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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Declining Agricultural Commodity Prices: Productivity Gain or Immiserising Growth?Fleming, Euan ; Rao, DSP; Fleming, PA
22006Organic food demand: A focus group study involving Caucasian and African-American shoppersZepeda, L; Chang, Christie ; Leviten-Reid, C
32018The Effects of International Price Volatility on Farmer Prices and Marketing Margins in Cattle MarketsMorales, L Emilio 
42010When is Metafrontier Analysis Appropriate?: An Example of Varietal Differences in Pistachio Production in IranVillano, Renato ; Boshrabadi, Mehrabi; Fleming, Euan 
52016Factors Affecting Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Good Quality Sweetpotato in Papua New GuineaVillano, Renato ; Chang, Christie ; Kewa, John; Irving, Donald
62005The Effects of Production Inputs, Technical Inefficiency and Biological Risk on Jasmine and Non-Jasmine Rice Yields in ThailandWiboonnpongse, A; Sriboonchitta, S; Battese, George Edward 
72005A study of technical inefficiencies of maize farmers within and outside the new agricultural extension program in the Harari region of EthiopiaKhairo, S A; Battese, George Edward 
82012Value chain analysis of dairy products in Wolaita zone, EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Belay, Kassa
92012Factors influencing farmers' adoption of modern rice technologies and good management practices in the PhilippinesMariano, Marc Jim; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan 
102012Variations in regional productivity in Australian wool productionVillano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan ; Fleming, Pauline A
112013Transaction costs of carbon offset projects: A comparative studyCacho, Oscar J ; Lipper, Leslie; Moss, Jonathan 
122001An economic analysis of farm forestry as a means of controlling dryland salinityCacho, Oscar J ; Greiner, Romy; Fulloon, Lachlan
132016Household-level farming and marketing practices determining body condition score and economic value of cattle in CambodiaSefriadi, Hasnah; Patrick, Ian ; Smith, Robert Geoff B
142013Economic risk analysis of different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M 
152013Simulating the impact of fertiliser strategies and prices on the economics of developing and managing the Cicerone Project farmlets under climatic uncertaintyBehrendt, Karl; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Jones, Randall
162011Supply and Demand for Livestock Data in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from a Stakeholder SurveyPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 
172009Impact of Labour Migration on Farm Efficiency: A Study of Maize Farming in Northern ThailandNonthakot, Phanin; Villano, Renato 
182014Data and indicators for evidence-based livestock sector policies and investmentsPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 
192013Whole-farm returns show true profitability of three different livestock management systemsScott, Fiona; Scott, Jim M ; Cacho, Oscar J 
202008Optimal Land-use with Carbon Payments and Fertilizer Subsidies in IndonesiaWise, Russell M; Cacho, Oscar Jose 
212011Determinants of participation decisions and level of participation in farm level milk value addition: The case of smallholder dairy farmers in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Getnet, Kindie; Baker, Derek ; Kassa, Belay
222009Consumer perceptions of branded beef products using focus group researchMorales, Luis Emilio 
232007Composition of the national sheep flock and specification of equilibrium prices and quantities for the Australian sheep and wool industries, 2002-03 to 2004-05Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Gary; Piggott, Ronald Roy; Fleming, Keith; Zhao, Xueyan
242013Linking smallholder farmers to microcredit providers in Papua New Guinea: A participatory action research approachChang, Christie ; Dowa, Eleo; Malie, Regina; Anton, Conrad; Anamo, Iga; Dekene, Peter; Bubun, Debra
252014Factors Affecting Milk Market Participation and Volume of Supply in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Kassa, Belay
262012Sheep market participation of rural households in Western EthiopiaTerfa, Zelalem G; Haile, A; Baker, Derek ; Kassie, Girma T
272013Consumer Preferences for Animal Source Foods in Uganda: Quality, Retail Forms and Retail OutletsMtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek ; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Jagwe, John
282011Quantifying value chain analysis in the context of livestock systems in developing countriesRich, Karl M; Ross, R Brent; Baker, Derek ; Negassa, Asfaw
292012A framework for assessing the impacts of community-based enterprises on household povertyTeerakul, Nuttamon; Villano, Renato ; Wood, Fiona ; Mounter, Stuart 
302008An Equilibrium Displacement Model of the Australian Sheep and Wool IndustriesMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Gary ; Piggott, Ronald; Fleming, Euan ; Zhao, X
312013Pro-poor development performance of livestock projects: Analysis and lessons from projects' documentationWanyoike, Francis; Baker, Derek 
322007Optimal provision of food quality attributesBaker, Derek 
332018Determinants of consumer willingness to pay for quality-graded Australian sheep meatTighe, Kara ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alex; Pethick, David W; Fleming, Euan 
342003Contract Farming and Village Organisations: Three Case-studies from IndonesiaSimmons, Phillip Ray 
352013Meeting the Demand for Fresh Produce from the PNG LNG Market: Opportunities and ChallengesChang, Christie ; Lutulele, Robert; None, Rebecca; Maia, Zenaida; Hape, Paul
362013Integrated overview of results from a farmlet experiment which compared the effects of pasture inputs and grazing management on profitability and sustainabilityScott, Jim M ; Behrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Donald, Graham; Cottle, David ; Coventry, T; Williams, G; MacKay, Duncan ; Colvin, A; Scott, F; Shakhane, LM; Guppy, Christopher ; Hoad, Justin ; Gaden, CA; Edwards, Clare; Hinch, Geoffrey 
372013Optimising pasture and grazing management decisions on the Cicerone Project farmlets over variable time horizonsBehrendt, Karl; Cacho, Oscar J ; Scott, Jim M ; Jones, Randall
382017Sea Cucumber Moratorium and Livelihood Diversity in Papua New GuineaPurdy, Derek ; Hadley, David ; Kenter, Jasper O; Kinch, Jeff
392018Taking Stock: Identifying the Growing Agricultural Service Sector in AustraliaNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison 
402015Agricultural productivity, efficiency and growth in a semi-arid country: a case study of BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Villano, Renato ; Hadley, David 
412013Variables affecting the propensity to buy branded beef among groups of Australian beef buyersMorales, L Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy; Hoang, Nam 
422013Is Input Mix Inefficiency Neglected in Agriculture? A Case Study of Pig-based Farming Systems in England and WalesHadley, David ; Fleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato 
432009Economic assessment of an intra-specific cross of silver perch ('Bidyanus bidyanus' Mitchell) for commercial farmingGuy, Jeffrey; Johnston, Bill; Cacho, Oscar Jose 
442015Is the agricultural industry spared from the influence of the Australian carbon tax?Meng, Xianming 
452012Economic Returns of Vegetable Production in Alternative Agricultural SystemsKramol, Prathanthip; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan ; Kristiansen, Paul 
462015A social-ecological systems framework for food systems research: accommodating transformation systems and their productsMarshall, Graham R 
472011The private sector's role in agricultural extension systems: potential and limitationsFeder, G; Birner, R; Anderson, Jock R
482016Book Review of Agricultural Product Prices, by W G Tomek and H M KaiserMounter, Stuart 
492015Is the Australian wool industry efficient at converting wool into value?Fleming, Euan ; Cottle, David 
502005Productivity and Farm Income - A Microeconomic Analysis of the UK Cereal SectorIrz, Xavier; Hadley, David 
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