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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Quail eggs, modelling clay eggs, imprints and small mammals in an Australian woodlandFulton, Graham R.; Ford, Hugh Alastair 29-Oct-2009
22008Is the uncommon Black-chinned Honeyeater a more specialised forager than the co-occurring and common Fuscous Honeyeater?Lollback, Greg; Ford, Hugh Alastair ; Cairns, Stuart Charles 29-Oct-2009
32007The influence of patterns of food abundance on the breeding seasons and clutch-sizes of Red Wattlebirds and Noisy FriarbirdsTokue, Kihoko; Ford, Hugh Alastair 29-Oct-2009
42013The dimensionality of ecological networksEklof, A; Jacob, U; Lomascolo, Silvia Beatriz; Martın Gonzalez, Ana M; Aurelio Pizo, Marco; Rader, Romina ; Rodrigo, Anselm; Tylianakis, Jason M; Vazquez, Diego P; Allesina, Stefano; Kopp, Jason; Bosch, Jordi; Castro-Urgal, Rocio; Chacoff, Natacha P; Dalsgaard, Bo; de Sassi, Claudio; Galetti, Mauro; Guimaraes, Paulo R8-Jan-2014
52004Seed-bank dynamics of 'Eleocharis': can spatial and temporal variability explain habitat segregation?Bell, Dorothy ; Clarke, Peter John 29-Oct-2009
62006Influence of food and nest predation on the life histories of two large honeyeatersTokue, Kihoko; Ford, Hugh Alastair 30-Oct-2009
72002Non-breeding territoriality in the New Holland Honeyeater, 'Phylidonyris novaehollandiae', in an unpredictable environment: short-term energy costs for possible long-term reproductive benefitsMcFarland, David C.30-Oct-2009
82011Truffle consumption by New Guinea forest wallabiesVernes, Karl A ; Lebel, Teresa28-Jul-2011
92003Developmental morphology of ovules and seeds of AustrobaileyalesYamada, Toshihiro; Imaichi, Ryoko; Prakash, Nallamilli; Kato, Masahiro28-Oct-2009
102002Fate of annual pasture legumes seeds on a two-way thermogradient plateLodge, G M; Whalley, Ralph D 30-Oct-2009

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