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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Volatiles from the Rare Australian Desert Plant 'Prostanthera centralis' B.J.Conn (Lamiaceae): Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial ActivityCollins, Tim; Jones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas6-Jan-2015
22011Ancient Essential Oils: Exploring the Effects of Age on BioactivitySadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 1-Aug-2012
32011Bioactivity and Characterisation of essential oils from 'Geijera parviflora' (Rutaceae) (Lindley) (Wilga bush): a native bush medicine from AustraliaSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 1-Aug-2012
42010Free radical scavenging, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal capacity of extracts from the leaves of 'Eremophila longifolia' (F. Muell) (Myoporaceae): an indigenous Australian medicinal plant with high geographic chemovariabilitySadgrove, Nicholas; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 1-Aug-2012
52002Managing saffron thistle in pastures with strategic grazingGrace , BS; Whalley, RD ; Sheppard, AW; Sindel, BM 30-Jul-2008
62015New insights into aromatic medicinal plant use by Australian Aboriginal PeopleJones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas10-Dec-2015
72015Alpha-Cyclodextrin encapsulation enhances antimicrobial activity of cineole-rich essential oils from Australian species of 'Prostanthera' (Lamiaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 23-Dec-2015
82015'Azospirillum' Cell Aggregation, Attachment and Plant InteractionPereg, Lily 7-Jan-2016
91994Different niches of the 'Halophila stipulacea' seagrass bed harbor distinct populations of nitrogen fixing bacteriaPereg, Lily ; Lipkin, Y; Sar, N23-Jul-2013
101997Regulation of 'nif' Gene Expression and Nitrogen Metabolism in 'Azospirillum'Elmerich, C; de Zamaroczy, M; Arsene, F; Pereg, Lily ; Paquelin, A; Kaminski, A24-Jul-2013
112016Assessment of affinity and specificity of 'Azospirillum' for plantsPereg, Lily ; de-Bashan, Luz E; Bashan, Yoav15-Feb-2016
122009Mapping SNP-anchored genes using high-resolution melting analysis in almondWu, Shubiao ; Tavassolian, Iraj; Rabiei, Gholamreza; Hunt, Peter; Wirthensohn, Michelle; Gibson, John ; Ford, Christopher; Sedgley, Margaret 8-Mar-2010
132009Essential Oil Composition of two New Species of 'Phelabium' (Rutaceae) From North-Eastern NSW, AustraliaPala-Paul, Jesus; Copeland, Lachlan; Brophy, Joseph J; Goldsack, Robert J10-Mar-2010
142006Fire season and intensity: implications for plant conservationClarke, Peter John ; Knox, Kirsten J; Williams, Paul23-Feb-2010
152012Faster growth of 'Eucalyptus grandis' and 'Eucalyptus pilularis' in mixed-species stands than monoculturesForrester, David I; Smith, R Geoff B 31-Jul-2013
162004Seed-bank dynamics of 'Eleocharis': can spatial and temporal variability explain habitat segregation?Bell, Dorothy ; Clarke, Peter John 29-Oct-2009
172002Fate of annual pasture legumes seeds on a two-way thermogradient plateLodge, G M; Whalley, Ralph D 30-Oct-2009
182013Changes in Essential Oil Composition and Bioactivity of 'Eremophila longifolia' (F. Muell) (Scrophulariaceae) in Conditions Simulating Australian Aboriginal Traditional Ceremonial and Medicinal Smoking Applications (BA 24)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 9-Jan-2014
192013Cytogeography of 'Eremophila longifolia' (F. Muell) (Scrophulariaceae) Essential Oil Chemotypes in Australia (BV 61)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 9-Jan-2014
202013New Directions in Australian Essential Oil Research: Chemistry, Chemotypology and Chemotaxonomy; The Three C Essentials (O-1)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 9-Jan-2014
211992Plant Tissue Culture PracticeTaji, Acram; Dodd, William A; Williams, Richard R25-Aug-2016
222010Cucumber ('Cucumis sativus') and melon ('C. melo') have numerous wild relatives in Asia and Australia, and the sister species of melon is from AustraliaSebastian, P; Schaefer, H; Telford, I R H ; Renner, SS12-Jul-2011
23Nov-2018Pleistocene divergence of two disjunct conifers in the eastern Australian temperate zoneWorth, James R P; Sakaguchi, Shota; Harrison, Peter A; Bruniche-Olsen, Anna; Janes, Jasmine K ; Crisp, Michael D; Bowman, David M J S14-Jun-2019
24Jul-2019Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark EucalyptusAlwadani, Khawla G; Janes, Jasmine K ; Andrew, Rose L 14-Jun-2019
