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12015Levels of Visual Stress in Proficient Readers: Effects of Spectral Filtering of Fluorescent Lighting on Reading DiscomfortLoew, Stephen ; Rodriguez, Celestino; Marsh, Nigel V; Jones, Graham L ; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Watson, Kenneth 
22014The Continuing Decline of Science and Mathematics Enrolments in Australian High SchoolsKennedy, John; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 
32002Indonesian Language Education and the Limits of ToleranceTamatea, LM 
42015Believing You Can is the First Step to Achieving: A CBT and Attribution Retaining Programme to Improve Self-Belief in Students aged 8-12Chodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 
52011The potentials and pitfalls of social networking sites such as Facebook in higher education contextsWillems, Julie ; Bateman, Debra
62015Listening to Teachers in the 'Bush'Jenkins, Kathryn A ; Taylor, Neil ; Reitano, Paul
72013Understanding Education Policy: The 'Four Education Orientations' FrameworkJones, Tiffany 
82012Girls In Sport Intervention and Research Project: Summary Report for the NSW Department of Education and Communities by the Research Consortium - 14th February 2012Okely, Anthony D; Wright, Jan; Perry, Janine; Puglisi, Lauren; Batterham, Marijka; Janssen, Xanne; Lubans, David; Morgan, Philip; Miller, Judith A; Cotton, Wayne; Peralta, Louisa
92003Education for Sustainability in Regional New South Wales, Australia: An Exploratory Study of Some Teachers' PerceptionsTaylor, N ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Coll, Richard K
102005Telling stories of researchEvelyn, Debra
112003Assessment in Mathematics: A Development ApproachPegg, JE 
122003The role of special education for students with learning disabilitiesAyres, Roberta; Graham, Lorraine 
132012Review of Kale Bantigue Fajardo, 'Filipino Crosscurrents: Oceanographies of Seafaring, Masculinities and Globalization', Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011, xii+251 pp., $25 (paper)Reyes, Vicente
142011Schools, climate change and health promotion: a vital allianceBoon, Helen; Brown, Lawrence; Clark, Brenton; Pagliano, Paul; Tsey, Komla; Usher, Kim 
152018Opening the doors of possibility for gifted/high-ability children with learning difficulties: Preliminary assessment strategies for primary school teachersHaines, MaryAnne Elizabeth; Cornish, Linley ; Bannister-Tyrrell, Michelle 
161994A Regional Approach to Environmental Education in the South PacificTaylor, Neil 
172002Education as Community Partnerships: An Ethnographic Study of the US Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and the Australian National School Network (NSN)Reyes, Vicente
182010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda 
192010A Chaos of Delight: A Response to Professor Hisham GhassibMerrotsy, Peter
202014Kids choose their own work in a Montessori classroomFeez, Susan 
212014VirtualPREX: Developing Teaching Skills in 'Second Life'Masters, Yvonne ; Gregory, Sue ; Reiners, Torsten; Knox, Vicki ; Dalgarno, Barney
222006Wright on Education: A Commemorative MiscellanyRyan, John Sprott 
232009Corruption and Implementation: Case Studies of Philippine Public AdministrationReyes, Vicente
242005Assimilationism and anti-Communism: A reflection on Gerald Peel's 'Isles of the Torres Strait'Boughton, Robert George 
252009Academic accelerationMerrotsy, Peter
262002Our Environment in your Language: People on the Thai/Burma Border Talk to a Dictionary Writer About Their EnvironmentKupczyk-Romanczuk, G
272015Soil Governance: Accessing Cross-Disciplinary PerspectivesHoward, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew 
282006Empowering communities by enhancing their environmental literacy in English, the Language of Wider Communication, to facilitate their future interactions with international civil societyKupczyk-Romanczuk, G
292007The political economy of adult education and developmentBoughton, Robert George ; Durnan, Deborah
302017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 
312003Education for Sustainability: Its evolution, principles and the role of school structures in its implementationTaylor, Neil ; Taylor, Subhashni 
322008Scared to Lose Control? General and Health Locus of Control in Females With a Phobia of VomitingDavidson, Angela L; Boyle, Chris ; Lauchlan, Fraser
332002Mental Models in Chemistry: Senior Chemistry Students' Mental Models of Chemical BondingColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 
342012The Historical Inscriptions of Our Lives: Connecting Historical Thinking, Practice and EducationNye, Adele 
35-Construction of Political Society and Political Interest in Secondary Students in SingaporeReyes, Vicente; Kang, Trivina; Hogan, David
362003Teaching about globalisation and consumerism within the context of education for sustainabilityTaylor, Subhashni ; Taylor, Neil 
372014ShamanSpeak: The Storytellers of the EarthGoldspring, Robert John; Wolodko, Brenda ; Noone, Genevieve ; Branagan, Marty
382013"When the Wattle Comes Out, the Turtles are Ready": Success of the Enhanced Teacher Training ProgramHarrington, Ingrid 
392010Blurring the Boundaries: Creating New Genres?Croker, Beverley May 
402002Assessing Students' Prior Concepts of Physical Change by the Use of a Purpose-Designed Survey InstrumentTaylor, Neil ; Coll, Richard K
412002Alternative Conceptions of Chemical Bonding Held by Upper Secondary and Tertiary StudentsColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 
422014Identifying tertiary bridging students at risk of failure in the first semester of undergraduate studyWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 
432003Towards A Link Between Theory And Practice In Chemical EducationColl, RK; Taylor, Neil 
442017The outcomes and impacts of everyday learningThomas, Eryn
452011Measurement of the Effectiveness of a Developmentally Based Physical Education Curriculum for Students from Transition to Year 10 Schooling Years - Middle School Moves: Final Project Report (2007-2010)Miller, Judith A; Haynes, John E
462006Measurement of the Effectiveness of a Developmentally Based Physical Education Curriculum for students from Transition to Year 10 Schooling Years - Research Consultancy 2004-2007: Phase Three Progress ReportMiller, Judith A; Haynes, John E; Brady, Rosalind
472012Measurement of the Effectiveness of a Developmentally Based Physical Education Curriculum for students from Transition to Year 10 Schooling Years - Research Consultancy 2012-2015: Phase Seven Progress ReportHaynes, John E; Miller, Judith A
482014Educating Australian high school students in relation to the digital future of agriculture: A practice reportWhannell, Robert ; Cosby, Amy ; Tobias, Stephen ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David 
492009Transforming Learning and the Transmission of Knowledge: Preparing a learning society for the future - Report of the PMSEIC Expert Working GroupSheil, Margaret; Masters, Geoff; Bartlett, Perry; Butcher, Phillipa; Graham, Lorraine ; Harradine, Anthony; Lockyer, Lori; Sarra, Chris; Tuckwell, Kevin; Wood, Robert
502006Measurement of the Effectiveness of a Developmentally Based Physical Education Curriculum for students from Transition to Year 10 Schooling Years - Research Consultancy 2004-2007: Phase Four Progress ReportMiller, Judith A; Haynes, John E
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