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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018A probable ankylosaurian (Dinosauria, Thyreophora) from the Early Cretaceous of New South Wales, AustraliaBell, Phil R ; Burns, Michael E; Smith, Elizabeth T22-Nov-2021
211-Jul-2019A New Enantiornithine Bird with Unusual Pedal Proportions Found in AmberXing, Lida; O'Connor, Jingmai K; Chiappe, Luis M; McKellar, Ryan C; Carroll, Nathan; Hu, Han ; Bai, Ming; Lei, Fumin3-Aug-2020
32020New anatomical information on the bohaiornithid Longusunguis and the presence of a plesiomorphic diapsid skull in EnantiornithesHu, Han ; O’Connor, Jingmai K; Wang, Min; Wroe, Stephen ; McDonald, Paul G 28-May-2020
4Jul-2020Crayfish bio-gastroliths from eastern Australia and the middle Cretaceous distribution of ParastacidaeBell, Phil R ; Bicknell, Russell D C ; Smith, Elizabeth T5-Aug-2020
52012Comments on Retallack, G. J. 2011: Problematic Megafossils in Cambrian Palaeosols of South AustraliaJago, James B; Gehling, James G; Paterson, John R ; Brock, Glenn A8-Apr-2013
62014A Review of Hadrosaurid Skin ImpressionsBell, Phil 29-Apr-2015
72014New Saurolophine Material from the Upper Campanian-Lower Maastrichtian Wapiti Formation, West-Central AlbertaBell, Phil ; Sissons, Robin; Burns, Michael E; Fanti, Federico; Currie, Philip J29-Apr-2015
82015Forearm Range of Motion in 'Australovenator wintonensis' (Theropoda, Megaraptoridae)White, Matt A ; Bell, Phil ; Cook, Alex G; Barnes, David G; Tischler, Travis R; Bassam, Brant J; Elliot, David A15-Feb-2017
92016A High-Latitude Dromaeosaurid, 'Boreonykus Certekorum', Gen. Et Sp. Nov. (Theropoda) from the Upper Campanian Wapiti Formation, West-Central AlbertaBell, Phil ; Currie, Philip J15-Feb-2017
1014-Feb-2018A 3D anatomical atlas of appendage musculature in the chelicerate arthropod Limulus polyphemusBicknell, Russell D C ; Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 1-Mar-2019
113-Oct-2020A reappraisal of Paleozoic horseshoe crabs from Russia and UkraineBicknell, Russell D C ; Naugolnykh, Serge V; Brougham, Tom 27-Nov-2020
12Jan-2018The gnathobasic spine microstructure of recent and Silurian chelicerates and the Cambrian artiopodan Sidneyia: Functional and evolutionary implicationsBicknell, Russell D C ; Paterson, John R ; Caron, Jean-Bernard; Skovsted, Christian B2-Apr-2019
132014A new vetulicolian from Australia and its bearing on the chordate affinities of an enigmatic Cambrian group.Garcia-Bellido, Diego C; Lee, Michael S Y; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Jago, James B; Gehling, James G; Paterson, John R 30-Apr-2015
142019Recurrent biotic rebounds during the Early Triassic: biostratigraphy and temporal size variation of conodonts from the Nanpanjiang Basin, South ChinaWu, Kui; Tian, Li; Liang, Lei; Metcalfe, Ian ; Chu, Daoliang; Tong, Jinnan20-May-2020
152015The early Cambrian tommotiid genus Dailyatia from South AustraliaSkovsted, Christian B; Betts, Marissa J ; Topper, Timothy P; Brock, Glenn A23-Feb-2017
162015A Rare Non-Trilobite Artiopodan from the Guzhangian (Cambrian Series 3) Weeks Formation Konservat-Lagerstatte in Utah, USAOrtega-Hernandez, Javier; Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy ; Kier, Carlo; Bonino, Enrico22-Feb-2017
172014'Albertosaurus' (Dinosauria: Theropoda) material from an 'Edmontosaurus' bonebed (Horseshoe Canyon Formation) near Edmonton: clarification of palaeogeographic distributionBell, Phil ; Currie, Philip J5-May-2015
