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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11985Dingo ('Canis familiaris dingo' Meyer 1793) Predation and its Effect on the Major Prey Species, the Swamp Wallaby ('Wallabia bicolor' Desmarest 1804) in North-Eastern New South WalesRobertshaw, John Douglas; Harden, Bob; de Bavay, John
21989Antarctic Hoosh - The Genesis of a Keneally NovelRyan, John S 
31980'Frothi, Frodo - and Dodo and Odo'Ryan, John S 
41984Grazing Management of Native and Natural Pastures on the Northern Slopes of New South WalesLodge, Gregory Mark; Whalley, Ralph 
51987Kenneth Cook (1929-1987) - An AppreciationRyan, John S 
61989Furphy 2 - A Walter Scott Model for the Structure of Robbery Under ArmsRyan, John S 
71983Physiological and Nutritional Aspects of Restricted Feeding of PoultryJohnson, Raymond Joseph; Farrell, D J; Cumming, R B
81984Residential Demand for Water in the Lower Hunter Valley: Estimates and Policy ImplicationsMcDonald, Alexander David; Musgrave, Warren
91984Australian Aid to Papua New Guinea: A Case Study of the Transfer MechanismPoulsen, Peter; Treadgold, Malcolm; Blackert, Wes
101984An Analysis of Female Beef Cattle Inventory Response in New South Wales Using the Adaptive Risk ModelHarrison, Ian; Griffiths, Bill
111984Socio-Economic Determinants of Fertility Change: An Inquiry Into The Philippine ExperienceGonzalo, Roselli Palma; Harris, Geoff
121984Comparative Behaviour and Ecology of Some Australian Bark Foraging BirdsNoske, Richard Alfred; Ford, Hugh
131985Genetics of Growth in Mice with Particular Reference to the Application of Nonlinear ModelsParratt, Andrew Christopher; Barker, James S F
141984Individual Differences in the Physiological Detection of DeceptionHorneman, Christopher John; O'Gorman, J G
151985Nesting Behaviour and Nest Site Selection of the Domestic HenKite, Vivien Gai; Wodzicka-Tomaszewska, Manika; Cumming, R B
161985Effects of High Temperature on Growth Performance of PigsVajrabukka, Chanvit; Farrell, D J; Thwaites, C J
171985A Study of the Leader Behaviour of the Academic Department Heads in Thai Teachers' Colleges from the Standpoint of Situational Leadership TheoryBrowne, Geoffrey Hooper; Thomas, A Ross; Hannah, William
181985Student Teacher Role Expectations: An Exploratory Study of the Impress of Lecturers and Teachers on Student Teachers' Role ConceptionsSinclair, Ronald Albert; Garner, John; Holt, Ron
191989Stress and Health: 'Little Hassles' Versus Major Life EventsRuffin, Coral Lynette; Gates, Richard
201988A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of the Tanzanian Sugar IndustryByombalirwa, Emmanuel; MacAulay, T G
211989An Analysis of Food Consumption Expenditures of Rural Households: A Case Study of Three Regions in Sri LankaKottege, Dharmasri Jayantha Premalal; Parton, Kevin
221984The Influence of French Literature on Patrick White's 'The Living and the Dead'Ryan, John S 
231989Urea and Electrolyte Excretion by SheepGodwin, Ian Robert ; Williams, V J; Morris, R J H
241986Bones, breaks and mendsDavies, Paddy; Taylor, Neil 
251987Protein-Energy Interrelationships in Productive RuminantsThrockmorton, John Cardar; Leng, Ronald
261984The effects of monensin on the pool size and turnover rate of protozoa in the rumen of sheepLeng, Ronald; Nolan, John V ; Cumming, G; Edwards, S R; Graham, C A
271988Nitrogen Kinetics in Cattle Fed a Mature Subtropical Grass Hay with and without Protein Meal SupplementationHennessy, D W; Nolan, John V 
281983Studies on the Nutrition of Macropodine Marsupials V.* Microbial Fermentation in the Forestomach of Thylogale thetis and Macropus eugeniiDellow, D W; Nolan, John V ; Hume, I D
291989Translator's IntroductionMcDonald, William 
301983The Australian Vascular Epiphytes: Flora & EcologyWallace, Benjamin John; Beadle, Noel C W; Williams, John; Charley, Jim
311985The Utilization of 'Eucalyptus' Foliage by the Greater Glider ('Petauroides volans') and the Brushtail Possum ('Trichosurus vulpecula')Foley, William John; Hume, I D
321986Sir Gawain and St Winifred: hagiography and miracle in West MerciaRyan, John S 
331985Economic Aspects of Tractor and Animal Use in Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Quadratic Risk Programming ApproachDelforce, Julie Christine; MacAulay, Gordon
341985Eucalypt Dieback on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesNadolny, Christopher; Williams, J B; Brown, J F
351981VI. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 
361984Une Lecture Socio-Linguistique de l'Identite MarocaineManser, Ross William
371986Ecology, Social Behaviour and Reproductive Success in a Population of Red-Necked WallabiesJohnson, Christopher Norman; Jarman, Peter 
381986A Study to Determine Feasible Government Development Strategies for Farms in Nimboran Irian JayaKarafir, Yan Pieter; Pearse, R A
391987Poverty in Thailand: Degree, Distribution and DeterminantsKyi, Tin Hla; Hall, Peter; Harris, Geoff
401989The Impact of Alternative Land Tenure and Administration on Pastoral Property Management and Land ConditionRobertson, Andrew Gordon; Musgrave, Warren
411984Rehabilitation of Antimony Mine Wastes at Hillgrove, New South WalesWatkins, Warwick Arthur; MacLeod, D; Lovett, J; So, H B; Perrens, S; Simpson, G; Burton, J R
421986Economics of Preserving Eucalypt Woodland: Dieback Control, Preservation of Woodland and ChoicesEkanayake, Rohan; Sinden, John
431989Farm Resource-Allocation and Efficiency in Three Regions of East Java, IndonesiaSoekartawi,; MacAulay, T G; Dillon, J L
441988Military Expenditure and Economic Growth: The Case of Sri LankaPiyadasa, Edirisuriya Patabendige; Siriwardana, Mahinda
451985The Rise and Legitimation of Chiropractic: A Study of ProfessionalisationCampbell, Stephen A; Black, A; Dillon, John
461986High Resolution Magnetics in the Presence of Intense Near Surface Magnetic NoiseSertsrivanit, Somsri; Stanley, John 
471987Determinants of the Growth of Government Expenditure in Thailand, 1960-1979Malla, Shambhu; Hunter, J S H; Harris, G T
481982Review of 'Linguistic Perspectives on Literature' Edited by Marvin K. Ching: London, Routledge Kegan Paul, 1980, pp. xvi + 332.Ryan, John S 
491987The Fenians and Australia c 1865-1880Amos, Keith William
501981Review of 'The Summoning of Everyman' ed. Geoffrey Cooper and Christopher Wortham: Nedlands, W.A. University of Western Australia Press, 1980, + 72.Ryan, John S 
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