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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Conflict, Combatants, and Cash: Economic Reintegration and Livelihoods of Ex-combatants in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 2-May-2014
22018Alfred Deakin: Prime Minister of AustraliaBeattie, Belinda ; Tilse, Maxwell4-Apr-2019
32009Conflict Induced Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal: Popular Estimation or Numbers Game?Ojha, Chakra Raj; Jenkins, Bertram A 10-Dec-2009
42012Privatised development and the quality of urban lifeKirby, Andrew; Glavac, Sonya 25-Mar-2013
52013Re-Thinking Values in Africa: For Collective Well-beingKuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed29-May-2014
62012The moral narrative of social democracyLynch, Anthony J 25-Mar-2013
72017Early Warning and Response for Preventing Radicalization and Violent ExtremismSubedi, Dambaru B 21-May-2017
82011No to everything British but their language: Re-thinking English language and politics in Zimbabwe (2000 - 2008)Ndhlovu, Finex 18-Mar-2013
92010State Transformation or Regime Shift? Addressing Some Confusions in the Theory and Sociology of the Statedu Gay, Paul; Scott, Alan 4-May-2011
102006Politics in the Pacific: the Cases of Vanuatu and AustraliaArcher, Jeffrey Robert16-Feb-2010

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