18Nov-2014Taphonomy of the Danek Bonebed: a monodominant Edmontosaurus (Hadrosauridae) bonebed from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, AlbertaBell, Phil R ; Campione, Nicolas E 5-May-2015
1912-Dec-2017Quantitative Analysis of Repaired and Unrepaired Damage to Trilobites from the Cambrian (Stage 4, Drumian) Iberian Chains, ne SpainPates, Stephen; Bicknell, Russell D C ; Daley, Allison C; Zamora, Samuel20-Mar-2019
202014An early Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) sturgeon (Acipenseriformes) from the Dunvegan Formation, northwestern Alberta, CanadaVavrek, Matthew J; Murray, Alison M; Bell, Phil 1-Apr-2015
2126-Oct-2018Evolutionary Transition in the Late Neogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Genus TruncorotaliaBicknell, Russell D C ; Collins, Katie S; Crundwell, Martin; Hannah, Michael; Crampton, James S; Campione, Nicolas E 11-Mar-2019
222014Marine reptiles (Plesiosauria and Mosasauridae) from the Puskwaskau Formation (Santonian-Campanian) west-central AlbertaBell, Phil ; Fanti, Federico; Mitchell, Mark T; Currie, Philip J1-Apr-2015
232015Large caenagnathids (Dinosauria, Oviraptorosauria) from the uppermost Cretaceous of western CanadaBell, Phil ; Currie, Philip J; Russell, Dale A14-May-2015
2430-Mar-2017Rheotaxis in the Ediacaran epibenthic organism Parvancorina from South AustraliaPaterson, John R ; Gehling, James G; Droser, Mary L; Bicknell, Russell D C 2-Apr-2019
2520-Aug-2018Static Dental Disparity and Morphological Turnover in Sharks across the End-Cretaceous Mass ExtinctionBazzi, Mohamad; Kear, Benjamin P; Blom, Henning; Ahlberg, Per E; Campione, Nicolas E 15-Mar-2019
26May-2018Reappraising the early evidence of durophagy and drilling predation in the fossil record: implications for escalation and the Cambrian ExplosionBicknell, Russel D C ; Paterson, John R 2-Apr-2019
27Jan-2018Cope's rule and the adaptive landscape of dinosaur body size evolutionBenson, Roger B J; Hunt, Gene; Carrano, Matthew T; Campione, Nicolas 13-Mar-2019
2827-Jan-2021Biomechanical analyses of Cambrian euarthropod limbs reveal their effectiveness in mastication and durophagyBicknell, Russell D C ; Holmes, James D; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Losso, Sarah R; Ortega-Hemandez, Javier; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 9-Mar-2021
2924-Oct-2018Computational biomechanical analyses demonstrate similar shell-crushing abilities in modern and ancient arthropodsBicknell, Russel D C ; Ledogar, Justin A ; Wroe, Stephen ; Gutzler, Benjamin C; Watson, Winsor H; Paterson, John R 2-Apr-2019
302014Breathing Life Into Dinosaurs: Tackling Challenges of Soft-Tissue Restoration and Nasal Airflow in Extinct SpeciesBourke, Jason M; Porter, WM Ruger; Ridgely, Ryan; Lyson, Tyler R; Schachner, Emma R; Bell, Phil ; Witmer, Lawrence M7-May-2015
315-Dec-2018Medullary bone in an Early Cretaceous enantiornithine bird and discussion regarding its identification in fossilsO'Connor, Jingmai; Erickson, Gregory M; Norell, Mark; Bailleul, Alida M; Hu, Han ; Zhou, Zhonghe18-Mar-2019
32Jun-2018Abnormal xiphosurids, with possible application to Cambrian trilobitesBicknell, Russel D C ; Pates, Stephen; Botton, Mark L12-Mar-2019
3322-Dec-2021Complex axial growth patterns in an early Cambrian trilobite from South AustraliaHolmes, James D; Paterson, John R ; García-Bellido, Diego C30-Mar-2022
342014New data on 'Oikozetetes' (Mollusca: Halkieriidae) from the lower Cambrian of South AustraliaJacquet, Sarah M; Brock, Glenn A; Paterson, John R 30-Apr-2015
