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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Measuring spatial patterns in floodplains: A step towards understanding the complexity of floodplain ecosystemsScown, Murray; Thoms, Martin ; De Jager, Nathan R4-Apr-2017
22013Automated riverine landscape characterization: GIS-based tools for watershed-scale research, assessment, and managementWilliams, Bradley S; D'Amico, Ellen; Kastens, Jude H; Thorp, James H; Flotemersch, Joseph E; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
32015Integrative learning for practicing adaptive resource managementMcLoughlin, Craig A; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
42018A review of the state of vegetation plot data in Western Australia in response to comments by Neil GibsonGellie, Nicholas J H; Hunter, John T ; Benson, John S; McCreery, Kelli8-Aug-2018
52008Surface flow types, near-bed hydraulics and the distribution of stream macroinvertebratesReid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 18-Jul-2011
62016Changes in the trophic status of fish feeding guilds in response to flow modificationDelong, M D; Thoms, Martin 14-Mar-2017
7Feb-2019The Response of Fish Diversity in a Highly Modified Large River System to Multiple Anthropogenic StressorsDeBoer, Jason A; Thoms, Martin C ; Casper, Andrew F; Delong, Michael D16-Dec-2020
82013Geomorphology within the interdisciplinary science of environmental flowsMeitzen, Kimberly M; Doyle, Martin W; Thoms, Martin ; Burns, Catherine E31-Mar-2017
96-Jun-2019Large rivers as complex adaptive ecosystemsThoms, Martin ; Sheldon, Fran16-Dec-2020
102016An ecosystem framework for river science and managementDelong, Michael D; Thoms, Martin 18-Apr-2017

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