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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Early microhabitat use by age 0 year brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis in lakesBiro, P A; Beckmann, Christa ; Ridgway, M S27-Sep-2017
22012Do drivers intentionally target wildlife on roads?Beckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard27-Sep-2017
32009Impact of Invasive Cane Toads on Australian BirdsBeckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard3-Oct-2017
42014Effects of an invasive species on refuge-site selection by native fauna: The impact of cane toads on native frogs in the Australian tropicsBleach, Iris; Beckmann, Christa ; Brown, Gregory P; Shine, Richard26-Sep-2017
52013On the Validity of a Single (Boldness) Assay in Personality ResearchBeckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A27-Sep-2017
62015Do the numbers and locations of road-killed anuran carcasses accurately reflect impacts of vehicular traffic?Beckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard28-Sep-2017
72015Hierarchical analysis of avian re-nesting behavior: mean, across-individual, and intra-individual responsesBeckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A; Martin, Kathy28-Sep-2017
82011Toad's tongue for breakfast: Exploitation of a novel prey type, the invasive cane toad, by scavenging raptors in tropical AustraliaBeckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard27-Sep-2017
92012The feeding behaviour and diet of the Black-necked Stork 'Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus australis' in northern New South WalesClancy, Gregory P21-Aug-2012
102011Responses of Australian wading birds to a novel toxic prey type, the invasive cane toad Rhinella marinaBeckmann, Christa ; Crossland, Michael R; Shine, Richard27-Sep-2017
112015Noisy neighbours at the frog pond: effects of invasive cane toads on the calling behaviour of native Australian frogsBleach, Iris T; Beckmann, Christa ; Both, Camila; Brown, Gregory P; Shine, Richard28-Sep-2017
122010The power of myth: The (non) impact of invasive cane toads (Bufo marinus) on domestic chickens (Gallus gallus)Beckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard3-Oct-2017
132008An Intraspecific Killing in Adult Pacific Reef Egrets (Egretta sacra)Beckmann, Christa 27-Sep-2017
142010Small within-day increases in temperature affects boldness and alters personality in coral reef fishBiro, Peter A; Beckmann, Christa ; Stamps, Judy A3-Oct-2017
152016Description of new cranial material of 'Propalorchestes' (Marsupialia: Palorchestidae) from the Middle Miocene Camfield Beds, Northern Territory, AustraliaTrusler, Peter W; Sharp, Alana10-Aug-2016
162017Alarm calls of a cooperative bird are referential and elicit context-specific antipredator behaviorFarrow, Lucy ; Doohan, Samantha J; McDonald, Paul 12-Sep-2017
172016A quantitative comparative analysis of the size of the frontoparietal sinuses and brain in vombatiform marsupialsSharp, Alana10-Aug-2016
182013Présence suspectée du tricot rayé à lèvres jaunes 'Laticauda colubrina' (Schneider, 1799) (Elapidae, Laticaudinae) à Wallis et FutunaHeatwole, Harold ; Brischoux, Francois10-Feb-2014
192014Observations on the Post-Fledging Period of the Collared Sparrowhawk ('Accipiter Cirrocephalus')Barnes, C P; Debus, Steve J S 28-Apr-2016
202014Surveys of the Red Goshawk ('Erythrotriorchis radiatus') and Other Raptors on the Weipa Plateau, Cape York PeninsulaDebus, Steve J S ; Searle, J B28-Apr-2016
212009Heart rate and ventilation in Antarctic fishes are largely determined by ecotypeCampbell, Hamish ; Davison, W; Fraser, K P P; Peck, L S; Egginton, S3-Dec-2014
222014Breeding behaviour and prey of Black Falcons, 'Falco subniger', including food-cachingCharley, D; Lutter, H; Debus, Steve J S 26-Apr-2016
232016Cranial biomechanics, bite force and function of the endocranial sinuses in 'Diprotodon optatum', the largest known marsupialSharp, Alana; Rich, Thomas H20-May-2016
242008A seasonally dependent change in the distribution and physiological condition of 'Caiman crocodilus yacare' in the Paraguay River BasinCampbell, Hamish ; Micheli, Mariana A; Abe, Augusto2-Dec-2014
252011Staying cool, keeping strong: incubation temperature affects performance in a freshwater turtleMicheli-Campbell, Mariana; Campbell, Hamish ; Cramp, R L; Booth, D T; Franklin, C E3-Dec-2014
262008Analysis of twinning in flying-foxes (Megachiroptera) reveals superfoetation and multiple-paternityFox, Samantha; Spencer, Hugh; O'Brien, Gemma Mary6-Nov-2009