3521-Jun-2019Isisfordia molnari sp. nov., a new basal eusuchian from the mid-Cretaceous of Lightning Ridge, AustraliaHart, Lachlan J ; Bell, Phil R ; Smith, Elizabeth T; Salisbury, Steven W31-Mar-2021
36Mar-2021Epidermal complexity in the theropod dinosaur Juravenator from the Upper Jurassic of GermanyBell, Phil R ; Hendrickx, Christophe26-Mar-2021
3716-Oct-2019Integumentary structure and composition in an exceptionally well-preserved hadrosaur (Dinosauria: Ornithischia)Barbi, Mauricio; Bell, Phil R ; Fanti, Federico; Dynes, James J; Kolaceke, Anezka; Buttigieg, Josef; Coulson, Ian M; Currie, Philip J31-Mar-2021
382020The trouble with trilobites: classification, phylogeny and the cryptogenesis problemPaterson, John R 26-Mar-2021
392021Camenellan tommotiids from the Cambrian Series 2 of East Antarctica: Biostratigraphy, palaeobiogeography, and systematicsClaybourn, Thomas M; Skovsted, Christian B; Betts, Marissa J ; Holmer, Lars E; Bassett-Butt, Lucy; Brock, Glenn A11-Mar-2021
40Jan-2021The influence of domestication, insularity and sociality on the tempo and mode of brain size evolution in mammalsCastiglione, Silvia; Serio, Carmela; Piccolo, Martina; Mondanaro, Alessandro; Melchionna, Marina; Di Febbraro, Mirko; Sansalone, Gabriele; Wroe, Stephen ; Raia, Pasquale21-Apr-2021
415-Oct-2020Crocodile-like sensory scales in a Late Jurassic theropod dinosaurBell, Phil R ; Hendrickx, Christophe12-Apr-2021
422-Dec-2020Disparate compound eyes of Cambrian radiodonts reveal their developmental growth mode and diverse visual ecologyPaterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Garcio-Bellido, Diego C30-Mar-2021
432021The stratigraphic significance of early Cambrian (Series 2, Stage 4) trilobites from the Smith Bay Shale near Freestone Creek, Kangaroo IslandJago, J B; Bentley, C J; Paterson, J R ; Holmes, J D; Lin, T R; Sun, X W23-Mar-2021
44Jun-2021Probable deinonychosaur tracks from the Upper Cretaceous Wapiti Formation (upper Campanian) of Alberta, CanadaEnriquez, Nathan J; Campione, Nicolás E ; Sullivan, Corwin; Vavrek, Matthew; Sissons, Robin L; White, Matt A ; Bell, Phil R 26-Mar-2021
45-Critical re‐evaluation of Limulidae uncovers limited Limulus diversityBicknell, Russell D C ; Błażejowski, Błażej; Wings, Oliver; Hitij, Tomaž; Botton, Mark L18-Mar-2021
462015The late surviving 'duck-billed' dinosaur 'Augustynolophus' from the Upper Maastrichtian of western North America and crest evolution in SaurolophiniPrieto-Marquez, Albert; Wagner, Jonathan R; Bell, Phil ; Chiappe, Luis M21-May-2015
471-Oct-2019Shelly fauna from the Cambrian (Miaolingian, Guzhangian) Shannon Formation and the SPICE event in the Amadeus Basin, Northern TerritorySmith, Patrick M; Brock, Glenn A; Paterson, John R 26-Mar-2021
4815-Jul-2019Elemental signatures of Australopithecus africanus teeth reveal seasonal dietary stressJoannes-Boyau, Renaud; Adams, Justin W; Austin, Christine; Arora, Manish; Moffat, Ian; Herries, Andy I R; Tonge, Matthew P; Benazzi, Stefano; Evans, Alistair R; Kullmer, Ottmar; Wroe, Stephen ; Dosseto, Anthony; Fiorenza, Luca 21-Apr-2021
498-Mar-2021A revision of Prolimulus woodwardi Fritsch, 1899 with comparison to other highly paedomorphic belinuridsLustri, Lorenzo; Laibl, Lukáš; Bicknell, Russell D C 7-Apr-2021
50Sep-2020Geometric morphometric analysis of Protoconites minor from the Cambrian (Terreneuvian) Yanjiahe Formation in Three Gorges, South ChinaGuo, Junfeng; Chen, Yanlong; Song, Zuchen; Zhang, Zhifei; Qiang, Yaqin; Betts, Marissa J ; Zheng, Yajuan; Yao, Xiaoyong15-Mar-2021
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