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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Sep-2020Heterogeneity of ecosystem function in an "Anthropocene" river systemDeBoer, Jason A; Thoms, Martin C ; Delong, Michael D; Parsons, Melissa E ; Casper, Andrew F17-Dec-2020
22016Conclusion: The discipline of river scienceGilvear, David J; Greenwood, Malcolm T; Thoms, Martin ; Wood, Paul J11-Apr-2017
3Feb-2019The Response of Fish Diversity in a Highly Modified Large River System to Multiple Anthropogenic StressorsDeBoer, Jason A; Thoms, Martin C ; Casper, Andrew F; Delong, Michael D16-Dec-2020
46-Jun-2019Large rivers as complex adaptive ecosystemsThoms, Martin ; Sheldon, Fran16-Dec-2020
5May-2019Interactive effects of hydrogeomorphology on fish community structure in a large floodplain riverDelong, Michael D; Thoms, Martin C ; Sorenson, Ethan15-Dec-2020
62005Matching Irrigation to Vine Water-requirements: Limitations of Using Sap-flow Technology for Scheduling IrrigationYunusa, Isa ; Lu, Ping; Eamus, Derek; Walker, Rob R13-Mar-2012
72016A Watershed Integrity Definition and Assessment Approach to Support Strategic Management of WatershedsFlotemersch, J E; Leibowitz, S G; Hill, R A; Stoddard, J L; Thoms, Martin ; Tharme, R E31-Mar-2017
82016An introduction to river science: research and applicationsThoms, Martin ; Gilvear, David J; Greenwood, Malcolm T; Wood, Paul J4-Apr-2017
92013Effects of discharge regulation on slackwater characteristics at multiple scales in a lowland riverPrice, Amina E; Humphries, Paul; Gawne, Ben; Thoms, Martin 12-Apr-2017
102011Biomass production, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency of arid rangelands in the Northern Cape, South AfricaPalmer, AR; Yunusa, Isa 21-Feb-2012

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