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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017The diatom 'Lindavia intermedia' identified as the producer of nuisance pelagic mucilage in lakesNovis, Phil; Schallenberg, Marc; Saulnier-Talbot, Emilie; Kilroy, Cathy; Reid, Michael 2-Jan-2018
22012Determining the ecohydrological character of aquatic refugia in a dryland river system: the importance of temporal scaleWebb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 13-Aug-2012
32011The influence of flood frequency, geomorphic setting and grazing on plant communities and plant biomass on a large dryland floodplainReid, Michael ; Ogden, R; Thoms, Martin 29-Jul-2011
42013Ion selective electrodes in environmental analysisRadu, Aleksandar; Radu, Tanja; McGraw, Christina ; Dillingham, Peter ; Anastova-Ivanova, Salzitsa; Diamond, Dermot27-Nov-2013
52008Identifying relationships between flood history, flood frequency and the provenance of surface sediments in a semi-arid terminal wetlandRayburg, SC; Thoms, Martin 5-Sep-2011
62008Flood plain nutrient dynamics: patterns, controls and the influence of changing hydrologyLowes, A G; Southwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin 11-Aug-2011
72006Are flood plain-wetland plant communities determined by seed bank composition or inundation periods?Webb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Capon, S; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, S; James, C11-Aug-2011
82006Unravelling the physical template of a terminal flood plain-wetland sediment storage systemRayburg, S; Thoms, Martin ; Lenon, E11-Aug-2011
92016Vegetation resilience to mega-drought along a typical floodplain gradient of the southern Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaCapon, Samantha; Reid, Michael 10-Oct-2016
102013Gross primary productivity of phytoplankton and planktonic respiration in inland floodplain wetlands of southeast Australia: habitat-dependent patterns and regulating processesKobayashi, Tsuyoshi; Ralph, Timothy; Ryder, Darren ; Hunter, Simon J13-Feb-2014

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