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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Talpids humerus and mandible 2D aligned landmark coordinatesWroe, Stephen ; Sansalone, Gabriele 8-Oct-2018
27-Feb-2018Body temperature as a remote measure of health in sheepKearton, Tellisa ; Cowley, Frances ; Doughty, Amanda ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Godwin, Ian ; Webster, Hollie 14-Sep-2018
315-Dec-2017Metal Complexes and their Role in Wine ChemistryMacDonald, Leah ; Lye, Peter 15-Dec-2017
45-Jun-2018Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learningLi, Huifang 5-Jun-2018
52018The Canons DatabaseStoessel, Jason ; Blackburn, Alana ; Collins, Denis11-Apr-2019
63-Nov-2017Elemental Data of Bakers Creek-Macleay River CatchmentObiakor, Maximilian; Wilson, Susan; Tighe, Matthew; Pereg, Lily12-Sep-2018
720-Nov-2017Art as Everyday Practice: a Study of Gongfu tea in Chaoshan, Chinad'Abbs, Peter; Wu, Cuncun 12-Sep-2018
812-Jan-2018The Philosophy and Practice of Japanese AcupunctureCoop, Paul; Chant, Benjamin ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Madison, Jeanne 5-Jul-2018
92019Mobile Devices for English Language Learning: An Exploration of Student and Faculty Member Skills and Attitudes in a Saudi Arabian ContextAlshammari, Radhi ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Adlington, Rachael 6-Jun-2019
101-May-2019Analysis of Congruency Occurring in Policy Development and Implementation Practices to Promote Gender Equity in Pre-Service Teacher Education in Papua New GuineaWaninga, Komhiol Teng; Hardy, Joy ; Soliman, Izabel20-Feb-2020
112019How does popular media influence mental health literacy?Bartik, Warren 27-May-2019
1219-Dec-2017Adoptions from foster care through Family and Community Services (FACS)del Pozo de Bolger, Andrea ; Dunstan, Debra 8-Jan-2018
1314-Nov-2017Quality Assurance in The University Sector: Comparative case studies in Australia and VietnamDong, Ngoc Son; Wolodko, Brenda ; Elliott, Susan 12-Sep-2018
145-Feb-2018Impacts of climate change on staple crops and their pestsCabral, Nadiezhda Ramirez; Kumar, Lalit; Shabani, Farzin22-Feb-2018
1512-Feb-2018Design and Implementation of a Smartphone Clicker App for Teaching Purposes in Saudi ArabiaAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Kwan, Paul Wing 11-Sep-2018
164-Oct-2017The importance of various indicators of active learning on the enhancement of motivation, engagement, and English performance: A mixed-methods, longitudinal study in the Saudi contextAlrashidi, Oqab; Phan, Huy; Ngu, Bing11-Sep-2018
174-May-2018Factors influencing Barbervax® immunity and effects on wellbeing and production in Merino ewes and lambsBroomfield, Madeleine ; Walkden-Brown, Steve ; Doyle, Emma ; Kahn, Lewis 4-May-2018
1812-Apr-2019Nature Red Tooth and Claw: Studies of Extinct and Extant Arthropod Predator-Prey SystemsBicknell, Russell D C 25-Feb-2020
192019Indigenous Cultural Competency for Legal Academics Program dataBurns, Marcelle ; Behrendt, Larissa; Hong, Anita Lee; McMillan, Mark; Wood, Asmi; Vidler, Robert ; Murray, Fiona; Trelford, Phillipa; Kirk, Bob9-May-2019
2024-Jan-2019Dataset for Prompting Help-Seeking to Reduce Psychological Distress: A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet InterventionMalouff, John 24-Jan-2019
2122-Feb-2018Fiscal policy in AustraliaNguyen, Huu Luyen; Hoang, Nam; Siriwardana, Ananda22-Feb-2018
222-Feb-2018The effect of EFL teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) on EFL teaching in Saudi Arabian Secondary SchoolsAlghamdi, Sami; Parkes, Mitchell ; Reyes, Vicente Jr2-Feb-2018
235-Feb-2018Teacher perceptions of curriculum change in the bilingual reform programs in government schools in the United Arab Emirates: An interpretative phenomenological analysisEl Gamal, Glenda; Morgan, Anne-Marie; Nye, Adele21-Jun-2018
2414-Feb-2018Reviving revenant remnants: guiding revegetation using metapopulation modelling for improving connectivity in a fragmented landscapeFoster, Else; Reid, Nicholas; Rader, Romina; Dri, Michael2-Jul-2018
2524-Oct-2017Changing Art in a Shifting LandscapeLandy, Elizabeth; Beck, Wendy; Gunn, Robert12-Sep-2018
2622-Aug-2017Unsuccessful introduced biocontrol agents can act as pollinators of invasive weeds: Bitou Bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. rotundata) as an exampleGross, Caroline; Whitehead, Joshua D; Silveira de Souza, Camila; Mackay, David 23-Aug-2017
