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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Theatre Animals: Sumner Locke Elliott's Invisible CircusPender, Anne 1-Sep-2016
21993LegendsRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
31993NamesRyan, John S 18-Aug-2016
42010Investigating human and megafauna co-occurrence in Australian prehistory: Mode and causality in fossil accumulations at Cuddie SpringsFillios, Melanie ; Field, Judith; Charles, Bethan31-Oct-2016
52010The effect of a top predator on kangaroo abundance in arid Australia and its implications for archaeological faunal assemblagesFillios, Melanie ; Gordon, Chris; Koch, Freya; Letnic, Mike31-Oct-2016
62012Could Direct Killing by Larger Dingoes Have Caused the Extinction of the Thylacine from Mainland Australia?Letnic, Mike; Fillios, Melanie ; Crowther, Mathew S31-Oct-2016
72009Aboriginal settlement during the LGM at Brockman, Pilbara region, Western AustraliaSlack, Michael; Fillios, Melanie ; Fullagar, Richard13-Oct-2016
82016Faith Hope and Stubborn Pride: Searching for Heaven in Aotearoa and AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 2-Feb-2018
92015Matrilineal Narratives: Learning from Voices and ObjectsNye, Adele ; Barker, Lorina ; Charteris, Jennifer 18-Nov-2016
102016The Geraldine Mine: the 1850s lead mining frontier in Midwest Western AustraliaGibbs, Martin 4-Jan-2017

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