth?Ndhlovu, Finex 4-Feb-2021
352021Decolonising Multilingualism in Africa: Recentering Silenced Voices from the Global South.Ndhlovu, Finex ; Makalela, Leketi7-Sep-2021
362015Marginality and Linguistic Cartographies of African Denizens as Spheres of Possibility in Regional AustraliaNdhlovu, Finex 26-May-2015
3720-Mar-2019Comparing habits of medieval and modern musical listeningStoessel, Jason ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Spreadborough, Kristal 10-May-2019
382013'Intimate' Talk in Russian: Human Relationships and Folk PsychotherapyGladkova, Anna 13-Feb-2014
392016Inside(r)-outside(r): Toward a Linguistics and Sociology of Space on Pitcairn IslandNash, Joshua 29-Jul-2022
402018Linguistic Spatial Violence: The Muslim Cameleers in the Australian OutbackNash, Joshua 29-Jul-2022
41Aug-2020The Outremer of Europe's Outremer: Pitcairn Island, Mangareva and the Persistence of Interaction between Îles OubliéesMawyer, Alexander; Young, Adrian; Nash, Joshua ; Nechtman, Tillman29-Jul-2022
42May-2010Folk toponymy and offshore fishing ground names on the Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaNash, Joshua 1-Aug-2022
432012Naming the Aquapelago: Reconsidering Norfolk Island fishing ground namesNash, Joshua 1-Aug-2022
441-Jan-2014A clash of toponymies, or toponymic conflict on Phillip Island, Norfolk Island ArchipelagoNash, Joshua 1-Aug-2022
452012Ripe banana cakeNash, Joshua 1-Aug-2022
46Jun-2012Norfolk Island Toponymy: The Microcosm of Nepean IslandNash, Joshua 2-Aug-2022
472014Ain't it beautiful?: The conceptualization of beauty from an ethnopragmatic perspectiveGladkova, Anna ; Romero-Trillo, Jesus17-Dec-2013
48Dec-2018Variation in Perso-Arabic and Devanāgarī Sindhī orthographiesIyengar, Arvind 10-Dec-2020
492014Norf'k placenames and creole toponymyNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
50Jun-2015Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!: Object requests, ownership and entitlement in a children's play sessionDixon, Sally 19-Feb-2021
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