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12004Review of 'The Theory and Practice of Promoting Emotional Literacy in Your School', Gillian Shotton, 2003, Ainsdale: Positive Behaviour Management £7.99 + £0.66 postage, 29 pp.Boyle, Chris 
22007Season and parity effects on the feed intake of lactating sows in an Australian commercial piggeryJones, Robert Michael; Hermesch, Susanne 
32009CultureGoddard, Cliff 
42007Association between lactation, feed intake and lifetime reproductive performance of sowsHermesch, Susanne ; Jones, Robert Michael
52009'Liberty or Life!': The Convict Pirates of the WellingtonIhde, Erin 
62008The Reproductive Physiology of LeptinPanwar, Shalini; McFarlane, James ; Kauter, K
72007The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into AustraliaCarrington, Kerry ; McIntosh, Alison F; Walmsley, Dennis James 
82009Navigational metalanguages for new territory in English: The potential of grammaticsMacken-Horarik, Mary 
92008Leadership in Australian Rural Schools: Bush Track, Fast TrackGraham, Lorraine ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Paterson, David Leonard 
102009A Test of Character: Regulating Place-identity in Inner-city MelbourneDovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian
112008No evidence of sexual transmission of Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus in a heterosexual South African populationMalope, Babatyi I; MacPhail, Patrick; Mbisa, Georgina; MacPhail, Catherine ; Stein, Lara; Ratshikhopha, Edith M; Ndhlou, Lewis; Sitas, Freddy; Whitby, Denise
122007Review of 'Breaking the cycle of educational alienation: A multi-professional approach', Richard Williams and Colin Pritchard, Maidenhead: Open University Press £18.99 (pbk), 217 pp. ISBN 0-335-21917-9Boyle, Chris 
132004Regular revaccination for infectious bronchitis virus in laying hens: advantages and disadvantagesSulaiman, Abrani; Roberts, Juliet Rosemary ; Ball, Wendy
142008Technical and Socio-Economic Constraints to Duck Production in the Philippines: A Productivity AnalysisChang, Christie ; Villano, Renato 
152004The Ethnopragmatics and Semantics of 'active metaphors'Goddard, Cliff 
162004Diet type, apparent metabolisable energy and digesta viscosity in laying hens of two different agesRoberts, Juliet Rosemary ; Ball, Wendy
172004A model for Marek's Disease transmission in broiler chickensGao, Zhanhai; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Islam, A Fakhrul ; Groves, P J; Underwood, G J; Sergeant, E S G
182005Landscape patterns of woody plant response to crown fire: Disturbance and productivity influence sprouting abilityClarke, PJ ; Knox, KJ ; Wills, K; Campbell, MA
192005Consumer Protection in E-Commerce in Malaysia: An OverviewKaur, Kiranjit
202004A Fifteenth-century Response to a Musical Text: The Editor-scribe in Chantilly, Bibliothèque du Musée Condeé, ms. 564 (Codex Chantilly)Stoessel, J 
212004Cognitive Modeling and Verbal Semantics: A Representational Framework Based on UMLSchalley, A 
222004Influence of Marek's disease virus infection on the haematogram of broiler chickensIslam, A Fakhrul ; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Groves, P J; Colditz, I 
232007Refugees and Refugee Policy in MalaysiaKaur, Amarjit 
242003Surface and deep approaches to business ethicsFisher, JA 
252004Efficacy of alternatives to AGPS in broilers challenged with 'Clostridium Perfringens'Kocher, Andreas; Rodgers, Nick; Choct, Mingan 
262003Effects of the Asian Economic Crisis on Singapore and Its Policy Responses: A General Equilibrium AnalysisSiriwardana, Mahinda ; Iddamalgoda, Anoma
272002Indonesian Language Education and the Limits of ToleranceTamatea, LM 
282004Chicken interleukin-6 as a productivity enhancer in broiler chickensKoch, Mary Anne; Kocher, Andreas; Lowenthal, J W; Choct, Mingan 
292008The occurrence and conservation status of Tasmanian Pterostylis (Orchidaceae)Janes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E
302002Pasture intake and digestibility by young and non-breeding adult sheep: The extent of genetic variation and relationships with productivityLee, GJ; Atkins, KD; Swan, A 
312008Interstate Conflicts and Regionalism in South Asia: Prospects and ChallengesAhmed, Zahid; Bhatnagar, S
322004The accuracy and usability of the radial gel diffusion assay and a dye-release technique for determination of β-glucanase in feedChoct, Mingan ; Nhan, U; Kocher, Andreas; Tan, H M; Teo, A; Carter, R R
332001Genetic and phenotypic variance and covariance components for feed intake, feed efficiency, and other postweaning traits in Angus cattleArthur, PF; Archer, JA; Johnston, D ; Herd, RM; Richardson, EC; Parnell, PF
342008Psychological Distress among Prostate Cancer Patients: Fact or Fiction?Sharpley, Christopher ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Christie, David R H 
352003Differentiation of Marek's diesease virus serotypes using PCR: Research and field experienceWalkden-Brown, Steve William ; Groves, P J; Islam, Afm Fakhrul ; Burgess, S K; Arzey, K E; Mascord, L; Young, P L
362008An exploratory analysis of the use of cognitive, adaptive and behavioural indices for cluster analysis of ASD subgroupsBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher ; Orapeleng, S
372009Creative Agents and Triggers (CAT) Game Design Method: For Crisis CommunicationDowd, Cate 
382006Maximising Opportunities and Minimising Threats: Is there a place for minorities in the 'risk society'?Owen, John Robert; Khavarpour, F
392004Monitoring Marek's disease virus in broiler flocks using standard and real-time quantitative PCR of spleen and dust samplesWalkden-Brown, Steve William ; Groves, P J; Islam, Aminul; Rubite, A T; Islam, A Fakhrul ; Burgess, Susan 
402007Introduction to UNEAC Asia Papers - Special Issue: Refugees and Refugee Policies in the Asia-Pacific RegionKaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 
412005The Meaning of Music in the Lives of Older People: A Qualitative StudyHays, TN; Minichiello, V 
422008Migration and Security: Political, Social and Economic Contexts of MigrationKaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 
432004Peak of lay infection with infectious bronchitis virus: its impact on egg quality parameters of four strains of laying henJolly, Megan; Roberts, Juliet Rosemary ; Ball, Wendy
442008International Migration and Governance in Malaysia: Policy and PerformanceKaur, Amarjit 
452004Effectiveness of alternative feed supplements to broiler diets using a necrotis enteritis challenge modelKocher, Andreas; Choct, Mingan ; Teo, A; Tan, H M; Carter, R R
462005An Overview of the External Debt Situation in Sri LankaPathberiya, Palitha; Wijeweera, Albert 
472006The Macquarie Word Genius Reference LibraryKupczyk-Romanczuk, G
482008Students' conceptual understanding and critical thinking: A case for concept maps and vee-diagrams in mathematics problem-solvingAfamasaga-Fuata'i, Karoline 
492004Effect of early feeding and grain type on growth and performance of broilersAo, Zhigang; Choct, Mingan 
502006'Not just another face in the crowd': Report from SiMERR New South WalesAfamasaga-Fuata'i, K ; Lyons, T ; Merrotsy, P; Paterson, DL ; Smith, HJ
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