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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2018Comparing medieval and modern musical listening habitsStoessel, Jason ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Spreadborough, Kristal 29-Mar-2019
22015Brigida del Rio, "La Barbuda de Peñaranda" (1590): Juan Sánchez Cotán (1560-1627)Lazzeri, D; Lippi, D; Weisz, George M 27-Nov-2015
32018The Canons DatabaseStoessel, Jason ; Blackburn, Alana ; Collins, Denis11-Apr-2019
425-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
52016A Family Business: The Bartholomews of Edinburgh in the First World WarScully, Richard 25-Apr-2016
62018Justinian strategosKoehn, Clemens 29-May-2019
72015Review of Khanmohamadi, Shirin A., 'In Light of Another's Word: European Ethnography in the Middle Ages' (Middle Ages), Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014: cloth; pp. 216; 1 b/w illustration; R.R.P. US$47.50, £31.00; ISBN 9780812245622.Stoessel, Jason 5-Jul-2016
82015The Hand in Art: Clinodactyly in Renaissance PaintingsLazzeri, Davide; Grassetti, Luca; di Benedetto, Giovanni; Albury, William Randall ; Weisz, George M 8-Jul-2016
92015Nazi medical experiments on Australian prisoners of war: Commentary on the testimony of an Australian soldierWeisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
102015The Hand in Art: Bronzino's Allegory of Venus and CupidLazzeri, Davide; Albury, William Randall ; Lippi, Donatella; Weisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
112010Living in Fear of Revenge: Religious Minorities and the Right to Bear Arms in Fifteenth-Century PortugalSoyer, Francois 10-Apr-2019
122014The Inquisitorial Trial of a Cross-Dressing Lesbian: Reactions and Responses to Female Homosexuality in 18th-Century PortugalSoyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
132015Whose Hus? Confronting the Challenges of Interpreting Jan Hus after 600 YearsFudge, Thomas 29-Jan-2016
146-Mar-2014Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Spain and its Empire: Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contra Judios (1674)Soyer, Francois 22-May-2019
15Dec-2015The Public Baptism of Muslims in Early Modern Spain and Portugal: Forging Communal Identity through Collective Emotional DisplaySoyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
162014Manuel I of Portugal and the End of the Toleration of Islam in Castile: Marriage Diplomacy, Propaganda, and Portuguese Imperialism in Renaissance Europe, 1495-1505Soyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
172016Review of O'Doherty, Marianne, and Felicitas Schmieder, eds, 'Travels and Mobilities in the Middle Ages: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea' (International Medieval Research, 21), Turnhout, Brepols, 2015; hardback; pp. xliii, 344; 20 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. €90.00; ISBN 9782503554495Stoessel, Jason 30-May-2017
182017Paul Klee (1879-1940) as a tragic figure: What the artist learned from his illnessAlbury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 30-May-2017
191-Jan-2019Constantin Guys et ses éditoriaux: étude analytique et établissement du texte des éditoriaux. Par HARRY COCKERHAM. Ascot: Harry Cockerham, 2017. 131 pp.Gosetti, Valentina 20-Mar-2019
202018Music as Symbolic Image: Christological Narratives in Agnus Dei Sections of Renaissance MassesStoessel, Jason ; Collins, Denis13-Mar-2019
212015Inquisition, Art, and Self-Censorship in the Early Modern Spanish Church, 1563–1834Soyer, Francois 11-Apr-2019
22Jul-2015Enforcing Religious Repression in an Age of World Empires: Assessing the Global Reach of the Spanish and Portuguese InquisitionsSoyer, Francois 10-Apr-2019
232017French-texted Songs at the Council of Constance: Influences, Paths of Transmission, and TrendsStoessel, Jason 8-Jun-2017
242016The Recycling of an Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory into an anti-Morisco one in Early Modern Spain: The Myth of El Vengador, the Serial-Killer Doctor.Soyer, Francois 11-Apr-2019
252015The Secret Life of a Heretic's Coat: Jan Hus and the Modern Pilgrimage of a "Medieval Relic"Fudge, Thomas 10-Feb-2016
262017The Passion of Christ in the Church of San Cristobal de Rapaz: An example of Medieval Anti-Jewish Iconography in Colonial Peru?Soyer, Francois 11-Jun-2019
272015Special Issue Editor's Introduction: Jan Hus at 600Fudge, Thomas 10-Feb-2016
282017Waking the Dead: Discovering Jerome of Prague ... and his Beard!Fudge, Thomas 16-Aug-2018
292015The Role of Michael de Causis in the Prosecution of Jan HusFudge, Thomas 13-Jun-2018
302017A Reply to Ota Pavlicek about Jerome of PragueFudge, Thomas 13-Jun-2018
312016Control, Disempowerment, Fear, and Fantasy: Violent Criminality During the Early American Occupation of Germany, March-July 1945Kehoe, Thomas 28-Mar-2017
322017A Reply to Dykstra's "Evident Bias in 'Crimes Committed by U.S. Soldiers in Europe, 1945-1946'"Kehoe, Thomas ; Kehoe, E James11-Apr-2017
332019‘An indispensable luxury’: British American Tobacco in the occupation of Germany, 1945-1948Kehoe, Thomas J ; Greenhalgh, Elizabeth M 24-Jan-2019
342016The Mystery of Michelangelo Buonarotti's GoiterLazzeri, Davide; Lippi, Donatella; Castello, Manuel; Weisz, George M 19-Jul-2016
352020Emotion and the popularization of anti-Jewish discourse in early modern EuropeSoyer, Francois 12-Dec-2019
36Sep-2019Maribas et la Sorcellerie MasculineGosetti, Valentina ; Kent, E J 1-Oct-2019
372016Fairy Tale Transformation: The Pied Piper Theme in Australian FictionMasson, Sophie Veronique26-Sep-2016
382016Jan Hus 'redivivus': How to be a "Hussite" After 600 YearsFudge, Thomas 14-Dec-2016
392016Quest of the Historical HusFudge, Thomas 14-Dec-2016
402020Introduction: the importance of cartoons, caricature, and satirical art in imperial contextsScully, Richard ; Varnava, Andrekos24-Nov-2019
412016Goiter in portraits of Judith the Jewish heroineLazzeri, Davide; Castello, Manuel Francisco; Lippi, Donatella; Weisz, George M 14-Jul-2016
4230-Oct-2019Medieval Antisemitism?Soyer, Francois 15-Dec-2019
432015The fear of simulation: Scientific authority in late 19th-century French disputes over hypnotismHajek, Kim 11-Aug-2016
442016More on Fetal Programming of Adult Metabolic Disorders in Holocaust SurvivorsWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 19-Jul-2016
452019Poetry and Literary Language Barriers in Nineteenth-Century Italy: The Case of Three 'Dialect Poets'Gosetti, Valentina ; Howard, Paul1-Oct-2019
462020Fear in the German-Speaking World, 1600-2000Kehoe, Thomas J ; Pickering, Michael G26-Mar-2020
472016The Hussites and the CouncilFudge, Thomas 2-Feb-2017
482016Jan Hus Between Time and Eternity: Reconsidering a Medieval HereticFudge, Thomas 21-Feb-2017
492017Three saints with deformed extremities in an Italian Renaissance altarpieceAlbury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 30-May-2017
502016Review of Rohr, Zita Eva, 'Yolande of Aragon (1381-1442) Family and Power: The Reverse of the Tapestry (Queenship and Power)', Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015; hardback; pp. 284; 1 map, 2 tables; R.R.P. AU$129.95; ISBN 9781137499127Stoessel, Jason 30-May-2017
Results 1-50 of 107 (Search time: 0.035 seconds).


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