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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Towards a 3D digital multimodal curriculum for the upper primary schoolChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2010
22015Language knowledge and its application: A snapshot of Australian teachers' viewsLove, Kristina; Macken-Horarik, Mary ; Horarik, Stefan 6-Nov-2015
32015Education for Sustainability in Primary English EducationHansford, Diane 4-Nov-2015
42009Learning to Read through GrammarFeez, Susan 4-Dec-2009
52007The Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes of Prospective Teachers in Lebanon: A Comparative StudyTaylor, Neil ; Vlaardingerbroek, Barend9-Dec-2009
62014Taming the 'Many Headed Monster': Metacognition, self-regulation and the new NSW English syllabusBannister-Tyrrell, Michelle ; Clary, Deidre 28-Apr-2014
72009Reading the Contemporary Picturebook: Negotiating ChangeCroker, Beverley May 8-Sep-2010
82008Multiliteracies, E-literature and English TeachingUnsworth, Len 21-May-2009
92004The role of images and image-text relations in group 'Basic Skills Tests' of literacy for children in the primary school yearsUnsworth, Len ; Thomas, A; Bush, R20-May-2009
1020103D multimodal authoring in the Middle Years: a research projectO'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chandler, Paul2-May-2011
112012Language, literacy, literature: Using storytelling in the languages classroomMorgan, Anne-Marie 30-Jul-2013
122012Early Learner Language Needs: Piggy-Backing Second Language Learning on First or Dominant Language CurriculumMorgan, Anne-Marie 30-Jul-2013
132008Scaffolding Literacy and the Year 9 Boys: Developing a Language-Centred Literacy PedagogyHarders, P; Macken-Horarik, Mary 10-Jul-2009
142011QuickSmart Literacy Program for Middle School Students (Reading and Comprehension) User GuideGraham, Lorraine; Thomas, Jennifer ; Raymond, Noelene 1-Jul-2013
152011QuickSmart Literacy Resources and Organisation ManualGraham, Lorraine; Thomas, Jennifer ; Raymond, Noelene 1-Jul-2013
162012Grammar and MeaningHumphrey, Sally; Droga, Louise; Feez, Susan 24-May-2012
172017Listening to the library: Preadolescent student perceptions of the impact of downloadable audiobooks on their literacy developmentToms, Susan J; Sims, Margaret ; Feez, Susan 7-Aug-2017
182010Not Always as it First Seems: Thoughts on Reading a 3D Multimodal TextChandler, Paul2-May-2011
192006Fantasy and the Recovery of the NuminousBuckland, CA24-Jul-2008
202009Education for Sustainability in primary English educationHansford, Diane 1-Jun-2016
212010Primary School Children Learning Grammar: Rethinking the PossibilitiesFrench, Ruth19-Aug-2013
222015Liam's Story: So Why Do I Wear Dad's Medals?Baber, Margaret ; Fussell, Madeline ; Porter, Kim ; Feez, Susan 5-Jul-2016
232005Rethinking literacy in the information age and beyondReading, Christine Elizabeth 18-Jan-2010
242010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda19-Mar-2012
252009RAISSE the Question: How might we teach reading across the content areas?Styslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria6-Aug-2014
262006The Big M: Helping to Diagnose and Support Adolescent ReadersClary, Deidre 11-Aug-2014
272007Inequities in student achievement for literacy: Metropolitan versus rural comparisonsPegg, John Edward ; Panizzon, Debra Lee 21-May-2009
282011Organizing Visual Meaning: FRAMING and BALANCE in Picture-Book ImagesPainter, Clare; Martin, JR; Unsworth, Leonard 28-Mar-2012
292007Building verticality in subject EnglishChristie, Frances; Macken-Horarik, Mary 21-May-2010
302012Literacy Learning Communities in PartnershipClary, Deidre ; Styslinger, Mary E; Oglan, Victoria8-Nov-2012
312011Critique! Design! Engage! Opening New Spaces for Multimodal ExperiencesClary, Deidre ; Johnson Lachuk, Amy; Corley, Andrew M; Spence, Lucy9-Nov-2012
322003Reframing research and literacy pedagogy relating to CD narratives: Addressing 'radical change' in digital age literature for childrenUnsworth, Leonard 25-May-2010
332008No Longer the Ploughman's Song: A Layman's Description of Aspects of Change in a Bhutanese VillageThinley, Dorji2-Jun-2010
342008Multimodal Semiotic Analyses and EducationUnsworth, Len 26-Nov-2009
352006Recognizing and realizing 'what counts' in examination English: Perspectives from systemic functional linguistics and code theoryMacken-Horarik, Mary 2-Jun-2010
362011Integrating Visual and Verbal Meaning in Multimodal Text Comprehension: Towards a Model of Intermodal RelationsChan, Eveline 28-Oct-2011
372014Curriculum-Specific Literacy: Expanding The RepertoireFreebody, Peter; Morgan, Anne-Marie 23-Apr-2014
382014Reading And Writing Science: A Whole-School ApproachMorgan, Anne-Marie 23-Apr-2014
392014Literacy education: "About being in the world"Freebody, Peter; Barton, Georgina; Chan, Eveline 7-Apr-2014
402015Linguistically informed teaching of spelling: Toward a relational approachHerrington, Michele; Macken-Horarik, Mary 15-Jul-2015
412005The teaching of narrativesKigotho, Mutuota 31-May-2010
422008The Power of Bhutanese Folk LiteratureThinley, Dorji11-Jun-2010
432008Literacy: From Writing Recount to Writing in True NarrativeKigotho, Mutuota 17-Jun-2010
442014Literacy In The Middle Years: Learning From Collaborative Classroom ResearchMorgan, Anne-Marie ; Comber, Barbara; Freebody, Peter; Nixon, Helen23-Apr-2014
451962Drama in the University: May 1957 - July 1962Ryan, John S 17-Aug-2015
462006Evaluating a CALL software on the learning of English prepositionsNgu, Bing ; Rethinasamy, Soubakeavathi4-Nov-2011
472011Graphic organisers and writing performance: Improving undergraduate competence using action research in a workplace internshipEmerson, Kylie; Maxwell, Thomas W 4-Nov-2011
482015From little things big things grow: enhancing literacy learning for secondary students in rural and regional AustraliaClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan ; Garvey, Amanda; Partridge, Rebecca17-Jun-2015
492014Editorial. Adult and Popular EducationBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah19-Dec-2014
502011Disciplinarity and School Subject EnglishChristie, Frances; Macken-Horarik, Mary 29-Jun-2012
Results 1-50 of 198 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).


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