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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learningLi, Huifang 21-Jun-2018
22019Saudi undergraduate students' perceptions of the use of smartphone clicker apps on learning performanceAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Gromik, Nicolas ; Kwan, Paul ; Billingsley, William 14-Mar-2019
32018Using Curriculum Mapping to Articulate Transferable Skill Development in Science Courses: A Pilot StudySmith, Erica ; Reid, Jackie 28-Feb-2019
42018Exploring Touch in Physical Education Practicum in a Touchy Latin CultureVarea, Valeria ; Gonzalez-Calvo, Gustavo; Martinez-Alvarez, Lucio26-Jul-2018
52015What Account of Science Shall We Give? A Case Study of Scientists Teaching First-year University SubjectsSmith, Dorothy V ; Mulhall, Pamela J; Gunstone, Richard F; Hart, Christina E21-Sep-2020
62019The alphabetic principle and beyond: Surveying the landscapeCox, Robyn ; Feez, Susan ; Beveridge, Lorraine27-Mar-2019
74-Oct-2017The importance of various indicators of active learning on the enhancement of motivation, engagement, and English performance: A mixed-methods, longitudinal study in the Saudi contextAlrashidi, Oqab; Phan, Huy; Ngu, Bing11-Sep-2018
82017我在澳洲高中当老师Li, Shi 13-Jun-2018
92016Tracking the Origins of Physical Education in Argentina and AustraliaScharagrodsky, Pablo Ariel; Varea, Valeria 11-Feb-2017
102019Factors that influence teachers' decisions to use smartphone clicker apps to enhance teacher-student interactions in university classrooms in Saudi ArabiaAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Billingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul 18-Mar-2019

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