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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
18-Apr-2017Artefact Disturbance in the New England Tablelands: Elucidating the Factors Harming Archaeological SitesHoward, Paul; Beck, Wendy ; Ridges, Malcolm 4-Oct-2019
22015Messages in Paint: An archaeometric analysis of pigment use in Aboriginal Australia focusing on the production of rock artHuntley, Jillian Alice; Ross, June ; Aubert, Maxime9-Nov-2015
32006Review of Beverley Kingston, 'A History of New South Wales' (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2006), pb ISBN 0 521 54168-9, pp. x, 299.Mason, Susan; Ryan, John S 17-Nov-2015
42012Taphonomy or Paint Recipe: In situ portable x-ray fluorescence analysis of two anthropomorphic motifs from the Woronora Plateau, New South WalesHuntley, Jillian A 3-Jan-2013
52015Walking Together at Myall Creek: Dreaming Beyond 'a Cult of Forgetfulness'Collins, Julie 22-Mar-2017
61981Australian Fantasy and FolkloreRyan, John S 30-Oct-2012
72010English influence on the pronunciation of re-awakened Aboriginal languagesReid, Nicholas John 19-Dec-2011
82018Reconciliation in Australia? Dreaming Beyond the Cult of ForgetfulnessCollins, Julie ; Thompson, Warlpa Kutjika29-Jun-2018
92013'All our sites are of high significance': Reflections from recent work in the Hunter Valley - Archaeological and Indigenous perspectivesSutton, Mary-Jean; Huntley, Jillian Alice; Anderson, Barry9-Apr-2014
101987'Wild Cat Falling': A Totemic Man who Sought his DreamingRyan, John S 31-Oct-2012

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