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12007Rationalising Risk Assessment: Applications to Agricultural BusinessHardaker, J Brian; Lien, Gudbrand28-Apr-2010
22004Stochastic efficiency analysis with risk aversion bounds: a simplified approachHardaker, J Brian; Richardson, James W; Lien, Gudbrand; Schumann, Keith D29-Apr-2010
32003Optimal length of leys in an area with winter damage problemsLien, Gudbrand; Kristensen, A R; Hegrenes, A; Hardaker, J Brian29-Apr-2010
42010Production Efficiency and Technology Differences in 'Clean and Safe' Vegetable Farming Systems in Northern ThailandKramol, Prathanthip; Villano, Renato ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Fleming, Euan 23-Aug-2012
52013The impact of information and communication technology on international trade in fruit and vegetables in APECChung, Kit Chi; Fleming, Euan ; Fleming, Pauline A19-Dec-2013
62009Risk programming and sparse data: how to get more reliable resultsLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; van Asseldonk, Marcel A P M; Richardson, James W28-Apr-2010
72013Structuring Exotic Options Contracts on Water to Improve the Efficiency of Resource Allocation in the Australian Water MarketFleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato ; Williamson, Brendon21-Nov-2013
82007Risk and economic sustainability of crop farming systemsLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; Flaten, Ola29-Apr-2010
92006Methodology for assessing optimal rates of pasture improvement in the high rainfall temperate pasture zoneBehrendt, K; Cacho, OJ ; Scott, JM ; Jones, R5-May-2008
102009Do Synergies Exist in Australian Sheep Production?Fleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Pauline A12-Nov-2009
112015Kenyan Awareness of Aflatoxin: An Analysis of Processed Milk ConsumersMtimet, Nadhem; Walke, Maria; Baker, Derek ; Lindahl, Joanna; Hartmann, Monica; Grace, Delia22-Jun-2016
122010ICT and the death of distance in international trade of flowers and wineMueller, Rolf A E; Fleming, Euan ; Thiemann, Franziska5-Aug-2011
132007Perceived risk sources and strategies to cope with risk among forest owners with and without off-property work in eastern NorwayStordal, Stale; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian28-Apr-2010
142009Risk programming analysis with imperfect informationLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; van Asseldonk, Marcel A P M; Richardson, James W29-Apr-2010
152005The Payoff from Generic Advertising by the Australian Pig Industry: Further Results Relative to the Payoff from R&DMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald Roy; Mullen, John D24-Nov-2009
162009ICT and the blooming bloom tradeFleming, Euan ; Mueller, Rolf A E; Thiemann, Franziska21-Apr-2010
172014Technical efficiency in competing panel data models: A study of Norwegian grain farmingKumbhakar, Subal C; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, John Brian6-Nov-2017
182007Analysis of the Philippine Chicken Industry: Commercial versus Backyard SectorsChang, Christie 28-Sep-2011
192003Australia Fresh fruits and vegetables: Why do so many of them remain unbranded?Pearson, David Hugh24-Nov-2009
202005The Payoff from Generic Advertising by the Australian Pig Industry in the Presence of TradeMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald Roy24-Nov-2009
212014Policy analysis and advocacy for livestock-based development: The gap between household-level analysis and higher-level modelsBaker, Derek ; Enahoro, Dolapo25-Nov-2014
222014Special Issue: Mainstreaming Livestock Value Chains: addressing the gap between household level research and policy modellingBaker, Derek ; Upton, Martin25-Nov-2014
232006Technical Efficiency in Intensive Rainfed Cropping SystemsVillano, R ; Lucas, MP; Pandey, S21-Apr-2008
242016Agricultural Productivity, Efficiency and Growth in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato 9-Aug-2017
252010ICT, Gravity And the Global Flow of Wine: A Gravity Model of the Impact of ICT on the International Trade in WineFleming, E ; Mueller, Rolf A M; Thiemann, Franziska5-Sep-2011
262003Ag econ angst crisis revisited: a rejoinderRola-Rubzen, Maria Fay; Hardaker, John Brian13-May-2010
272011Australian agricultural R & D and innovation systemsSorensen, Anthony 13-Sep-2011
