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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Harnessing exception: Mobilities, credibility, and the casinoZhang, Juan ; Yeoh, Brenda S A1-Sep-2016
22008Une révolution bureaucratique britannique? Autonomie sans contrôle ou « freer markets, more rules »Le Gales, Patrick; Scott, Alan 29-Jul-2011
32009Review of 'Textures of Struggle: The Emergence of Resistance among Garment Workers in Thailand', by Piya Pangsapa: Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Press, 2007, x þ 217 pp., US$18.95 (paper), ISBN 978080147376Brown, Andrew J7-Apr-2010
42013Islam and the State in Indonesia: A Short Historical Narrative IntroductionIrawan, Andi25-Jan-2015
52004Detaining Questions or Compromising Constitutionality?: The ASIO Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2003 (Cth)Carne, Greg 19-Aug-2016
61986Currency Lasses and a Police Villain in the 'Lawless Kelly' Bushranger MythRyan, John S 27-Aug-2012
72014Colonial Bureaucracies: Politics of Administrative Reform in Nineteenth Century AustraliaZafarullah, Habib M 26-Feb-2015
82008Review of 'Virtual Local Government in Practice: The Case of Town Councils in Singapore'Dollery, Brian E ; Leong, Wai Ho; Crase, Lin29-Apr-2010
92009Regional Economic Governance: A Technology of Government or Regional Autonomy in New South Wales?Hearfield, Colin ; Sorensen, Anthony 20-Nov-2009
102009Côte d'Ivoire: Building Peace Through a Federal ParadigmOgunmola, Oyedele A26-May-2010

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