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12003Adapting Middle Level Educational Practices to Current Research on Brain FunctioningGeake, John 22-Apr-2010
22016Postcolonial Directions in Education: Special IssueTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegnes 20-Jun-2016
32016Doing Southern Theory: Towards Alternative Knowledges and Knowledge Practices in/for EducationTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegneskumar 20-Jun-2016
42005What does the working class learn when it works?Boughton, Robert George 22-Aug-2012
52016Writing the (researcher) self: reflective practice and undergraduate researchNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer; Bidwell, Pam; Deschamps, Briahannon; Frickman, Lisa; Green, Jennifer7-Jun-2016
62004Inside the Zone of Proximal Development: Validating a Multifactor Model of Learning Potential with Gifted Students and their PeersKanevsky, Lannie; Geake, John 23-Apr-2010
72007Opening Address to the VIth IOSTE Symposium for Central and Eastern European CountriesLyons, Terry 16-Aug-2012
82000Exploring the Use of Peer Tutors in Introducing Software to Young ChildrenWillson, Katherine; Wolodko, Brenda 2-Aug-2011
92007Learning Characteristics of Primary School Computer Enthusiasts: A retrospective studyGeake, John 21-Apr-2010
102005The neurological basis of intelligence: Implications for education – An abstractGeake, John 25-May-2010
112006What kind of science do educators present to learners in South African classes?Muwanga-Zake, Johnnie Wycliff4-Oct-2011
122006Everyday Life in Distance Education: One family's homeschooling experienceGreen, Nicole 26-May-2010
132003The measurement of school students' understanding of statistical variationWatson, J M; Kelly, B A; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Shaughnessy, J M18-Sep-2012
142013A Case Study of Collaborative Behavior in an Australian Parish Catholic SchoolByrne, David John; Paterson, David; Taylor, Neil 1-Oct-2013
152007Developing students' citizenship skills through recognition of voluntary community workMuldoon, Robyn 23-Jul-2012
162014Editorial - The Death of Difference: Psychology is PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
172016'Working from the boot of a red falcon': The impact of major fires in four Australian schoolsNye, Adele 13-May-2016
182009Neural interconnectivity and intellectual creativity: giftedness, savants, and learning stylesGeake, John 16-Apr-2010
192009The Neuropsychological Characteristics of Academic and Creative GiftednessGeake, John 1-Apr-2010
202009Clinicians' perception of issues in patient safety: A case study of public hospitals in Riyadh region, in Saudi ArabiaJannadi, Bandar6-Apr-2010
212005Vertical semester organisation in a rural secondary school: the views of gifted studentsFardell, Reg; Geake, John 16-Apr-2010
222003Ethics and Knowledge in the Contemporary UniversityScott, Catherine4-May-2009
232003Are Schools of Education Failing the Tertiary Mathematics Sector?Mays, Heather; Yearwood, John12-May-2010
242016Teachers' understandings of curriculum adaptations for learners with learning difficulties in primary schools in Botswana: issues and challenges of inclusive educationOtukile-Mongwaketse, Mpho; Mangope, Boitumelo; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed 7-Jul-2016
252014Implementation of Gross National Happiness Education in Bhutan: The case of an efficacious 'Zhabdrung' Primary SchoolSherab, Kezang; Maxwell, Thomas W ; Cooksey, Ray W 16-Jan-2015
262013An Exploratory Study of Students' Judgements of the Relevance and Reliability of InformationWatson, Curtis Lloyd; Littledyke, Michael ; Parkes, Mitchell 30-Sep-2013
272013First-in-family students in a tertiary bridging program: Does it really make a difference?Whannell, Robert 4-Oct-2013
282013Predictors of Attrition and Achievement in a Tertiary Bridging ProgramWhannell, Robert 14-Oct-2013
292016From extraction to knowledge reproduction: The impact of Australia's development awards on Uganda and MozambiqueAmazan, Rose ; Negin, Joel; Howie, Leanne; Wood, Julian7-Apr-2016
302016Compassion in early childhood: Exploring the lived experience of young childrenHeeley, Patricia Ellen; Edwards, Helen ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Elliott, Sue; Jones, Tiffany 8-Aug-2017
312004Producing 'industry-ready' doctorates: Australian Cooperative Research Centre approaches to doctoral educationHarman, KM 2-May-2008
322006Institutional Constraints and Feasible Reform for State-owned Enterprises in ChinaMeng, X ; Dollery, Brian E 25-Jul-2011
332015Improving the Confidence and Competence of Mathematics Pre-service Teachers at a Regional University in AustraliaWhannell, Robert ; Woolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Patricia 30-Jan-2015
342007Anti-social behaviour: Children, schools and parentsRiley, Daniel 5-May-2009
352002A Different Chariot?: Response to 'Cauliflowers, Chariots and Creative Cognition'Lloyd, Linley 25-Nov-2009
362008Exploring structure and meaning in students' descriptions of meiosis, using the two-learning cycle per mode version of the SOLO modelQuinn, Frances 12-Feb-2015
372017Post-Worldview?: A dialogic meta-narrative analysis of North-South, South-South, and Southern theoryDenman, Brian 9-Nov-2017
382000Generic vs context embedded study skills support: A tale of two essaysQuinn, Frances 12-Feb-2015
392006Applications of computer-aided assessment in the diagnosis of science learning and teachingMuwanga-Zake, Johnnie Wycliff25-Nov-2009
402008Science education for environmental awareness: approaches to integrating cognitive and affective domainsLittledyke, Michael 25-Nov-2009
412017Multimodal Representations in Senior Biology Assessments: A Case Study of NSW AustraliaVan Rooy, Wilhelmina Sabina; Chan, Eveline 28-Nov-2017
422011Inventing the Wheel: Portraits of Acceleration and Grouping Provisions for the Socioemotional and Intellectual Needs of Gifted Students in Queensland Primary SchoolsGallagher, Selena; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter; Boyd, Jillian25-Sep-2012
432009Social Class and Australian SchoolingMcQueen, Kelvin 26-Nov-2009
442012Editorial: Australian Educational Psychology With an International FocusBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
452014The Use of Technology to Support the Learning of Children with Down Syndrome in Saudi ArabiaAlfaraj, Areej; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed 23-Mar-2015
462003Parallel Universes: Education Research and Chemistry TeachingColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 30-Nov-2009
472013Editorial: The Future is Bright: The Future is Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
482003Review of Fintan O'Toole, 'Shakespeare is Hard, But So is Life: A Radical Guide to Shakespearean Tragedy', London and New York: Granta Books, 2002. ISBN 1 86207 528 X $19.95. and Paul Skrebels and Sieta van der Hoeven (eds), 'For All Time? Critical Issues in Teaching Shakespeare', Adelaide: Wakefield Press and AATE, 2002. ISBN 1862545952 144pp. $34.95Baxter, David J 12-Oct-2012
492003Review of Deborah Appleman: 'Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents' New York & London: Teachers College Press and NCTE, 2000. ISBN 0 8077 3974 XBaxter, David J 12-Oct-2012
502013Falling Stars: Australian soccer scandal shines brightBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
Results 1-50 of 278 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).


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