282015Measuring the economic impacts of trade liberalisation on forest products trade in the Asia-Pacific region using the GTAP modelStenberg, Luz; Siriwardana, Mahinda 23-Jun-2016
292008An Assessment of the Impact of Strategic Alliances in Food Processing on the Technical Efficiency of Housewives Groups in ThailandNonthakot, Phanin; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan 7-Sep-2011
302005The Relevance and Usefulness of Farm Business Management in Enhancing Small Farmer Income in the South Pacific: Report on Farm Business Training in the South PacificFleming, Euan ; Hardaker, John Brian28-Aug-2012
312017Biochar addition in rice farming systems: Economic and energy benefitsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; Joseph, Stephen 11-Oct-2017
322005Consumer perceptions and demand for organic food in Australia: Focus group discussionsChang, C ; Zepeda, L13-Nov-2008
332004Diversification economies and specialisation efficiencies in a mixed food and coffee smallholder farming system in Papua New GuineaCoelli, TJ; Fleming, Euan 2-May-2008
342013Aligning price signals throughout the beef value chain to reflect consumer preferences by assigning economic weights to the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) model inputsDoljanin, Ivan Andrew; Thompson, John ; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan 14-Oct-2013
352011A pig in a poke? Accounting for uncertainty about elasticity values in an EDM of the Australian pig industryMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 20-Sep-2011
362006Economic models of the Northern Tablelands livestock grazing system for assessing sheep industry technologies in a whole-farm contextAlford, Andrew R; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Davies, B L; Griffith, Garry R23-Nov-2009
372016Evaluating the productivity gap between commercial and traditional beef production systems in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Villano, Renato ; Hadley, David 19-Aug-2016
382005Labelling Issues of Organic and GM Foods in AustraliaChang, Christie 25-Nov-2009
392017Primary Industry Chains and Networks: Analysis for Public and Private InterestsBaker, Derek ; Dizyee, Kanar Hassan Hamza; Parker, Warren; Scrimgeour, Frank; Griffith, Garry 27-Nov-2017
402007Use of the single factoral terms of trade to analyse agricultural productionFleming, Euan 25-Nov-2009
412007Agricultural productivity change in Pacific Island countriesFleming, Euan 25-Nov-2009
422007Geographical Indication for New England Wines in NSWChang, Christie ; Campbell, Gene Steven; Sniekers, Peter25-Nov-2009
432015Modern Rice Technologies and Productivity in the Philippines: Disentangling Technology from Managerial GapsVillano, Renato ; Bravo-Ureta, Boris; Solis, Daniel; Fleming, Euan 12-Feb-2015
442005The Australian Organic Food Products Market: Overview, Issues and Research NeedsChang, Christie ; Zepeda, Lydia; Griffith, Garry 25-Nov-2009
452011Evaluating the Impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the International Trade in Fruit and Vegetables within the APEC Member CountriesChung, Kit Chi; Fleming, Euan ; Fleming, Pauline25-Sep-2012
462010Australian consumers' willingness to pay and willingness to purchase a hypothetical lower cholesterol pork productBellhouse, Amy; Malcolm, Bill; Griffith, Garry ; Dunshea, Frank16-Oct-2012
472012The Aggregate Economic Benefits to the Australian Beef Industry from the Adoption of Meat Standards Australia: updated to 2010/11Griffith, Garry ; Thompson, John M 16-Oct-2012
482012The Market Development Project: A case of government failure?Chang, Christie ; Mira, Zenaida; Griffith, Garry 16-Oct-2012
492011Beef Cattle Producer Strategies to Accommodate More Concentrated and Organised Value Chains, and More Discriminating ConsumersUmberger, Wendy; Griffith, Garry 16-Oct-2012
502012Learning by Writing: Applying Continuous Improvement and Innovation Principles to Project Management by Formal Documentation and PublicationClark, Richard; Griffith, Garry ; Madzivhandila, Tshilidzi Percy; Mulholland, Cynthia Maree; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni; Timms, Janice16-Oct-2012
Results 1-50 of 307 (Search time: 0.048 seconds).


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