252006Comparative antibacterial and antifungal activity of a new type of essential oil from the Australian medicinal plant 'Eremophila longifolia' (F. Muell)Smith, Joshua Eachan; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 10-Aug-2012
262005Isolation and identification of antimicrobial compounds from the Australian medicinal plant 'Eremophila duttonii' (Scrophulariaceae)Smith, Joshua Eachan; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 10-Aug-2012
272005Vegetation of Culgoa National Park, central northern New South WalesHunter, John T 3-Nov-2009
282002Experiments on tree and shrub establishment in temperate grassy woodlands: Seedling survivalClarke, Peter John 3-Nov-2009
292016Differences in disturbance type and nutrient availability favour different functional traits across three co-occurring montane wetland systems in eastern AustraliaHunter, John T 31-Oct-2016
302011'Walwhalleya jacobsiana' (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South AustraliaBruhl, Jeremy J ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
312006Response of Resprouting Shrubs to Repeated Fires in the Dry Sclerophyll Forest of Gilbraltar Range National ParkKnox, Kirsten Janet ; Clarke, Peter John 5-Nov-2009
322006Response of Montane Wet Sclerophyll Forest Understorey Species to Fire: Evidence from High and Low Intensity FiresCampbell, Monica L; Clarke, Peter John 5-Nov-2009
332005Floristics and distribution of Wattle Dry Sclerophyll Forests and Scrubs in north-eastern New South WalesHunter, John T 5-Nov-2009
342005Vegetation and floristics of Warra National Park and 'Wattleridge', Northern Tablelands, NSWHunter, John T 5-Nov-2009
352009The misapplication of the name 'Croton urticoides', the reinstatement of the name 'Adriana tomentosa', and Allan Cunningham's book herbarium at Chelsea Physic GardenOrchard, A E; Gross, Caroline L 11-Mar-2010
362009Differentiation between the two subspecies of 'Atherosperma moschatum' Labill. (Atherospermataceae) from their leaf oilsBrophy, Joseph J; Buchanan, Alex M; Copeland, Lachlan; Dimitriadis, Eugene; Goldsack, Robert J; Hibbert, D Brynn11-Mar-2010
372004Floristic patterns in coastal rainforest of Shoalwater Bay, Central QueenslandMcCarthy, Peter; Clarke, Peter John ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 3-Nov-2009
382008Wetland biodiversity in coastal New South Wales: the Wallis Lake catchment as a case studyGriffith, Stephen J ; Wilson, R3-Nov-2009
392004Fire response syndromes of shrubs in grassy woodlands in the New England Tableland BioregionKnox, Kirsten Janet ; Clarke, Peter John 3-Nov-2009
402006Fire History and Soil Gradients Generate Floristic Patterns in Montane Sedgelands and Wet Heaths of Gibraltar Range National ParkWilliams, Paul Richard; Clarke, Peter John 6-Nov-2009
412006Introduction to the Biology and Ecology of Gibraltar Range National Park and Adjacent areas: Patterns, Processes and ProspectsClarke, Peter John ; Myerscough, P. J.6-Nov-2009
422005Phytogeography, range size and richness of Australian endemic 'Sauropus'Hunter, John T 1-May-2009
432005Geographic variation in plant species richness patterns within temperate eucalypt woodlands of eastern AustraliaHunter, John T 21-Sep-2011
442012Plant growth promoting characteristics of soil yeast ('Candida tropicalis' HY) and its effectiveness for promoting rice growthAmprayn, Khanok-on; Rose, Michael T; Kecskes, Mihaly L; Pereg, Lily ; Nguyen, Hien T; Kennedy, Ivan R25-Sep-2012
452015A Contemporary Introduction to Essential Oils: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Prospects for Australian AgricultureSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 7-May-2015
462003Australian wetland plants and wetlands in the landscape: Conservation of diversity and future managementBrock, Margaret Anne9-Aug-2010
472009Analysis of cotton ('Gossypium hirsutum') root proteomes during a compatible interaction with the black root rot fungus 'Thielaviopsis basicola'Coumans-Moens, Joelle ; Poljak, Anne; Raftery, Mark J; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 27-Jul-2010
482005Characterisation and evaluation of antibacterial activity of a new type of essential oil from 'Eremophila longifolia'Smith, Joshua Eachan; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 24-Jun-2010
492014Vegetation of 'Little Bora' Nature Conservation Trust Agreement, North Western Slopes, New South WalesHunter, John T 23-Jun-2015
502005Long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation: Invasion of an exotic perennial grass has larger effects than rainfall variabilityClarke, Peter John ; Latz, Peter K; Albrecht, David E10-Dec-2009
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