2713-Dec-2017Opening the doors of possibility for gifted/high-ability children with learning difficulties: Preliminary assessment strategies for primary school teachersHaines, MaryAnne; Cornish, Linley; Bannister-Tyrrell, Michelle15-Dec-2017
2831-Oct-2017Impact of management on soil carbon and nutrient cycling and storage under contrasting farming systemsSingh, Bhupinder; Cowie, Annette; Sarker, Jharna 12-Sep-2018
293-Nov-2017DNA migration or DNA damage in fish erythrocytes: Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis Assay DataObiakor, Maximilian; Wilson, Susan; Tighe, Matthew; Pereg, Lily12-Sep-2018
3012-Jan-2018Importing Western human resource systems and practices into a Saudi company: A case study analysisAlghannam, Ziyad; McClenaghan, Peter ; Cooksey, Ray11-Sep-2018
3130-Nov-2017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa; Sheridan, Alison30-Nov-2017
3222-May-2018Mapping Long Term Changes in Mangrove Cover and Predictions of Future Change under Different Climate Change Scenarios in the Sundarbans, BangladeshGhosh, Manoj Kumer; Kumar, Lalit 22-May-2018
3322-Jun-2018Modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent HimalayasLamsal, Pramod; Kumar, Lalit 26-Jun-2018
3414-May-2018The prevalence of dissociation and Dissociative Disorders, and trauma and parent-child dynamics as etiological factors: implications for the validity of the Trauma Model and Fantasy Model of dissociationKate, Mary-Anne; Jamieson, Graham; Middleton, Warwick15-May-2018
3513-Feb-2018Adaptive Learning and Forgetting in an Unconventional Experimental RoutineKyonka, Elizabeth; Bell-Garrison, Daniel; Rice, Nathaniel16-Feb-2018
3625-Jun-2018Applying behavioural strategies to promote household water-conservation strategiesAddo, Isaac; Thoms, Martin; Parsons, Melissa11-Sep-2018
3711-Jan-2018Portrayal of terrorism and corruption in non-commercial advertisements: Gender, images and metaphorAlani, Sura; Corrigan, Peter; Ndhlovu, Finex11-Sep-2018
385-Sep-2019Global Trends in Transnational Higher EducationNoronha-Barrett, Joyce; Ware, Helen 12-Jan-2020
3915-Nov-2019Convict labour landscapes, Port Arthur 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard L ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Roe, David; Steele, Jody; Hood, Susan; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish; Godfrey, Barry2-Dec-2019
4019-Sep-2019Head to Head: the case for combative behaviour in Megaloceros giganteusKlinkhamer, Ada J ; Woodley, Nicholas; Neenan, James M; Parr, William C H; Clausen, Philip; Sanchez-Villagra, Marcelo R; Lister, Adrian; Wroe, Stephen 19-Sep-2019
412020Can Consumers Do It All? A Qualitative Exploration of Factors that Influence the Purchase of Sustainable Palm Oil ProductsSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald William ; Alex, Anoop; Lykins, Amy Dianne 30-Jan-2020
4231-Dec-2018Biting mechanics determines craniofacial morphology among extant diprotodont herbivores: Dietary predictions for the giant extinct short-faced kangaroo, Simosthenurus occidentalis.Mitchell, David; Wroe, Stephen 1-Nov-2018
4325-Jun-20183D meshes data for Raptor talon shape and biomechanicsWroe, Stephen ; Sansalone, Gabriele 25-Jun-2018
4427-Apr-2018‘What the student does’ Undergraduate business students in group work: A narrative study of learner experiencesSheridan, Alison; Gregory, Susanne; Watson, Jo-Anne 30-Apr-2018
456-Nov-2017Contextualised Environment Influence on Group DynamicsWolodko, Keith ; Cooksey, Ray12-Sep-2018
461-Jun-2018SensorNets - SMART Farms Soil Moisture NetworkGaire, Raj; Schneider, Derek ; Lamb, David ; Moore, Darren 1-Jun-2018
4726-Mar-2018Using Neem to Control Charcoal Rot Of ChickpeaSalman, Ali; Backhouse, David 26-Mar-2018
484-May-2018Impacts of Ascaridia galli infection on health, immunity, productivity and egg quality of free-range laying hensSharma, Nisha; Ruhnke, Isabelle; Hunt, Peter; Hine, Bradley; Swick, Robert4-May-2018
4922-May-2018Intended and Taught GNH-Infused Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Thimphu and Samtse Districts, Bhutan: A Mixed Methods School Effectiveness ResearchThinley, Pema; Haynes, John; Cohen, Kristen; Jenkins, Kathryn22-May-2018
503-May-2018Registered Nurses' understanding, knowledge and perceptions of the association between sexually transmitted infections and domestic violence: a qualitative exploratory studyBellia, Sharne; East, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; Hutchinson, Marie12-Sep-2018
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