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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Giftedness Perceptions and Practices of Teachers in LithuaniaLeavitt, Monita; Geake, John 3-Aug-2010
22014The wolf in sheep's clothing: the continuing accountability discourse in educationMasters, Yvonne 28-Sep-2015
32014VirtualPREX: Developing Teaching Skills in 'Second Life'Masters, Yvonne ; Gregory, Sue ; Reiners, Torsten; Knox, Vicki ; Dalgarno, Barney8-May-2014
42007Individual Perseverance: A theory of home tutors' management of schooling in isolated settingsTynan, Belinda; O'Neill, Marnie7-Dec-2009
52008Review of 'Degrees that matter: climate change and the university': Anna Rappaport and Sarah Creighton, Cambridge, MA, MIT PressLittledyke, Michael 3-Dec-2009
63-Aug-2017Young children's understandings and experiences of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force familyRogers, Margaret Lynette ; Sims, Margaret ; Hathaway, Tanya ; Elliott, Sue 17-Oct-2019
72003Linking Cooperative Education and Education for Sustainability: A New Direction for Cooperative Education?Taylor, Subhashni ; Taylor, Neil 4-Dec-2009
82007Anti-social behaviour: Children, schools and parentsRiley, Daniel 5-May-2009
92005Telling stories of researchEvelyn, Debra8-Feb-2012
102006Portfolio of artifacts: Promising data for qualitative researchMartin, Juliet; Merrotsy, Peter11-Dec-2009
112017Protective Factors in Families: Themes From a Socioecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental DeploymentRogers-Baber, Margaret 22-May-2017
122005Helping teachers to include children with special educational needs in the primary language classroomShield, Margaret Mary22-May-2009
132007Reasoning About Variation: Student VoiceReading, Christine Elizabeth ; Reid, Jacqueline 17-Dec-2009
142002The Contribution of Music to Positive Aging: A ReviewHays, Terrence Neville; Bright, Ruth; Minichiello, Victor 18-Dec-2009
152010An Example of Qualitative Research: Insights from School StakeholdersReyes, Vicente26-May-2014
162015Levels of Visual Stress in Proficient Readers: Effects of Spectral Filtering of Fluorescent Lighting on Reading DiscomfortLoew, Stephen ; Rodriguez, Celestino; Marsh, Nigel V; Jones, Graham L ; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Watson, Kenneth 23-Dec-2015
172014Equality in Education: Fairness and InclusionBoyle, Christopher ; Zhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Philip Wing Keung24-Sep-2014
182010Strategies for the Successful Inclusion of Students with Asperger Syndrome in Primary SchoolHarrington, Ingrid 24-Apr-2012
192001Collaboration and the Negotiation of PowerSoliman, IE12-May-2008
202010Early entry: When should a gifted child start school?Gallagher, Selena; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter3-May-2011
212019Parental Involvement in Supporting Their Children with Special Educational Needs at School and Home in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 24-Jun-2019
222003Teaching about globalisation and consumerism within the context of education for sustainabilityTaylor, Subhashni ; Taylor, Neil 31-May-2012
232002Alternative Conceptions of Chemical Bonding Held by Upper Secondary and Tertiary StudentsColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 5-Jun-2012
242003Towards A Link Between Theory And Practice In Chemical EducationColl, RK; Taylor, Neil 31-May-2012
252009A Document Markup ToolColbran, Stephen16-Jul-2009
262017Open access enabling courses: risking academic standards or meeting equity aspirationsShah, Mahsood; Whannell, Robert 15-Jun-2017
272003Acceleration: Two case studies of access to tertiary courses while still at schoolMerrotsy, P1-May-2008
282014The Continuing Decline of Science and Mathematics Enrolments in Australian High SchoolsKennedy, John ; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 5-Sep-2014
292014From Stability to Mobility: African Secondary School Aged Adolescents' Transition to Mainstream SchoolingGunasekera, Sashya; Houghton, Stephen; Glasgow, Kenneth; Boyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014
302002Narrative data and analysis inside a poststructural frameworkConnelly, J 27-Jun-2008
312014The delivery of university and VET fully integrated degree programsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 4-Nov-2014
322004Early literacy education in rural communities: Situating developmentReid, J; Edwards, H ; Power, KM18-Jul-2008
332002Brief portraits of Five Award RecipientsScott, Catherine; Bergin, Mel2-Aug-2013
342016Writing the (researcher) self: reflective practice and undergraduate researchNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer; Bidwell, Pam; Deschamps, Briahannon; Frickman, Lisa; Green, Jennifer7-Jun-2016
352002Mathematical connections for the middle school specialistCallingham, Rosemary Anne ; Watson, Jane8-Aug-2013
362003From First to Second Generation Professional DoctorateMaxwell, TW 21-Jul-2008
372010Online Buddhist and Christian Responses to Artificial IntelligenceTamatea, Laurence M 16-May-2011
382003NGOs in Bangladesh: Are They in a Strong Position to Assist Vulnerable People Living on Low-Lying Lands to Cope with Floods?Jenkins, BA 2-May-2008
392006Background Paper: Comparing Access to JusticeReyes, Vicente1-Oct-2014
402003Statistical Literacy: A Complex Hierarchical ConstructWatson, J; Callingham, RA 2-May-2008
41-Designing professional development for teachers teaching out-of-fieldKenny, John; Hobbs, Linda; Whannell, Robert 17-Jun-2019
422002Self-moderation: Is it a useful strategy to encourage online collaboration?Parkes, Mitchell 24-Feb-2010
432019An Evaluation of the use of an Online Demonstration SchoolWhannell, Robert ; Lamb, Jane ; Cornish, Linley ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Wolodko, Brenda 28-Oct-2019
442016Postcolonial Directions in Education: Special IssueTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegnes 20-Jun-2016
452002Reasons for liking music: Differences by country and gender among Australian, Korean, and American University studentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
462016Teachers' understandings of curriculum adaptations for learners with learning difficulties in primary schools in Botswana: issues and challenges of inclusive educationOtukile-Mongwaketse, Mpho; Mangope, Boitumelo; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed 7-Jul-2016
472001Online Collaborative Learning: Increasing Student ParticipationHansford, Diane ; Wylie, A30-Jul-2008
48Aug-2012First year mathematics at a regional university: Does it cater to student diversity?Whannell, Robert ; Allen, Bill8-Apr-2019
49Jul-2013Early departure from a tertiary bridging program: What can the institution do?Whannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia ; Bedford, Tasman12-Apr-2019
502012Self-regulation and learning disabilitiesGraham, Lorraine; Berman, Jeanette 20-May-2013
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