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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Navigational metalanguages for new territory in English: The potential of grammaticsMacken-Horarik, Mary 
22014Appraising AppraisalMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Isaac, Anne
32014Literacy Research: A Middle Years ProjectFreebody, Peter; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Comber, Barbara; Nixon, Helen
42014Literacy In The Middle Years: Learning From Collaborative Classroom ResearchMorgan, Anne-Marie ; Comber, Barbara; Freebody, Peter; Nixon, Helen
52015From little things big things grow: enhancing literacy learning for secondary students in rural and regional AustraliaClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan; Garvey, Amanda; Partridge, Rebecca
62001Teaching Multiliteracies Across the Curriculum: Changing Contexts of Text and Image in Classroom PracticeUnsworth, L 
72006Multimodality and the Picturebook: A New Way of ReadingBuckland, CA; Croker, Beverley May 
82014QuickSmart Annual Literacy Program Report 2013Pegg, John E ; Graham, Lorraine ; Horarik, Stefan ; Billings, June 
92003Effective Intervention for Students with Learning Difficulties in the Middle School Grades: A QuickSmart ApproachBellert, Anne M; Graham, Lorraine ; Pegg, John E 
102010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda 
112015Partnerships in Professional Learning: Engaging with Secondary Teachers to Support Literacy in a Global WorldClary, Deidre 
122015Linguistically informed teaching of spelling: Toward a relational approachHerrington, Michele; Macken-Horarik, Mary 
132006E-literature for Children: Enhancing Digital Literacy LearningUnsworth, L 
142008Effective Earth and Space Science AnalogiesTaylor, Neil ; Lyons, Terry 
152011Image-language interaction in online reading environments: challenges for students' reading comprehensionChan, Eveline ; Unsworth, Leonard 
162009'Pumpkin Soup' and grammatics: A critical literacy case study with Year 2French, Ruth
172009Reading comprehension and spoken language about multi-semiotic textsDaly, Ann Elizabeth
182010Challenges in the Development of a Multimedia Authoring PedagogyChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 
192007Cultural Maintenance and Promotion: The Print Media's Role in Providing Space for Knowledge and DiscourseThinley, Dorji
202008Secondary students' response to oral literature in their mother tongue: Insights and observations from an action research project in a Bhutanese schoolThinley, Dorji
212008It is Not Just About Content: Preparing Content Area Teachers to be Literacy LeadersClary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria; Styslinger, Mary E
222010Towards a 3D digital multimodal curriculum for the upper primary schoolChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 
232013Literacy Snapshots: Reading in my LifeGraham, Lorraine ; Berman, Jeanette 
242008Comparing and Composing Digital Re-presentations of Literature: Multimedia Authoring and Meta-communicative KnowledgeUnsworth, Len 
252008Negotiating New Literacies in English TeachingUnsworth, Len 
262005A literacy lifeline for students at riskUnsworth, Len 
272013Literacy and Curriculum: Language and Knowledge in the ClassroomFreebody, Peter; Chan, Eveline ; Barton, Georgina
282007Image/text relations and intersemiosis: Towards multimodal text description for multiliteracies educationUnsworth, Len 
292013Final Project Evaluation: Closing the Gap in NSW Independent SchoolsGraham, Lorraine ; Berman, Jeanette 
302005e-literature and on-line literary resources: engaging 'net-age' children with new forms of literary textsUnsworth, Len 
312008Multiliteracies and 'Basic Skills' AccountabilityMacken-Horarik, Mary 
322006Describing meaning-making at the intersection of language and image: Towards a metalanguage for multi-modal literacy pedagogyUnsworth, Len 
332013The Role of English in Culture Presearvation in BhutanThinley, Dorji; Maxwell, Thomas W 
342013Literacy Snapshots: Closing the Gap Evaluation 2012Graham, Lorraine ; Berman, Jeanette 
352008Savvy Sambo: Appraising an IconBuckland, Corinne Anitra; Simpson, Andrew Patrick Luke
362008The coal-face and the cutting-edge: a grammar for interfacing traditional and new literacies in the English curriculumUnsworth, Len 
372015Education for Sustainability in Primary English EducationHansford, Diane 
382015Remembering Nea Stewart-Dore: Reading and writing the (school) worldClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan 
392010Resourcing Multimodal Literacy Pedagogy: Toward a Description of the Meaning-Making Resources of Language-Image InteractionUnsworth, Leonard 
402009Bridging multimodal literacies and national assessment programs in literacyUnsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline 
412010Developing independent learning and literacy skills through the use of pictographed instructions: The Moving with Language programPearce, Anne; Graham, Lorraine ; Paterson, David L 
422007E-literature and on-line literary resources for 'Net-age' studentsUnsworth, Len 
431962Drama in the University: May 1957 - July 1962Ryan, John S 
442009RAISSE the Question: How might we teach reading across the content areas?Styslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria
452008Multimodal Semiotics: Functional Analysis in Contexts of EducationUnsworth, Len 
462015Language knowledge and its application: A snapshot of Australian teachers' viewsLove, Kristina; Macken-Horarik, Mary ; Horarik, Stefan 
472015Motivating study groups across the disciplines in secondary schoolsStyslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria A
482014Literacy In The Digital DomainMorgan, Anne-Marie 
492014Collaborative Literacy Research And Why It MattersComber, Barbara; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Freebody, Peter
502014Reading And Writing Science: A Whole-School ApproachMorgan, Anne-Marie 
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