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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Stress, depression, workplace and social supports and burnout in intellectual disability support staffMutkins, Elizabeth; Brown, Rhonda ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B 26-Jul-2011
22011The Effect of an Expressive-Writing Intervention for Employees on Emotional Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence, Affect, and Workplace IncivilityKirk, Beverley A; Schutte, Nicola ; Hine, Donald W 26-Jul-2011
32005Development and Validation of the Uncivil Workplace Behavior QuestionnaireMartin, Roberta J; Hine, DW 2-May-2008
42004From Actions to Impressions: Cognitive Attribution Theory and the Formation of Corporate ReputationSjovall, Andrea M; Talk, Andrew 11-Nov-2009
52005The Relationship Between the Five-Factor Model of Personality and Symptoms of Clinical Disorders: a Meta-analysisMalouff, JM ; Thorsteinsson, EB ; Schutte, N 2-May-2008
62011Gender and Managerial Level Differences in Perceptions of Effective LeadershipMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W ; Di Milia, Lee V; Walumbwa, Fred O3-Aug-2011
72015Effects of Training Leaders in Needs-Based Methods of Running MeetingsDouglass, Emily M; Malouff, John M ; Rangan, Julie A17-Apr-2015
82014Participants' evaluation of a brief intervention for pain-related work disabilityDunstan, Debra 1-Apr-2015
92009The Role of Emotional Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence, and Affect in Workplace Incivility and Workplace SatisfactionKirk, Beverley; Schutte, Nicola ; Hine, Donald W 20-May-2010
102015Don't rock the boat: The moderating role of gender in the relationship between workplace incivility and work withdrawalLoi, Natasha ; Loh, Jennifer; Hine, Don W 17-Apr-2015
112005Sex Differences in Workplace Aggression: An Investigation of Moderation and Mediation EffectsRutter, Angela; Hine, Donald William 8-Dec-2009
122012Evidence for a Needs-Based Model of Organizational-Meeting LeadershipMalouff, John M ; Calic, Alexsandra; McGrory, Catherine M; Murrell, Rebecca L; Schutte, Nicola 19-Mar-2012
132016Testing the effectiveness of empathy conversations as a policy tool in the welfare and finance sectors-pilot studyReeder, Lynne; Temple, Elizabeth 25-Jul-2018
142017The Differential Reactions to Work Withdrawal Behaviours between Harassed Male and Female EmployeesLoh, Jennifer M I; Loi, Natasha 15-Jan-2019
152005The impact of service provider emotional intelligence on customer satisfactionKernbach, Sally Teresa; Schutte, Nicola 9-Dec-2009
162005Using Modeling and Vicarious Reinforcement to Produce More Positive Attitudes Towards Mental Health TreatmentBuckley, Gary Ian; Malouff, John Michael 10-Dec-2009
172012Transformational and social processes of leadership as predictors of organisational outcomesMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W ; Walumbwa, Fred O16-Oct-2012
182014Connections between emotional intelligence and workplace flourishingSchutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha 2-May-2014
192018Tit for tat: burnout as a mediator between workplace incivility and instigated workplace incivilityLoh, Jennifer; Loi, Natasha 30-May-2018
202011Examining the effects of substitutes for leadership on performance outcomesMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W 2-Nov-2011
212005The Effectiveness of a Self-Efficacy Intervention for Helping Adolescents Cope with Sport-Competition LossBrown, Lisa Jacqueline; Malouff, John Michael ; Schutte, Nicola 23-Nov-2009
222002A multifaceted validation study of Spence and Robbins' (1992) Workaholism BatteryMcMillan, LHW; Brady, EC; O'Driscoll, MP; Marsh, Nigel Vincent 8-Nov-2012
232016Workplace managers' view of the role of co-workers in return-to-workDunstan, Debra ; MacEachen, Ellen6-Feb-2017
242001Understanding Workaholism: Data Synthesis, Theoretical Critique, and Future Design StrategiesMcMillan, LHW; O'Driscoll, MP; Marsh, Nigel Vincent ; Brady, EC8-Nov-2012
252019Understanding the relationship between work intensification and burnout in secondary teachersLawrence, David F; Loi, Natasha M ; Gudex, Boyd W 19-Mar-2019
262010The Role of Culture, Workgroup Membership, and Organizational Status on Cooperation and Trust: An Experimental InvestigationLoh, Jennifer; Smith, Joanne R; Restubog, Simon Lloyd D29-Apr-2011
272010Consequences of Workplace Bullying on Employee Identification and Satisfaction Among Australians and SingaporeansLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Zagencyzk, Thomas19-May-2011
2815-Jun-2017Ethical culture and worker motivationColaco, Beverly; Loi, Natasha 9-May-2019
2917-Sep-2018Work intensification and burnout in secondary teachersLoi, Natasha ; Lawrence, David; Gudex, Boyd 9-May-2019
302014The Relationship between Work-Stress, Psychological Stress and Staff Health and Work Outcomes in Office WorkersThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Brown, Rhonda ; Richards, Carlie30-Sep-2014
312010Attitudinal outcomes of boundary permeability: A comparison of Australian and Singaporean employeesLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy10-May-2011
322010Increasing transformational leadership through enhancing self-efficacyFitzgerald, Susan; Schutte, Nicola 11-May-2011
332018The role of positive and negative affect in the relationship between emotional intelligence and uncivil workplace behaviour among managers [Poster]Loi, Natasha M ; Golledge, Carey30-May-2019
342009The nature of workplace boundaries between Australians and Singaporeans in multinational organizations: A qualitative inquiryLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy29-Jun-2011
352005Effects of Person-Centred Psychological Assistance on Workers in Stressful JobsOsland, Kristy Susan; Malouff, John M ; Alford, Wendy Kaylene12-Jul-2011
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