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12006Knowledge through 'know how': Systemic functional grammatics and the symbolic readingMacken-Horarik, Mary 28-Apr-2010
22008Digital spaces and young people's online authoring: Challenges for teachersHansford, Diane ; Adlington, Rachael 11-May-2010
32013English Literature in Qatari English Language ClassroomsHoddinott, Ian Robert; Takayama, Keita ; Unsworth, Leonard 27-Nov-2013
42013Harnessing mobile technologies to enrich adolescents' multimodal literacy practices in middle years classroomsClary, Deidre ; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Barros-Torning, Massiel18-Dec-2013
52009Obama, Rudd and a grammar for rhetoric in the National English CurriculumLove, Kristina; Macken-Horarik, Mary 23-Apr-2010
62005Canadian Children's Literature: An Alberta SurveyGreen, Nicole ; Bainbridge, Joyce; Carbonaro, Mike28-Apr-2010
72009Education for Sustainability in primary English educationHansford, Diane 1-Jun-2016
82007Meditations on Time in Children's FictionBuckland, Corinne Anitra12-May-2010
92010Narrowing the Gap in Numeracy: QuickSmartBellert, Anne M; Graham, Lorraine17-Sep-2012
102011The Role of Bhutanese Folk Literature as a Source of Cultural Knowledge in the Secondary English Curriculum for Schools in BhutanThinley, Dorji; Maxwell, Thomas W; Buckland, Corrine; Macken-Horarik, Mary 17-Sep-2012
112006Negotiating the territory of tertiary literacies: A case study of teacher educationMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Devereux, Linda; Trimingham-Jack, Christine; Wilson, Kate26-May-2010
122003Reframing research and literacy pedagogy relating to CD narratives: Addressing 'radical change' in digital age literature for childrenUnsworth, Leonard 25-May-2010
132006Hierarchies in Diversities: What students' examined responses tell us about literacy practices in contemporary school EnglishMacken-Horarik, Mary 26-May-2010
142014Review of D. Rose & J. R. Martin, 'Learning to write, reading to learn: Genre, knowledge and pedagogy in the Sydney School' Uth Yorkshire, Bristol: Equinox, 2012. pp. x, 357Devrim, Devo 4-Feb-2015
152006Whole-school Literacy Success Against the OddsBaxter, David John ; Sawyer, W4-Oct-2011
162011A grammatics 'good enough' for school English in the 21st century: Four challenges in realising the potentialMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Love, Kristina; Unsworth, Leonard 26-Jul-2011
172008Media LiteracyFeez, Susan ; Iedema, Rick; White, Peter16-Apr-2010
182011Analysis and comprehension of multimodal textsDaly, Ann E; Unsworth, Leonard 26-Jul-2011
192014Cuba's "Yes I Can" mass adult literacy campaign model in Timor-Leste and Aboriginal Australia: A comparative studyBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
202014Cuba's Yes I Can in Australia. Three Years OnBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
212013Against the odds: Teaching writing in an online environmentWijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Patterson, Helen; Collins, Martin9-Jan-2014
222015Liam's Story: So Why Do I Wear Dad's Medals?Baber, Margaret ; Fussell, Madeline ; Porter, Kim ; Feez, Susan 5-Jul-2016
232011Creating multimodal texts in the middle years: students using multimodal semiotic design resources to construct and manipulate meaning in their 3D animated narrativesO'Brien, Annemaree ; Chandler, Paul29-Aug-2012
2420113D digital multimodal narrative composition in the upper primary schoolChandler, Paul29-Aug-2012
252014Exploiting the Distinctiveness of Blogs to Overcome Geographic IsolationAdlington, Rachael 23-Jan-2015
262014New challenges for literature study in primary school English: building teacher knowledge and know-how through systemic functional theoryMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Unsworth, Len 22-Jan-2015
272009Setting Them Up For Strong Futures: Education as a key to social and human capacity building for Indigenous PeopleWhite, Nereda; Wood, Fiona 12-May-2010
282013A Historical Study of Educational Policy, Methods, and Practice in English Teaching during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) in JapanNishihara, Masahiro; Denman, Brian ; Ware, Helen 23-Sep-2013
292017Listening to the library: Preadolescent student perceptions of the impact of downloadable audiobooks on their literacy developmentToms, Susan J; Sims, Margaret ; Feez, Susan 7-Aug-2017
302013A case study of Curriculum Implementation in one Australian pilot school: Sports, Exercise and Health Science within the International Baccalaureate Diploma ProgrammeDoyle, Benjamin Ronald; Miller, Judith ; Parker, Claire; Freak, Annette 23-Sep-2013
312010tUNEup from Home University Preparation Course: An innovative practice to support first year studentsPendreigh, Helen; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid 26-Sep-2011
322007Tove Jansson and the Humble SublimeBuckland, Corinne Anitra24-May-2010
332007Building verticality in subject EnglishChristie, Frances; Macken-Horarik, Mary 21-May-2010
342013Connecting Lives and Learning: Developing Intercultural English Programs for Learner Engagement, Motivation and SuccessMorgan, Anne-Marie 6-Feb-2014
352005The teaching of narrativesKigotho, Mutuota 31-May-2010
362008Multiliteracies and Metalanguage: Describing Image/Text Relations as a Resource for Negotiating Multimodal TextsUnsworth, Len 26-Nov-2009
372008Multiliteracies, E-literature and English TeachingUnsworth, Len 21-May-2009
382014From 'Bored Witless' to 'Rhetorical Nous': Teacher Orientation to Knowledge About Language and Strengthening Student Persuasive WritingLove, Kristina; Sandiford, Carmel; Macken-Horarik, Mary ; Unsworth, Len24-Feb-2015
392006Recognizing and realizing 'what counts' in examination English: Perspectives from systemic functional linguistics and code theoryMacken-Horarik, Mary 2-Jun-2010
402011Integrating Visual and Verbal Meaning in Multimodal Text Comprehension: Towards a Model of Intermodal RelationsChan, Eveline 28-Oct-2011
412008Multimodal Representation of Educational Meanings in Montessori PedagogyFeez, Susan 26-Nov-2009
422008Multimodal Semiotic Analyses and EducationUnsworth, Len 26-Nov-2009
432015Interpretive responses to images in picture books by primary and secondary school students: Exploring curriculum expectations of a 'visual grammatics'Unsworth, Len; Macken-Horarik, Mary 23-Feb-2015
442004The role of images and image-text relations in group 'Basic Skills Tests' of literacy for children in the primary school yearsUnsworth, Len ; Thomas, A; Bush, R20-May-2009
452014Making Productive Use of Four Models of School English: A Case Study RevisitedMacken-Horarik, Mary 26-Feb-2015
462008No Longer the Ploughman's Song: A Layman's Description of Aspects of Change in a Bhutanese VillageThinley, Dorji2-Jun-2010
472013Hierarchy of Periodicity in BlogsAdlington, Rachael 5-Mar-2014
482013Blogs: Understanding and capitalising on 'newness'Adlington, Rachael 5-Mar-2014
492014Collaborative Literacy Research And Why It MattersComber, Barbara; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Freebody, Peter23-Apr-2014
502014Literacy In The Digital DomainMorgan, Anne-Marie 23-Apr-2014
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