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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014The Role of the Music Therapist in Promoting Parent-Infant AttachmentEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019
2Nov-2015The journal special issue: Contributing to knowledge and learningEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019
3Apr-2015Sites of knowledge and knowingEdwards, Jane 21-Nov-2019
42014Facilitating the highly bonded cohort: Should more be done to anticipate and reduce the potential for hyper-cohesiveness and deindividuation in therapy training cohorts in universities?Edwards, Jane 17-Oct-2019
519-Jun-2012The History and Basic Tenets of Anthroposophical Music TherapyIntveen, Andrea; Edwards, Jane 27-Oct-2019
62007Expanding music therapy practice: Incorporating the feminist frameEdwards, Jane ; Hadley, Susan20-Nov-2019
72018Music Therapy and Spiritual CareO'Callaghan, Clare; Edwards, Jane 11-Feb-2020
82011Music Therapy and Parent-Infant BondingEdwards, Jane 21-Jan-2020
9Jul-2011Is there a role for music therapy in the recovery approach in mental health?McCaffrey, Triona; Edwards, Jane ; Fannon, Dominic20-Nov-2019
101-Nov-2004Report of the 5th International Symposium for Qualitative Music Therapy ResearchEdwards, Jane 13-Mar-2020

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