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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Fish Assemblages Following an Artificially Extended Floodplain Inundation Event, Northern Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaRolls, Robert J; Wilson, Geoffrey 26-May-2010
22013Restoring Longitudinal Connectivity of an Anthropogenically Fragmented Stream Network: The Hunter River CatchmentBulovic, Nevenka; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 4-Nov-2013
32009A temporal comparison of the influence of flows and grazing on vegetation communities in the Gwydir Wetlands, NSW, AustraliaBerney, Peter; Wilson, Geoffrey ; Ryder, Darren 11-Nov-2010
42019Evaluating the application of the statistical index method in flood susceptibility mapping and its comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Jebur, Mustafa Neamah; Shabani, Farzin 22-Dec-2020
5Mar-2020Characterisation of channel morphological pattern changes and flood corridor dynamics of the tropical Tana River fluvial systems, KenyaLangat, Philip Kibet; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard ; Ghosh, Manoj Kumer4-Feb-2021
6Jul-2018The application of a Dempster–Shafer-based evidential belief function in flood susceptibility mapping and comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit 21-Dec-2020
721-Jun-2019The influence of water-conservation messages on reducing household water useAddo, Isaac B; Thoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 15-Dec-2020
82015Effect of Elevated Temperature on Water Meter Accuracy: An investigative study using three positive displacement mechanical metersKoech, Richard ; Pezzaniti, David; Myers, Baden26-May-2015
92020Inundation modelling for Bangladeshi coasts using downscaled and bias-corrected temperatureHasan, Md Kamrul; Kumar, Lalit ; Gopalakrishnan, Tharani22-Dec-2020
102007Managing regulated flows and contaminant cycles in floodplain riversRyder, Darren ; Vink, Sue19-Oct-2009

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