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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Truffle-like fungi sporocarps in a eucalypt-dominated landscape: patterns in diversity and community structureDanks, Melissa; Lebel, Teresa; Vernes, Karl A ; Andrew, Nigel R 26-Feb-2013
21991ConospermumMackay, K David 30-Nov-2018
32014Overland from Perth to Albany: A Journey of Botanical IntrigueRyan, John C 12-May-2017
42009The Owls of Australia: A field guide to Australian Night BirdsDebus, Stephen JS 31-Aug-2010
52016Flick(er)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic SpaceRyan, John C 8-May-2017
62013The expansion of sterile 'Arundo donax' (Poaceae) in southeastern Australia is accompanied by genotypic variationHaddadchi, Azadeh ; Gross, Caroline L ; Fatemi, Mohammad 5-Feb-2013
72014Conserving the Environment through Memory Research: A Case Study of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 11-May-2017
82011Leaves of a Tree: Interweaving the Many Narratives of Southwest Australian FloraRyan, John C 12-May-2017
92010Green Tropism and the Southwest Australian Flora: From the Green Man to the Ravensthorpe WomanRyan, John C 15-May-2017
102018Schoenus rupicola: a narrowly endemic species distinguished from S. melanostachys (Cyperaceae, Schoeneae) in eastern AustraliaMusili, Paul M; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Wilson, Karen L 13-Mar-2019

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