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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
111-Feb-2019Viewer Engagement in Children's Animated Television Shows: A Systemic Functional PerspectiveWatson, Lindall Ann; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline 14-Oct-2019
211-Feb-2019Decisions About Care Priorities at the Final Stage of Life: Listening to Renal Dialysis Patients and Carers in Hong KongLee, Chi Wai; Luxford, Yoni ; Parmenter, Glenda 9-Oct-2019
311-Feb-2019Why Reconciliation Failed in ThailandSatidporn, Wichuda; Ware, Helen ; Spence, Rebecca 9-Oct-2019
411-Feb-2019Greening the Wharfies: organisational learning for sustainability at Sydney Theatre CompanyDalton, Valerie Anne; Cooksey, Ray W ; Hunter, James 10-Oct-2019
51-Mar-2019Personality profiles and persuasion: An exploratory study investigating the role of the Big-5, Type D personality and the Dark Triad on susceptibility to persuasionWall, Helen J; Campbell, Claire C; Kaye, Linda K; Levy, Andy; Bhullar, Navjot 24-Mar-2019
62019Turbulent Times for FTAs: Australia and the RegionPerry, Mark ; Corbin, Lillian 11-Jan-2019
72019Tourism expenditure in post-earthquake Christchurch, New ZealandPrayag, Girish; Fieger, Peter ; Rice, John 14-Mar-2019
88-Jul-2019Perceptions of Schooling and Career Aspirations of Palestinian High School Students Attending the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) High School in Beirut, Lebanon: Ambivalence and the Reproduction of Palestinian DisadvantageRangi, Richard; Tamatea, Laurence ; Maniam, Vegnes 6-Jan-2020
92019Modelling the potential effects of climate factors on Dubas bug (Ommatissus lybicus) presence/absence and its infestation rate: A case study from OmanAl Kindi, Khalifa M; Kwan, Paul ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Welch, Mitchell 7-Jun-2019
102019Resilience strategies of HIV-positive parents who live with children within the family context in BangladeshIslam, Md Shahidul ; Minichiello, Victor ; Scott, John4-Jan-2019
112019How Children Engage with Provided Technologies in Early Childhood SettingsBird, Jo 21-Feb-2019
1215-Jan-2019Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic reviewKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Usher, Kim ; Islam, Md Shahidul 28-Mar-2019
132019Schizophrenia literacy: the effects of an educational intervention on populations with and without prior health educationThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Williams, Elizabeth; Loi, Natasha M 13-May-2019
1414-Feb-2019Complementary Specializations of the Left and Right Sides of the Honeybee BrainRogers, Lesley J ; Vallortigara, Giorgio3-Apr-2019
15Feb-2019Relationship between the fatty acid profile of hair and energy availability of lactating primiparous cowsMoller, Ramona; Dannenberger, Dirk; Nurnberg, Gerd; Strucken, Eva-Maria ; Brockmann, Gudrun A15-Mar-2019
162019Solution representations of percentage change problems: the pre-service primary teachers’ mathematical thinking and reasoningNgu, Bing Hiong 11-Dec-2018
1715-Feb-2019Designing a multi-stage multivariate empirical mode decomposition coupled with ant colony optimization and random forest model to forecast monthly solar radiationPrasad, Ramendra; Ali, Mumtaz; Kwan, Paul ; Khan, Huma19-Mar-2019
182019Understanding the relationship between work intensification and burnout in secondary teachersLawrence, David F; Loi, Natasha M ; Gudex, Boyd W 19-Mar-2019
191-Feb-2019Blood pressure measurements in research: suitability of auscultatory, beat-to-beat, and ambulatory blood pressure measurementsCarlson, Debra J; Dieberg, Gudrun ; McFarlane, James R ; Smart, Neil A 19-Mar-2019
202019Stranger adaptations: public/private interfaces, adaptations, and ethnic diversity in Bankstown, SydneyAlian, Sanaz ; Wood, Stephen 2-May-2019
212019Recent Trends in East and West University Governance: Two Kinds of HollownessDonleavy, Gabriel ; Chen, Kuan-Cheng11-Oct-2019
22Jan-2019Reducing the influence of solar illumination angle when using active optical sensor derived NDVIAOS to infer fAPAR for spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Rahman, Muhammad M ; Lamb, David W ; Samborski, S M19-Mar-2019
2329-Jan-2019Reply to Dale and ShulmanSikder, Suchandan; Rush, Catherine M; Govan, Brenda L; Norton, Robert E; Cunningham, Madeleine W; McMillan, David J; Sriprakash, Kadaba S; Ketheesan, Natkunam 6-Mar-2019
242019Developing, situating and evaluating effective online professional learning and development: a review of some theoretical and policy frameworksQuinn, Frances ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Adlington, Rachael ; Rizk, Nadya ; Fletcher, Peter ; Reyes, Vicente; Parkes, Mitchell 18-Mar-2019
2525-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
2621-Mar-2019Imaginative Displacement: Classical Reception in the Young Adult Fiction of Margaret MahyHale, Elizabeth 4-Apr-2019
27Apr-2019Significance of Anti-Myosin Antibody Formation in Patients With Myocardial Infarction: A Prospective Observational StudyO'Donohoe, Tom J; Schrale, Ryan G; Sikder, Suchandan; Surve, Nuzhat; Rudd, Donna; Ketheesan, Natkunam 7-May-2019
