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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11976Technological Change in Australian Agriculture, 1920-21 to 1969-70Powell, Roy Alfred; Musgrave, Warren; Dillon, John
21972Gleanings from GreenelandRyan, John S 
31972IntroductionRyan, John S 
41974Immunity to Helminth InfectionsDineen, J K; Love, R J; Gregg, Peter ; Donald, A D; Anderson, N; Bremner, K C; Fridemanis, R; Kelly, J D; Rothwell, T L W; Jones, W O; Goodrich, B S; Smith, I D; Merritt, G C; Hogarth-Scott, R S; Curtain, C C
51971VII. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 
61971B. AustralianRyan, John S 
71978'And what may Britain be?' - The fiction field of Roman Britain: Part TwoRyan, John S 
81978Response of beef cattle to infused supplements of urea and of urea-molasses when offered a low quality grass hayHennessy, D W; Nolan, John V ; Gartner, R J W; Ball, F M; Leng, R A
91972Structure, Imagery and Theme in 'The Power and the Glory'Ryan, John S 
101972Men of Affairs - The Greenes of BerkhamstedRyan, John S 
111976Studies on Some Immunological Aspects of Australian Infectious Bronchitis VirusesChubb, Roger Charles; Cumming, R B
121979Nitrogen metabolism in Brahman cross, buffalo, banteng and Shorthorn steers fed on low-quality roughageMoran, J B; Norton, B W; Nolan, John V 
131977The Keepit ConglomerateRussell, Terence George; McKelvey, Barrie
141973'An art which does mend nature': A Study in the Novels of George EliotGillies, John; Ryan, John S 
151977The structure and functions of state school councils: a proposal for governance of the schools in the Darling Downs regionClinch, Robert Michael; Thomas, Ross
161972Donnithorne, Eliza Emily (1826 ? - 1886)Ryan, John S 
171972Dexter, Caroline (1819-1884)Ryan, John S 
181978Thomas Keneally and Jimmie BlacksmithRyan, John S 
191973Mediaeval Drama: A reading listRyan, John S 
201977Merlin and the 'Past and Future King': The Stewart RecensionRyan, John S 
211977Tolkein's SourcesRyan, John S 
221973Aspects of Glucose Synthesis in SheepJudson, Geoffrey James; Leng, Ronald; McClymont, G L; Langlands, J P
231971Botanical Investigation of New South Wales 1811-1880: An examination of the means by which botanical knowledge of the area now known as New South Wales was gained and recorded during the seventy years from the publication of Robert Brown's Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae to the second year after the completion of George Bentham's Flora AustraliensisGilbert, Lionel Arthur
241974Some Aspects of the Whole Plant Physiology of Selected Short Stature Wheat CultivarsMatheson, Edward Murdoch; Lovett, J V; Single, W V
251978The Dick Bequest and Parochial Education in North Eastern Scotland, 1833-53Kent, David 
261976Structural Analysis and Geological Evolution of the Rockvale - Coffs Harbour Region, Northern New South WalesKorsch, Russell John; Harrington, H J
271970Plutonic and Metamorphic Rocks of the Walcha-Nowendoc-Yarrowitch District, Northern New South WalesGunthorpe, R J; Binns, R A; Wilkinson, J F G
281977Ferdinand Ries: A Thematic CatalogueHill, Cecil
291974Judith Wright: Those 'Aunts in the Close' and the 'Remittance Man'Ryan, John S 
301977The Methods of HistoriansKent, David 
311973The Italians and their Language in AustraliaRyan, John S 
321979Boldrewood and an Implied EtymologyRyan, John S 
331974The Ecology and Management of 'Trichosurus' Species (Marsupialia) in N.S.W.How, Richard Alfred; Brereton, J Le Gay
341977The Campbell Howard Collection of Australian PlaysRichardson, Winifred R; Ryan, John S 
351975Introductory Note to the 'Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings': No. 18, January, 1975Ryan, John S 
361970Metabolism of urea in late pregnancy and the possible contribution of amino acid carbon to glucose synthesis in sheepNolan, John ; Leng, R
371979Scève, the Snake and the HerbDrake-Brockman, Jane
381971Germanic Mythology and Old Norse LiteratureRyan, John S 
391976In an English Country Churchyard: Eversley, Hampshire, May 1975Ryan, John S 
401976English Genealogical Congress, 1975Ryan, John S 
411977The Tolerance of Maori in New Zealand EnglishRyan, John S 
421971NorwayRyan, John S 
431974The Italians And Their Language In AustraliaRyan, John S 
441976Introductory Note to the 'Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings': No. 19, April, 1976Ryan, John S 
451976Review of 'The Destruction of the Country House, 1875 - 1975', with 383 illustrations, (1974), compiled by Roy Strong, Marcus Binney, and John Harris, published by Messrs. Thames and Hudson, London.Ryan, John S 
461970The Several Styles Used in 'Robbery Under Arms'Ryan, John S 
471978'And what may Britain be?' - The fiction field of Roman Britain: Part OneRyan, John S 
481976Armidale and District Historical Society Journal and Proceedings: No. 19, April, 1976Ryan, John S 
491970The Two Pincher Martins: From Survival Adventure to Golding's Myth of DyingRyan, John S 
501971Introduction to 'Norway'Ryan, John S 
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