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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Design and synthesis of thiourea compounds that inhibit transmembrane anchored carbonic anhydrasesMoeker, Janina; Teruya, Kanae; Rossit, Sabine; Wilkinson, Brendan ; Lopez, Marie; Bornaghi, Laurent F; Innocenti, Alessio; Supuran, Claudiu T; Poulsen, Sally-Ann29-Mar-2017
22014Associated conchs and opercula of 'Triplicatella disdoma' (Hyolitha) from the early Cambrian of South AustraliaSkovsted, Christian B; Topper, Timothy P; Betts, Marissa ; Brock, Glenn A29-Mar-2017
32014Comparative studies using the Morris water maze to assess spatial memory deficits in two transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's diseaseEdwards, Stephen R; Hamlin, Adam ; Marks, Nicola; Couson, Elizabeth J; Smith, Maree T20-Feb-2015
42011Ultra-fast detection of salient contours through horizontal connections in the primary visual cortexLoxley, Peter ; Bettencourt, L M; Kenyon, G T7-Apr-2017
52012The first animals: ca. 760-million-year-old sponge-like fossils from NamibiaBrain, CK; Prave, AR; Hoffmann, K-H; Fallick, AE; Botha, A; Herd, DA; Sturrock, C; Young, Iain ; Condon, DJ; Allison, SG28-Jun-2012
62016Preconditioning of Spatial and Auditory Cues: Roles of the Hippocampus, Frontal Cortex, and Cue-Directed AttentionTalk, Andrew ; Grasby, Katrina; Rawson, Tim; Ebejer, Jane 12-Apr-2017
72013Vertical habitat use by whale sharks ('Rhincodon typus')Berger, Yuval; Meekan, Mark; Smith, Steve D; Pereg, Lily 7-Nov-2013
82010Taxonomic resolution in parasite community studies: are things getting worse?Poulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy 22-Jun-2011
931-Dec-2018Biting mechanics determines craniofacial morphology among extant diprotodont herbivores: Dietary predictions for the giant extinct short-faced kangaroo, Simosthenurus occidentalis.Mitchell, David; Wroe, Stephen 1-Nov-2018
102014Formation of Hydrogen Sulfide from Cysteine in 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae' BY4742: Genome Wide Screen Reveals a Central Role of the VacuoleWinter, Gal ; Cordente, Antonio G; Curtin, Chris18-Apr-2017

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