2818-Mar-2019Providing Initial Teacher Education Students with Flexible AssessmentParkes, Mitchell ; Fletcher, Peter 6-Nov-2019
292019Association of Feed to Egg Efficiency With Body Weight and Digestive Organ Characteristics in Laying HensAkter, Y; Groves, P J; Liu, S Y; Moss, A F ; Anene, D; O'Shea, C J1-Jul-2019
30Apr-2019Testing for pre-committed quantities of Australian meat demandTighe, Kara ; Piggott, Nicholas; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 23-Apr-2019
312019Parental Involvement in Supporting Their Children with Special Educational Needs at School and Home in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 24-Jun-2019
3231-May-2019Terrorism and Early Childhood: Our Role on the Slippery Slope of RacismSims, Margaret 14-Oct-2019
336-Feb-2019A Neuroethics Framework for the Australian Brain InitiativeKennett, Jeanette; Carter, Adrian; Bourne, James A; Hall, Wayne; Levy, Neil; Mattingley, Jason B; Lawrence, Andrew J; Forlini, Cynthia; Malcolm, Lynne; Vincent, Nicole; Richards, Linda J; Egan, Gary; Breakspear, Michael; Cornish, Kim; Halliday, Glenda; Poole-Warren, Laura; Sriram, Sharath; Soulis, Tina; Fitzgibbon, Bernadette; Kiral-Kornek, Isabell; Badcock, David R; Balleine, Bernard; Bekkers, John M; Berk, Michael; Bradley, Andrew; Brichta, Alan ; Carter, Olivia; Castles, Anne; Clements, Judith; Cornish, Jennifer; de Zubicaray, Greig; Egan, Gary F; Enticott, Peter G; Fornito, Alex; Griffiths, Lyn; Gullifer, Judith; Hannan, Anthony J; Harrer, Stefan; Harvey, Alan; Hickie, Ian B; Jazwinska, Liz; Kiernan, Matthew; Kilpatrick, Trevor; Leventer, Rick; Licinio, Julio; Lovell, Nigel; Mackellar, Geoff; Medland, Sarah E; Michie, Patricia T; Nithianantharajah, Jess; Parker, John; Payne, Jonathan M; Rossell, Susan; Sah, Pankaj; Sarnyai, Zoltan; Schofield, Peter R; Shum, David H K; Silk, Tim; Slee, Mark; Stuart, Greg J; Tapson, Jonathan; van Schaik, Andre; Vissel, Bryce; Waters, Allison; Apthorp, Deborah ; Cohen-Woods, Sarah; Conn, Simon J; Korgaonkar, Mayuresh; Mason, Alice; Azghadi, Mostafa Rahimi; Shimoni, Olga; Smith, Ashleigh; Thompson, Matthew B; Chakli, Khaled; Hatherly, Chris3-Jun-2019
349-May-2019The Productivity and Ecology of Urban AgricultureMcDougall, Robert Napier; Rader, Romina ; Kristiansen, Paul 30-Jul-2019
352019Spatial and temporal variation in infectious laryngotracheitis viral genome in broiler flock dust post vaccinationAhaduzzaman, M ; Williamson, S; Sharpe, S M; Gerber, P F ; Gao, Y; Groves, P J; Nguyen, T V; Walkden-Brown, S W 3-Jun-2019
362019Preliminary Indications that Exogenous Phytase Influences Amino Acid and Glucose Catabolism in the Gut MucosaMoss, A F ; Cadogan, D J; McQuade, L R; Liu, S Y; Selle, P H25-Jun-2019
372019A role for legitimacy metrics in advancing and sustaining environmental water reforms?Marshall, Graham R ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa A 12-Apr-2019
3810-Jul-2019Growth of low emission-intensive energy production and energy impacts in Vietnam under the new regulationNong, Duy; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; Perera, Subashini ; Nguyen, Duong Binh23-Apr-2019
39Apr-2019A criterion for local embeddability of three-dimensional CR structuresSchmalz, Gerd ; Ganji, Masoud 12-Jun-2019
40Jun-2019Genetic evaluation of test-day milk yields from smallholder dairy production systems in Kenya using genomic relationshipsOjango, J M K; Mrode, R; Rege, J E O; Mujibi, D; Strucken, E M ; Gibson, J ; Mwai, O12-Apr-2019
412019What makes good even better? Excellent EC leadershipSims, Margaret ; Waniganayake, Manjula; Hadley, Fay7-Jun-2019
422019Pathways from flexible work arrangements to financial performanceKotey, Bernice Adei ; Sharma, Bishnu14-May-2019
432019The Impact of Dietary Electrolyte Balance on Male Broiler Performance Offered Reduced Crude Protein DietsChrystal, P V; Selle, P H; Moss, A F ; Yin, D; Khoddami, A; Naranjo, V D; Liu, S Y25-Jun-2019
442019The Relevance of Starch-Protein Digestive Dynamics in Crude Protein-Reduced Broiler DietsSelle, P H; Chrystal, P V; Moss, A F ; Yin, D; Khoddami, A; Naranjo, V D; Liu, S Y26-Jun-2019
4527-Feb-2019A Technologist's Agenda for Scriptable, Smart, Social, and Republishable CoursesBillingsley, William 22-Apr-2019
46Mar-2019Effect of Regulation on Outreach of Microfinance Institutions in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice 14-May-2019
47Feb-2019Infection preventionists’ challenges in psychiatric clinical settingsLi, Pei-Hsuan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Tan, Jung-Ying; Lee, Li-Hung; Yang, Cheng-l12-Apr-2019
48Jan-2019Inquiry learning: the process is essential to the productPorter, Kim ; Fussell, Madeline 10-May-2019
492019Digestion Rates of Starch But Not Protein Vary in Common Cereal Grains Used in Broiler DietsLiu, S Y; Khoddami, A; Chrystal, P V; Moss, A F ; Selle, P H26-Jun-2019
50May-2019Genotype x birth type or rearing-type interactions for growth and ultrasound scanning traits in Merino sheepDakhlan, A; Moghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 22-May-2019
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