272017Cancer Prevalence and Etiology in Wild and Captive AnimalsMadsen, Thomas; Arnal, Audrey; Roche, Benjamin; Thomas, Frederic; Ujvari, Beata; Vittecoq, Marion; Bernex, Florence; Abadie, Jerome; Labrut, Sophie; Garcia, Deborah; Faugere, Dominique; Lemberger, Karin; Beckmann, Christa 18-Oct-2017
282017The complex acoustic repertoire of a highly social species the Noisy Miner Manorina melanocephalaHolt, Juliana; Barati, Ahmad ; McDonald, Paul 9-Oct-2017
292017Curvilinear telomere length dynamics in a squamate reptileUjvari, Beata; Biro, Peter A; Charters, Jordan E; Brown, Gregory; Heasman, Kim; Beckmann, Christa ; Madsen, Thomas17-Oct-2017
302017A comparison of the diets of the Black-shouldered Kite 'Elanus axillaris' and Nankeen Kestrel 'Falco cenchroides' in the Canberra regionTsang, Leah; Rose, A B; Fuentes, E J; Olsen, Jerry; Trost, S; McDonald, Paul 9-Oct-2017
312017Nestlings reduce their predation risk by attending to predator-information encoded within conspecific alarm callsBarati, Ahmad; McDonald, Paul 17-Oct-2017
322009The relationship between O₂ chemoreceptors, cardio-respiratory reflex and hypoxia tolerance in the neotropical fish 'Hoplias lacerdae'Micheli-Campbell, Mariana; Campbell, Hamish ; Kalinin, Ana L; Rantin, Francisco T2-Dec-2014
332008Autonomic control of heart rate exhibits diurnal shifts in a crocodilianMicheli, Mariana A; Campbell, Hamish 2-Dec-2014
342013Nonshivering thermogenesis in the African lesser bushbaby, 'Galago moholi'Nowack, Julia ; Dausmann, Kathrin H; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi3-Dec-2014
352013Torpor as an emergency solution in 'Galago moholi': heterothermy is triggered by different constraintsNowack, Julia ; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausmann, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014
362013Surviving the Cold, Dry Period in Africa: Behavioral Adjustments as an Alternative to Heterothermy in the African Lesser Bushbaby ('Galago moholi')Nowack, Julia ; Wippich, Marta; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausmann, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014
372010Ecological and physiological determinants of dive duration in the freshwater crocodileCampbell, Hamish ; Sullivan, Scott; Read, Mark A; Gordos, Mathew A; Franklin, Craig E3-Dec-2014
382010Torpor on Demand: Heterothermy in the Non-Lemur Primate 'Galago moholi'Nowack, Julia ; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausman, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014
392005Diel changes in numbers of seabirds occupying Cays on the Swain Reefs, Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaJones, Menna; Heatwole, Harold ; O'Neill, Paul26-Oct-2011
402007Management of wild deer in Australia: with particular reference to fallow deer and red deerHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P27-Oct-2011
412006'Laticauda frontalis' (de Vis, 1905) and 'Laticauda saintgironsi' n.sp. from Vanuatu and New Caledonia (Serpentes: Elapidae: Laticaudinae) - a New Lineage of Sea Kraits?Cogger, Harold G; Heatwole, Harold 27-Oct-2011
422008High Densities of a "Rare" SkinkHeatwole, Harold ; Stuart, Bryan L26-Oct-2011
432008Country Records of Snakes from LaosStuart, Bryan L; Heatwole, Harold 26-Oct-2011
442010Pest Responses to Odors From Predators Fed a Diet of Target Species Conspecifics and HeterospecificsCox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Hall, Graham ; Li, Xiuhua26-Oct-2011
452005Management of Wild Deer in AustraliaHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P26-Oct-2011
462007Genetic structure of introduced European fallow deer ('Dama dama dama') in Tasmania, AustraliaWebley, Lee S; Zenger, Kyall R; Hall, Graham ; Cooper, Desmond W26-Oct-2011
472005Geographic Variation in Sea Kraits of the 'Laticauda colubrina' Complex (Serpentes: Elapidae: Hydrophiinae: Laticaudini)Heatwole, Harold ; Busack, Stephen; Cogger, Harold26-Oct-2011
482006Record of the little-known 'Rana nigrotympanica' Dubois, 1992 (Amphibia: Ranidae) from northern LaosStuart, Bryan L; Heatwole, Harold ; Lian, Tan Fui26-Oct-2011
492005'Anolis carolinensis': A Temperate Anole that is a Potentially Continuous BreederFrear, Lori A; Heatwole, Harold 26-Oct-2011
502007Distribution of two species of sea snakes, 'Aipysurus laevis' and 'Emydocephalus annulatus', in the southern Great Barrier Reef: metapopulation dynamics, marine protected areas and conservationLukoschek, V; Heatwole, Harold ; Grech, A; Burns, G; Marsh, H26-Oct-2011
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