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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Pitcairn - the saga continuesWright, Frances24-Jan-2012
22009Victimology at TrialFerguson, Claire ; Turvey, Brent E8-May-2014
32014The incidence and position of melanocytic nevi for the purposes of forensic image comparisonBlack, Sue; MacDonald-McMillan, Briony; Mallett, Xanthe ; Rynn, C; Jackson, G14-May-2014
42005Outlawry in Colonial Australia: The Felons Apprehension Acts 1865-1899Eburn, Michael E30-Jul-2010
52016A review of the impact of crime risk assessment reports in New South Wales, AustraliaClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Lyons, Adam; Lee, Murray5-May-2017
62009Is it Right to Disregard 'Motive' in Criminal Law?Livings, Ben18-Sep-2014
72002Focus on Crime: Aspects of Criminal LawEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
82012Autonomy, Consent and the Criminalisation of Assisted DyingLivings, Ben15-Sep-2014
92010A Right to Kill?Livings, Ben18-Sep-2014
102005The Felons Apprehension Acts 1865-1899 (NSW)Eburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012

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